Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Cave Unleashed 1: Spartan vs. Angel

This story is a reader commission

The Cave Arena

"Please flex for me, Spartan. Oh wow. So fuckin' hot. You're fuckin' perfect. Just perfect."

I shrug, "Yeah, I know."

As the dude drools over my impossibly chiseled physique, I run through my posing routine some more. He can't take it. The guy starts rubbing his cock inside his $1,000 jeans. I stop posing and stare him down, "Stop. You don't get to jerk your dick, Gabe."

Me, Xaq, as Spartan

The guy obeys, taking his hand off his semi-hard cock. He says, "Okay, okay. It's just so tough when you're so hot. By the way, I actually prefer Gabriel."


I ignore him. You have to set the tone early with these rich guys. He might be paying for my time, but my muscle makes me the boss. "You gotta to wait until you feel my power, Gabe. I'm gonna squeeze the cum right outta you."

The guy smiles, "Oh shit, that'd be so fuckin' hot. Man, I could watch you all day, but you're right. We should fuckin' wrestle. I mean, look at this ring. It's THE ring. The Cave ring. I've dreamed about being in here against you. Was it hard to get access?"

My name is Xaq. AKA Spartan. I'm star of The Cave, a wrestling video company that features guys dressed up as superheroes and villains. Me and Gabe are ringside in their facility, getting ready to wrestle. I'm only wearing leather briefs, all my muscle on display for Gabe. I kiss my bicep then move in close to him.

"Gabe, I fuckin' own The Cave. I own this ring, every wrestler here and every fuckin' fan." I bounce my pecs, letting him see what I mean. "I made this two-bit company blow up. Who even heard of it before me? Nobody. I'm the biggest fuckin' star they got. They do what I say and give me what I want. They're my bitches, just like you're about to be."

The guy reaches out to touch me, but I smack his hands away. He moans, "Oh wow. You're the best, Spartan. So they just let you use the ring whenever you want? That's so cool."

"No, Spartan doesn't ask for shit. I stole The Bat's keys while he was wrestling one time. Got 'em copied. Watched him do the alarm code another time and BAM! This dump is mine whenever I want it."

Gabe looks shocked. He asks, "So we're trespassing?"

I grab the guy. I force him to turn around then lock a light reverse bearhug. I whisper seductively in his ear, "Uh huh." The smaller stud moans when I tighten my Python-like squeeze. Actually, a python wishes he could crush dudes like I do. "You scared, little man? You wanna run away?"

The lightweight moans, "No. Oh fuck. No."

I squeeze tighter, grinding my bulge on his ass, "Good boy."

Gabriel hacks from the pressure, so I lighten up. It's too early to crush him for real. He leans into me, holding my forearms. "Fuck, I love the idea of getting caught. It adds to the thrill. To know we could be found at any time is exciting. Not that I need more stimulation. I'm here with the mighty Spartan. The hottest man in wrestling history."

I smirk and let the lightweight go. In The Cave, I'm two characters. I started as Spartan a villain, but lately, I've been doing the hero thing as partner for The Bat, one of the owners. He was the big thing around here, but now he's old and on his way out, so he's grooming me to replace him. I mean, he's almost 30. Time to go.

As Spartan, I'm already the biggest villain. Once The Bat retires, I'll be the biggest hero, too. Not surprising. A lot of muscle dudes have wrestled for The Cave, but Gabe is right. I'm the hottest one ever. The Cave might be small compared to places like BIGBeast, but it's still kinda cool to be king. And it's based in LA. This is where I wanna be. This is where the opportunity is.

I fucking love these private matches. With me locked into the Bird Boy angle, it's kind of the only time I can be Spartan. But more important, it's when I make real bank. The bank that lets me focus on training. Perfection isn't easy or cheap. Supplements and gym memberships aren't free. Neither are sports cars and places near the beach. I got it all, but even I have to hustle to stay on top.

Yeah, this city is full of hot guys who are willing to do anything for a buck and rich guys who'll pay for their services. By being Spartan and Bird Boy, I set myself apart from the crowd of loser wannabe actors, fitness models and random muscle dudes. A rich 30-year old studio executive like Gabe could've bought anyone he wanted, but he wanted 'Spartan'. Once I added The Cave ring, he couldn't throw money at me fast enough. Cha-fucking-ching.

I stare Gabe down, telling him, "I like to bring guys here. Guys like you. Guys who watch me and wanna know what it's like to be in the ring with all this muscle. I know guys like you sit at home. Working your cock to me. Dreaming about me. Shooting your load for me. I'm your fucking god and you love it. You're really gonna shoot your wad today. Hope you saved up."

Gabe tilts his head, "Is that weird? Knowing thousands of guys masturbate to you?"

"Are you kidding? It's fucking hot to know you guys are out there, just wishing you could touch me. Have me crush you. I work hard to be fucking perfect, so it's cool to be appreciated. It's like motivation. And I get it. Even I can't resist me. I jerk off in front of the mirror all the time."

Gabe smiles, "I bet you do. You're just everything I hoped you'd be, Spartan. Everything."

The Intros

I stretch out. I'm 20 and the most ripped natural bodybuilder you're ever gonna see. I'm 5'11"/200-lbs of chiseled, powerful muscle. As Spartan, I wear the tight brown leather briefs. Gabe can't take his eyes off me. I lace up my brown leather boots then add wrist gauntlets, a helmet and a long red cape to complete my Greek warrior look.


Gabe literally fans himself before grabbing whatever gear he brought from his bag. I carefully check out my perfection while my latest victim gets changed. I flex my legs, looking down at the deep chasms in my thighs. I tighten my abs, causing my 8-pack to pop. I take a look at my big bulge. It's perfectly encased in tight and tiny black spandex under my leather trunks. I'm so fucking perfect. As always.

In the mirror, I see Gabe stripping off his clothes. Huh. He's got a tight little body. The brown-haired rich guy is a handsome preppy with a twink body, perfect for the role of jobber to a powerful warrior like me. He's probably a runner. Lots of cardio and light weights. The guy is 5'10" and 140-lbs, which I can curl with one arm. Maybe I'll do that. He's paid for an anything goes fuck match, so he's my toy. I might as well use him up.

The 30-year old twink pulls on white thong then slips into tight white trunks with a gold halo on the back. They look good and totally jobber. He adds white pads and pro boots. Gabe finishes the look when he snaps on gold straps that cut over his sculpted 15" biceps and slides on a gold headband. He tests the gear with some squats then spreads his arms.

"Well, what do you think? Is Angel ready to take on Spartan?"

Gabe as Angel. I've crushed worse.

I don't usually even notice my opponents. My private matches and worship sessions are about the cash, not any kind of attraction. As long as they pay upfront, I'm up for whatever with whomever. This time, I take a sec to check out the glowing smaller Angel. This guy in an anything goes match will be fun. I can definitely have fun with the smaller prettyboy. My cock stirs a little at the possibilities.

I nod, "Okay. You're not bad, Angel."

Angel smiles, "Thanks. If you're wondering why a guy like me would pay -"

I stop him before he tells me his life story. These losers always wanna be friends and prove they're not desperate and pathetic just because they have to pay a guy like me to even acknowledge they exist. And these 30-year old guys are the worst. Yeah, you're old now. Get used to it. I fucking get it.

I tell him, "I'm not. I know why you hired me." I point at my sculpted body then flex. I let him know, "You're in decent shape, but you're not this. Not even close. I was just saying you're not bad. Most guys I wrestle are fat uggos even older than you. It's cool that you're not 400-lbs. It'll make it easier to throw you around and shit. I can bend you into all kinds of shapes. And the fuck will be fun."

The older twink in white nods, "I hope so. I sure hope so."

The Match

Angel comes into the ring. I give him another display as I strip out of my helmet and cape down to my Spartan wrestling look. With the cape gone, I spend a lot of time showing off my back. When I turn around, I can see he's got a huge bulge. Yeah, this 30-year old twink jobber wants me so bad. Just look at him, dying to touch me. Be dominated by me. I love it.

We circle around the ring, doing this for real. We lift our arms then move in for a lockup. He pushes against me. I just hold my ground, letting him know how weak he is. I toy with him, making him work for no gain. Kind of like his gym routine, obviously. He's trying hard, but I shove him and he flies back into the corner. CLANG!

Instead of following up, I flex for him. He licks his lips and moves out to face me. Another lockup. I play with him, but he can't move all this muscle. I'm way too much man for the twink. I shove him back even harder this time. CLANG! He bounces out of the corner, right into my hand around his throat. I squeeze and he grips my huge forearm.

We lock eyes and I smirk at the jobber. Look at him. In his white gear with his gold halo. The guy just wants to be manhandled by a real muscleman. Well, he came to the right guy. I lift him up then slam him down onto his back. WHAM! He bounces on impact then flops around like a dead fish. Shit, it was just a chokeslam. What a wimp.

I flex as Angel struggles to rise. He uses my legs to climb up, worshipping my sculpted pillars. They're harder and stronger than any columns the Greeks ever made. The guy acts like he's exhausted as he falls against me, but he's really just using this as an excuse to worship me. He nuzzles his face against my leather bulge. Yeah, that's a good little jobber.

I grab Angel's thick hair then peel his lips from my leather trunks. I force him to his feet. He looks at me and smiles, so I scoop the lightweight up across my chest. He braces one hand on my bulge, copping a feel as I circle the ring with him. After a lap, I bodyslam him to the mat. WHAM! He arches his back and moans in pain.

Angel just lies at my feet, staring up at me. I step over then drop to schoolboy pin him. I pull his face into my bulge. He licks the leather then I lower his head to let him watch me flex. I'll give the old twink credit. He tries to throw me off, showing he wants more match. Of course he can't, but I like the effort. I lean forward then slap the mat for the pin.

ONE! Angel squirms under me.

TWO! He knees me in the back. I'm kind of surprised that hurts, but I ignore it.

THR - NO! I pull him up, rolling us over into a head scissors. I squeeze and he moans in pain. I could crush his head like a grape, but instead, I keep it light. He's buried in my bulge and caressing my body. We're both enjoying this, so I'm going to make it last. Yeah, worship me you scrawny bitch. Worship a real man.

Angel grabs the front of my leather briefs. He's really getting into it. He's rubbing and grabbing. Feels good. I tell him, "Yeah, worship my junk, jobber. See what you're in for!" What a horny - AHH! Fuck, that's too rough. I swat his hand away, but he whips it back, smashing it onto my junk. SQUISH! ARGH! What the fuck? That fucking hurt. He slams his fist down again. SQUISH! ARGH!

The little bitch grabs hold with a claw. ARGH! Pain shoots through my body. As the stupid rich boy squeezes, my legs open up. He rises up between them, keeping the claw. With me on my back, writhing in pain, Angel kneels there, pressing down with his claw. I kick the mat and throw my head back. Oh shit. The asshole has leverage and he's using it. I grab his wrists, but I can't pry his fingers off me.

I notice how big and strong his hands are. Shit, they're like talons. Angel looks at me while he crushes my manhood. He says, "Oh fuck, yeah. Squirm. I wanna see you suffer. That's the Spartan I love. The Cave's ultimate muscle bitch boy. Such a pathetic jobber."

I grunt, "I'm no jobber!"

"Yeah, fight it, muscle-bitch. Look how ripped you are. Oh shit, your muscles are popping. Yeah, pop those useless muscles! Pop 'em for daddy!"

I groan and flex under him. My eyes start to water. I need him to stop, but he's loving this too much. He finally lets go and I collapse on the mat, drenched in sweat and feeling exhausted. Fuck me. I'm going to kill this little fucker. The twink swings his knee up into my junk. WHACK! ARGH! I start flopping on the mat. I feel like my junk was hit with a sledgehammer.

What the fuck?

I sit up, but the twink dives into me. He elbows me in the head with his elbow pad. CRACK! It’s like being hit by brick. I see stars and it’s all I can do not to black out. I look past my massive pecs down at him. My vision is a little blurry and I can’t move. Angel leans forward and grabs my amazing chest in his huge talons. He squeezes then kicks his feet into the air.

I look up his scrawny body as he does a handstand on my pecs. Suddenly, he drops his knees down right into my eight-pack abs. WHOMP! My rock hard stomach collapses under the force as two sledgehammers crash into them. I buck under him as he shifts to sit on my aching bulge. I’m still dizzy and my body hurts. I realize that this cheating fucker has rigged his pads and boots. It’s the only way this shit hurts like this.

Angel grabs my nipples. He squeezes and twists. Fuck! His huge, bony hands aren’t rigged, just strong. I thrash under him as he tortures my nubs. Oh shit. At first it feels good and my cock grows under his flat ass. He goes harder though. My opponent pulls up and out, stretching my nipples out. When he lets go, Angel fires fists right onto my pecs, using my nipples as the bullseye. POW! POW! POW!

With my chest softened up, the twink bastard goes to work again. My nipples are killing me. They’re so tender. There aren’t many soft spots on my rock hard body, but he’s sure found them - bulge, nipples and head. I’m finally able to focus, getting my sense back. I writhe under his abuse, but I’m not done. Not by a mile. This cheating bastard is going to pay.

I grab his wrists. I hold his arms down. I’m still way fucking stronger. he can’t move his hands. He lets go of my nipples and I throw him off me. I roll away to the ropes. I rise to one knee and stare him down. No way this guy can legit hurt my muscle, so he’s resorted to dirty tricks! The asshole gets to his feet, looking all cocky.

“Boots and pads. Take ‘em off or we’re done.”

Angel smirks, “Anything goes. That was our deal. So unless you’re going to refund my money, I think it's smarter if I keep them on.”

Cocky asshole. I meant
"Anything goes" for me, not him!

I snarl at him, but I don’t say anything. I’ve already spent his money. He can see it in my face, so he motions for me to come at him. I get to my feet and move in on him, “Whatever. I’ll still crush you, only now? It’s going to hurt. A lot. Before, it was fun. Now it’s pers - OOF!.”

Angel kicks up, hitting me in the abs with his loaded boot. THUD! I stumble back and he dives at me. He gives me a flying elbow to the chest. THUD! I turn from the blow and he grabs the back of my trunks. Suddenly, he lifts up fast. The little asshole wedgies me, crushing my aching manhood again. Son of a bitch!

The cheating twink walks me around the ring by my wedgie then elbows the back of my head. I fall forward, collapsing onto my hands and knees. He starts stomping my back. POW! POW! POW! It's like being hit with a steel plate. I'm flattened fast. I try to rise, but the power of the boots keeps me down.

Angel leaps up, coming down with knees to my back. WHACK! The rigged knee pads cut through my incredible muscles right to my spine. I try to crawl away, but he sits on me facing back. His weight is nothing, but when he starts spanking my bare ass, I get distracted. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Oh shit.

I writhe under him, moaning as he tans my hide. At first, it's kind of sexy, but the guy turns my cheeks red with his freakish hands. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I try to throw him off, but he grabs my trunks and pulls on them hard. AAHHH! I lose focus and he keeps on with the spanking. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Angel grabs my ankles then squats up. The twink locks on a boston crab. Normally, I wouldn't even feel it, but my back is aching. And with my power, I could kick this lightweight asshole off in a second, but I'm not thinking 100% right now. The twink really cranks on it. I moan and pound the mat in anger and frustration.

I feel my back tensing up. Focus, man. I throw my massive muscular body to the left. We topple over and I'm free. I crawl then push up to my feet.. Before I can turn, Angel leaps up and grabs my head from behind. He bulldogs my head into the mat. CRACK! I collapse under him, limp. My 200-lbs of perfection is useless if I can't think.

Angel grabs my wrists. I'm powerless to stop him as he brings them to my side. The fucker forces them inside the sides my leather trunks, binding them to my side. He rolls me onto my back then mounts me, using his toothpick legs to press my arms against my side. No way could he do this, but the leather gear and my dizziness helps him enough.

I feel him caress my torso, worshipping me. It's what he's supposed to be doing, only I'm supposed to be in charge. I'm the fucking muscle god and he's nothing but a scrawny rich asshole. Instead, he's treating me like a toy. Like a possession. Angel tells me how perfect I am, like I don't know, and I know I'm in trouble.

Angel starts pounding my chiseled abs and sculpted pecs with those gorilla hands of his. POW! POW! POW! The twink bastard turns my body as red as he did my ass. I moan and buck under him, but he grips my nipples any time I raise my hips. I look up, over my gorgeous chest at the asshole. I'm getting my focus back. He just smirks back at me.

The cheating asshole slides up my body then smothers my face with his bulge. He grinds it on top of me. Fuck, I think his cock is in proportion to his hands. Through the white trunks, I can see it's a monster - big, cut and veiny. He uses it to humiliate me, but I use the distraction to work my hands free. Before he can stop me, I grab his boots and throw him off me. WHOA!

I scramble to my feet. My trunks are so high at the back and low in the front, but I can't worry about that. They're uncomfortable, but I'll fix them later. I charge in to grab him, but he somersaults past me. I'm the fastest 200-lbs of muscle you'll ever see, but I'm still a little off my game. And he's such a lightweight bitch that I underestimate our speed difference.

The scrawny son of a bitch dodges me again. He knows he's dead if I catch him, so he's being a coward. After he somersaults past me for a third time, I stop short and turn fats. He gets lucky, guessing what I'm gonna do. I turn right into a headbutt to my pouch. SQUISH! ARGH! I bend over and stumble back into the ropes.

I curse at him, but he walks up and bitchslaps me. WHACK! Angel grabs my head then spins us so we're back to back. The back of my head rests on his tiny shoulder then he drops us down in a neckbreaker. WHACK! I fall to the side, unmoving. He rolls me onto my back then schoolboy pins me. The cocky cheater smacks the mat.

ONE! I can't move.

TWO! I start to kick my feet.

THR - NO! I can't believe it, but Angel actually lifts my head and right shoulder up, breaking his pin. He drops me back down. I just got false pinned. He broke the fucking count. HE BROKE THE FUCKING COUNT! This skinny, cheating asshole just broke the fucking count! HELL NO! No one humiliates Spartan like this, especially a lightweight son of a bitch!

I power up, toppling him off me. My face is as red as my ass and torso. I roar then look at him. He holds up his hands, begging me to calm down. I charge in fast, overwhelming him before he can use his rigged gear. I scoop him up then bodyslam him down. WHAM! My back screams, but I ignore it. I drag him up by his hair. I'm going to destroy him.

I scoop Angel up again, only he's one of those wiry little guys. He goes with it, whipping his legs around my head. He tries to flip me, but I plant my feet. The twink bastard can't move me. I'm a mountain of fucking muscle. I can't be moved if I don't want to be, especially by a 140-lbs asshole like this.

Angel hangs off me. As I go to push him off me, he drives his elbow in for another fucking low blow. SQUISH! I collapse to my knees and he shifts onto his back. The little bitch grabs my head and shifts his legs, pulling my throat onto his shin. He pulls down and I feel him choking me out. I try to rose, but I can't.

I grunt and groan, but I realize that I have to give or go out. I don't want to go out. I tap his leg furiously, submitting to the MMA choke.

Angel eases up then kicks me onto my back. He rises then slams his weighted boot on top of my heaving chest. The twink bastard tries to flex over me. I say try because he strikes the poses, but he doesn't have any muscle. Not like mine. Still, he's the fucking winner of the first fall. FUCK!

Round 2

I pound the mat then jump to my feet. Other than the fact that I know I look awesome with a layer of sweat on me, I am pissed.

That did NOT just happen!

I storm right up to him, getting in his face. I'm pumped with every vein in my incredible body popping out of anger. My muscular physique is like ten times the size of his scrawny, worthless twink body. I bump into him, driving him back easily. He's a punk-ass little bitch and we both know it.

"You fucking little asshole! You think some money means you can pull shit like that? You're a little bitch and I'm a fucking god! A FUCKING GOD!" I flex in front of him, showing him what a real man looks like. "YOU'RE NOTHING! LOOK AT ME!"

Angel reaches out and feels my biceps and pecs. He worships my muscles like he's supposed to. This is what my clients do. They don't show me up. All they've got is cash. Anyone can get cash. There's only one body like mine in the whole world. One. And it's mine. That gives me the power. The 30-year old twink gets on my pecs and abs. He leans in and sucks my nipple before returning to my arms and shoulders.

The whole time he's rubbing me, the little asshole just smirks, like he's not afraid at all. Fuck that. I grab him by the throat and squeeze. He chokes. Now he looks scared. I tell him, "Yeah, that's right. That's real power! Now you're gonna learn some respect, you twink bastard!"

I force him into a side headlock. I crush him between my side and bicep. This little punk ass bitch is nothing. Literally nothing compared to me and he's gonna learn it. I squeeze tighter and he moans. I see his forehead is red. Good. He's rubbing my legs, ass and abs as I crush his head like a fucking grape.

I pull him over with a hip toss, landing on top of him as we hit the mat. WHOMP! Angel goes limp under me. I slide over and schoolboy pin the bitch to the mat. I flex over him and he just stares up at me. I tell him, "Yeah, look at this, bitch. It's called real power. You can't buy this."

Angel smirks, "Apparently I can. You're here, aren't you?"

This little bitch. I rise up then drag him up by his wrist. I pull him into a gorilla press, lifting him over my head. I parade him around the ring, showing off. Yeah, I bet he gets it now. I look up at him, "You ready to fly, little man?"

The 30-year old twink shifts his hand to my face then rakes my eyes. ARGH! I drop him and he comes down on top of me, his loaded elbow pad smashing into my head. CRACK! I'm knocked forward into the ropes. I shake out my head, blinking really fast to get my vision back. What a little punk! I feel his hands on my leather trunks. I reach for them to keep him from pulling them up, but instead he yanks them down.

I turn, but the leather binds my ankles. I fall forward right into his rising knee pad, hitting first with my chest then the underside of my chin as I go down. THUD! WHACK! I collapse on the mat, stunned. I open and close my jaw. Nothing seems broken. Angel pulls off my leather briefs, calling them a souvenir before jumping on top of me.

Angel wraps the leather around my neck, feeding one side through the other leg opening to make a noose. The cheating bastard uses my own trunks to choke me. I thrash under him as he pulls, tightening the loop and cutting off my air. When he lets up, I roll onto my side, gagging. The twink stands up then starts stomping me with his weighted boots. THUD! THUD! THUD!

I bounce under him, still suffering from the eye rake, knee to my chin and choke. Even though he's a puny punk, the stomps feel like I'm being hit by battering rams thanks to his illegal boots. Even my amazing muscles can't keep up. When he stops, I roll onto my stomach. He grabs the back of my black underwear and hair.

Angel pulls me to my feet, wedging the black spandex up my crack and almost tearing my hair out. I fight to get free, but he whips me head first into the turnbuckle. CRACK! I stumble back, barely able to keep my feet. I swing my fists, but I'm dazed and wobbling, so I hit nothing but air. He comes in under my flailing arms with a boot to my bulge that drops me to my knees. SQUISH!

I kneel and moan, stars filling my vision. I barely see the soles of his boots flying at me as he launches up in a low dropkick to my face and chest. THUD! I fly backwards, rolling out of the ring to the floor below. Oh fuck. I just need a minute. Just a minute. I'm gonna kill this guy. It wasn't supposed to go like this. I'M NOT A FUCKING JOBBER!

As I get to my feet, I see his boots right in front of my face. He slides into me, nearly taking my head off. CRACK! I drop down fast and writhe on the floor. My legs are spread and my forearm is on my face. I can't even think, much less move. He slams his boot into my taint. WHOMP! I close up fast, rolling into the fetal position.

Angel laughs as he grabs my boots. He drags me along the floor, my big muscle body sliding along the mats. We stop in the corner. He lifts my left leg straight up propping it against the ringpost. I look up, confused. He kicks my knee and pain shoots through my body. The twink grabs my boot, squats down, putting it over his shoulder.

I try to swing up to pound his back, but he stands up, lifting my leg with him. I cry out as he lifts my body up. All my 200-lbs of perfectly sculpted muscle hangs down, the weight straining my knee as it rests on his shoulder. I brace my hands on the floor then push up to ease the pressure before my knee pops. The handstand helps, but I'm still trapped.

Angel thrusts his shoulder forward, driving my knee into the ringpost. CLANG! ARGH! He does it twice more before he lets my leg slide off. CLANG! CLANG! I collapse in a heap again, this time holding my knee. Fuck. The fucking twink forces me up by my hair. When we're standing, I whip my arms around him, locking on a bearhug.

I squeeze hard and he moans right away. I crush his scrawny body against my chiseled torso, my mighty arms pushing the life out of him. This bitch is mine! Angel tries to rake my eyes, but I shake him and he can't do it. I'm gonna put the fucker out then we'll get back to how this is supposed to be. Me on top and him worshipping me like the fucking god I am.

Suddenly, Angel stomps on my right foot. I was balancing on one leg, keeping pressure off my left knee, so when he hits, I can't keep my position. The twink pushes against me and we fall the floor with him on top of me. WHAM! He spins around, putting his ass on my face then reaches down for a ball claw. ARGH! I buck wildly, but he's got me.

I writhe under him, my moaning going right into his ass as he crushes my fucking manhood. My perfect body thrashes from side to side, but the pain is too much for me to focus. I try to bridge, but I forget about my left leg. My knee buckles and more pain shoots throughout my body. This cannot be happening. I whimper and beg him to let go. The son of a bitch rolls off me then laughs, "And that's submission number two, big guy."

I roll onto my side. Angel offers his hand and I take it. When he gets me up, I hop to the ring apron, massaging my bulge. I call him a cheating fuck and he gets in my face. "Anything goes, remember? That's what I'm paying for."

I snarl at him, "No, this is what you paid for."

I grab him in another bearhug. He moans as I crush him again. The stupid fucker is going to go down. I'm gonna knock him out then fuck him so hard he's gonna remember me for weeks. I squeeze him as hard as I can and he cries out in a high-pitched squeal. I'm leaning against the ring apron, so he can't use my balance against me this time.

I laugh, "Submissions outside the ring don't count! Everyone knows that! We're still going!"

My arms are huge and pumped with power. Damn, I must look like a fucking monster right now. I wish this was being filmed. He pounds on my shoulders but they bounce off like they're nothing. Angel goes limp in my arms. I shake him, but he's pretty much out. I drop him to the floor then flex over him. Stupid fuck.

I reach down then drag him up. I throw his weak, pathetic carcass into the ring. He rolls to the middle of the ring as I follow him in. I move in and flex in front of his sorry ass. When I step forward, he suddenly kicks his left leg up, aiming for my bulge. I'm ready, swatting it away. The Bat taught me how to read guys.

Too bad it was a fake out. While I'm pushing that leg away, his other one kicks right into my damaged left knee. I manage to keep my feet, but I'm forced to stumble away. He moves in behind me then grabs my black trunks. The little fucker lifts up hard and fast, crushing my bulge with a wedgie that sinks into my crack. I jump up and down, jamming my fucking knee. ARGH!

As I wobble on my feet, Angel drops down behind me then drives his arm up between my legs right into my crushed package. SQUISH! Motherfucker! I double over in pain. I feel his hands on my ass before he pushes me towards the ropes. Even though I'm 200-lbs of massive muscles, I can't stop myself from falling against the top rope thanks to my leg and aching manhood.

Angel moves in as I hang onto the rope for stability. He drives his weighted boot into my chest. STOMP! The older asshole moves in then locks my arms between the top and middle rope. I fight, but I'm stretched out, kneeling and locked up. The cheating bastard backs off and looks me up and down. The front of his white trunks are tenting. Oh fuck, he's huge.

The sweaty, scrawny stud starts in with boots to my torso. THUD! THUD! THUD! No wonder he wore those boots. He couldn't hurt me otherwise. Not these rock hard muscles. Now, he's actually doing damage. I feel my god-like body actually being broken down with every shot. THUD! THUD! THUD! I moan for him to stop and he laughs at me.

After dozens of kicks, Angel finally stops. He moves in then kneels in front of me. He caresses my pecs and abs. My head hangs down as I watch him worship my body. This is how it was supposed to be. Except without the pain. Just a jobber getting thrown around by a mighty muscle god. Angel grabs my hair and pulls my head up. He leans in and kisses me!

I feel his tongue in my mouth as he smothers me with his kiss. I moan into his mouth, even as I try to get my arms free. I could still turn this around if I could just get free. Angel pulls off. He says, "You look so good tied up. My very own real bound god."

"Let me outta these ropes."

Angel smirks, "Okay. I guess it is time to finish this."

I growl at the cocky twink as he stands up. He moves in close, making sure to rub his big cock all over my face. He holds my hair and face washes me with his white spandex bulge. Angel leans over then unhooks the ropes. I try to whip my arms around him, but he blocks me. After his boots to my shoulders and the long kiss and fondle session, they're weak.

My bulging arms drop to my side. I shake them out to get feeling back, but Angel isn't waiting. He falls back, pulling me forward. He buries my face in his bulge then folds his leg behind my head. The twink grabs my ankle and pulls, choking me out in a figure four headlock. I struggle, but he has me close to unconscious in seconds.

I moan as I'm put out, only for him to loosen up. He swats my head then tightens up. I thrash, but when I slow down, he lets up again. This little twink bastard is toying with me. With ME! A fucking muscle freak who could crush him like he was nothing in a fair fight! I summon all my strength and push up, but he just pulls on the hold. I collapse as I black out.

Getting His Money's Worth

I feel water splashing on my handsome face and perfect physique. I shake then sit up on one elbow. Fuck, what the hell? I reach down to rub my junk. My under-briefs are gone. I look my muscular body up and down. I'm naked. From head to toe. Damn. I look good, but when I look up I see Angel sitting on the top turnbuckle in the corner with a squirt gun. He looks like such an asshole.

The scrawny bastard tosses the gun away. Such a cocky shit-eating grin. Fucker. I roll up. I stretch then move into him. I'm pissed. Yeah, he won, but he won dirty. He's a pathetic twink and I'm a muscle god. I'm going to break him in two. As soon as I get close, Angel whips his legs up over my shoulders. He locks on a head scissors as he braces himself on the top ropes. I put my hands on his legs, but I'm still kind of out of it.

The twink bitch squeezes hard. I drop to my knees, moaning loud. I look up his tight little body, but at first I can't see past his trunks. Fuck, his bulge is massive. The trunks are so wet that I can see the veins on his cock through them. I look higher and see every vein in his tiny body is popping, definition better than before. I could pry his legs apart, but I don't try.

Angel says, "C'mon jobber, fight back. Try to get free!" I don't. He laughs, "Yeah, you're the same pathetic muscle bitch as in your videos. I knew this is how it would go. Beautiful."

I snarl then plant a foot. I squat up, showing him who's a bitch. When I'm standing, Angel suddenly lets go of the ropes. His head and shoulders drop down and he uses the momentum to whip me forward with his legs. I stumble in, smashing my face into the top turnbuckle. WHACK! I slump in the corner. He slithers out and up behind me while I shake out my head.

Angel spanks my big round bare ass. SMACK! I start to turn, but he pushes me into the turnbuckles. "Don't move, bitch. We made a deal. Two falls. You're mine." Fuck, he's right. He doesn't deserve the win, but I can't do shit about it now.

I stand with my ass out and face on the top turnbuckle. He fondles my perfect ass, telling me I'm such a good little bitch. Angel spanks my ass again. SMACK! I jump then resume position. He goes to town, turning my white ass red. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The little dude got lucky and now he owns me. He's making sure I know it.

When Angel stops, I just wait. I hear him moving around then he orders me to put my hands behind my back. I do it and he slaps on padded cuffs. Fuck, no way! I struggle, but it's too late. He's got my massive arms locked behind my back. My twink master grabs my hair then forces me to stand up straight.

The asshole reaches around and smacks my cock. I look down over my sculpted pecs and past my perfect eight-pack abs. I get hard as he plays with me. Damn I look good. My cock turns to fucking steel as he manhandles me. It's fucking humiliating. Angel grabs my hard dick then locks a cock ring on me. He pulls me to the middle of the ring by my hard on. Even though no one is watching, the twink leads me around the ring, naked, cuffed and junk trussed up.

Angel forces me to look at the mirror on the far wall. I just stare at myself. He's such a cocky asshole. When he starts pumping my cock, I groan. He works my dick and my legs go weak. Oh shit, my twink master knows how to work a man. He stops to play with my balls, but what gets me stumbling is when he fingers my hole.

"Look at yourself. Yeah, this is what you imagine when you jerk off in the mirror, is t it you jobber bitch? You dream about being a boy! You dream about being outsmarted, beaten down and humiliated by a guy half your size."

I whimper, "No."

"Yeah, you do, but keep up the act."

I cry out as he plays with me, but all I can do is watch myself get used. I'm so fucking huge. With my arms bound behind my back, my shoulders are back and my chest is crazy big. My legs are chiseled as I try to stand still. It's tough, because he won't stop. I'm going to cum. My breathing gets fast and I'm staring at myself in the mirror. It's intense.

Then it stops. I cramp up as my cock tightens. I feel my load, but I can't explode. Fuck. I have to cum. The damn cock ring keeps me hard, but I'm not even close now. Angel circles in front of me. He bats my cock then forces me into a kiss. The twink drives his tongue between my lips then pushes down on my shoulders. THUD! I'm back down on my knees as he molests my mouth.

My view of the mirror is blocked by his stomach. He uses my hair to force my face into his bulge. I mouth his cock. Just my luck, I get one of those twinks with a big fat cock. Angel's one of the biggest guys I've been with. When he lowers his trunks, the smaller stud slaps me with it. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Fuck, I hate being bitchslapped, especially by some scrawny cheating punk who couldn't hold my jock in a fair fight.

Suddenly, Angel shoves his monster dick between my lips. I gag as he pounds the shit outta me. He face fucks me hard. With my arms cuffed, I can't do anything. He holds my hair and I just have to ride it out. His fat head slams into the back of my throat then down it. I choke until he pulls out. His cock is wet from my mouth and he smears it on my face.

Angel laughs while I'm coughing, "C'mon, Spartan, suck it up. The mighty warrior is mine. You've been beaten, captured and now you're my slave-bitch."

I sit back on my heels, head bowed. I can't say anything. He's right and I just gotta ride it out. 'Anything goes' for stakes, too. Fuck, he got me good. Angel reaches down and grabs my nipples. He starts working them. At first it feels good, but then he gets rougher. OH! I groan and my cock bobs up and down. Squeezing, twisting and rolling his fingers has them real tender, real fast.

Even though it hurts, I hold on. I moan then cry out when he pulls up. I move my legs to rise, dragged up by my aching nubs. I get pushed back into the corner where he starts suckling on my nipple with flicking the other one. I whimper as he switches back and forth. His tongue and every soft flick send shivers through my body. He backs off then moves to his bag.

Oh shit. He pulls out a cat o' nine tails. Angel starts moving the short whip, each black leather tail flipping back and forth. I shake my head, but he flicks it across my heaving pecs. WHISH! I squirm, so he pushes me back. He starts whipping my sculpted chest. WHISH! WHISH! WHISH! It's light, but my nipples are so sensitive. I whimper again. He flicks it across my rock hard cock and I writhe in the corner.

I start to ask my twink master for mercy, but he shoves the whip handle in my mouth. I suck on it, unable to speak with it gagging me. He shakes his head, "From now on, you don't speak unless you're spoken to. Got it?" I reluctantly nod. He's got all the power now. Angel smiles, "Yeah, this is why you built this body. For me to come along and buy it then own it like this. To be my slave-bitch. My submissive muscle toy. Perfect."

Angel pulls the whip outta my mouth then forces me to turn around. He whips my ass. WHISH! WHISH! WHISH! It's all I can do not to jump. When he's done, I feel him fingering my hole. Oh yeah, that feels nice. I try to back into it, but he keeps it light and shallow. The little stud teases me, "Don't be so eager, slave-bitch. You'll get what's coming to you. When I say so."

I feel his finger disappear then he grabs my hair. I'm forced back to the middle of the ring then down on my knees again. PLOP! I can't help staring at his monster cock. I don't want that thing inside me. It's almost as big as the Bat-pole and that thing hurts. I know I've got no choice, but it makes me nervous.

Angel sees me staring. He asks, "You're afraid aren't you?" I look up at him and nod. He smirks, "Yeah, it's okay to admit it. See, I'm a good master. I don't want to hurt my muscle toy."

I sigh in relief. Maybe he won't fuck me. The winner walks to his bag. I see him pull out some lube and two dildos. Oh fuck. He comes back then circles behind me. Angel puts his boot between my shoulder blades then pushes me forward. I fall onto my face and chest, unable to brace myself with my arms bound. SPLAT! My ass is up and I know what's coming.

I feel the cold, wet lube drip into my crack then his finger rubbing it in. He coats my hole, working the slick gel inside me. It must be a special kind, because I feel a tingling heat. Mm, that's crisp. I turn my head and see him coating the smaller dildo. I look away before he sees me then wait. It doesn't take long before he's got it against my hole.

Angel forces the dildo inside me. I moan as he works it, fucking me gently. My cock is crying out for attention as it presses up into my abs. My knees start to hurt a little, but the pleasure of being pounded overwhelms the discomfort. I encourage him with groans and words, letting him know I'm liking it. Just as I really get into it, I feel him pull it out. I relax, smiling a little.

I feel the dildo come back, but this time when it slides inside, it hurts a little. Damn, it's the bigger one. My twink master stretches my hole out as he pounds my ass a little rougher this time. I grunt, trying to ignore the pain. I relax and it feels good once it's in. Again, he uses my ass and I'm helpless to do anything about it. My breathing gets fast and I start to whimper, but again he pulls out just as I'm getting into it.

Angel rubs my ass, telling me how perfect it is. Like I don't know that. He walks away then comes back. My twink master grabs my wrists then unlocks one cuff. My arms fall to the side and I stretch them out, working my shoulders. Phew, that feels better. I push up to hands and knees, glad that's over. Oh shit, it's not. Angel forces me to crawl to the corner like a muscular, perfectly built dog-man.

I get ordered onto my back as he slides out of the ring. He grabs my wrists then pulls me out so he can lock my wrists around the ringpost. When Angel slides back in, he lubes up my cock then plays with me. I instinctively kick my feet, so my twink master sits on my legs, pinning them down. He goes slow then fast, hard then soft. Angel toys with my balls. It doesn't take long before I'm begging for mercy. I plead for him to let me cum.

Angel doesn't like that. He reminds me that I'm not supposed to speak. Fuck. He stops short and my dick and balls ache as another load goes back into my balls. The cock ring keeps me hard and I'm helpless to do anything but whimper quietly. He gets off my legs then lifts them into the air. Uh oh. With my legs braced against his narrow shoulders, I hear the sound of a wrapper tearing and I know its main event time.

Angel folds my legs up, forcing them under the middle ropes. I'm locked up in the corner, with my ass out, perfectly positioned for him. I look down, but all I can see is my chiseled torso under the turnbuckle, my purple cock and full balls hanging, and my sculpted legs overhead. My twink master moves up to my ass. He looks at me between my legs and the turnbuckles. We lock eyes. He braces on my massive calves as I feel the head of his monster cock touch my hole.

I relax and put my head back. The Bat taught me how to handle his porn-sized dick, so I can handle this one. I suck in air then slowly let it out. Yoga breath as I wait. Angel pushes inside me and I groan. Thank god he loosened me up. It still hurts, but I'm okay. It actually feels good to be filled by him. He figured out a way to beat me. He owns me. His monster cock is just part of the deal.

Angel rides me, taking his prize. He really makes me his bitch, driving in deep. With me tied up, all I can do is moan as I'm fucked by a pro. Oh shit. He tells me that I'm his bitch. That I'm his muscle toy, slave-bitch. I cry out as he mocks me. He laughs at my perfect muscles and my powerful body. He calls me a stupid sack of muscle, but I can only go with it.

I groan as my twink master pounds his monster cock deeper inside me. Oh fuck, he owns me. He owns me! My dark purple cock head slides against my abs and it's enough to get my load building again. I look up past my huge pecs at my beautiful shaft bouncing and sliding on my eight-pack. I cry out, "I'm gonna cum, master! I'm gonna cum!"

Angel orders me, "Do it! Show me what a muscle-bitch you are!" I gasp then watch as my cum fires out, coating my chiseled abs and pooling under my bulging pecs. Angel laughs, "How does it feel, having your pathetic load fucked out of you?"

I grunt, but can't speak. I throw my head back and cry out, my body tensing around his monster cock inside me as I flex my bound cock to get the last drops out of me. Angel slides out of me and I feel empty. He frees my legs, letting them collapse to the mat. I look up at him and he looks huge as he towers over me, his cock unsheathed and massively engorged.

My twink master jerks himself then shoots all over me, coating my chest, abs and junk. Ropes spray out and I think they'll never stop. Oh fuck, his load is as huge as his dick. He pumps and pumps then kneels down and slides through the ropes. He wipes the last drops on my face before hopping out of the ring. Angel unlocks the cuffs then slides back into the ring.

I feel him grab my ankles, pulling me back into the ring. He flexes over me. I'm naked, while he's in his full gear except for his trunks. Angel squats down then unsnaps the cock ring. Oh fuck, that feels great. He smirks then helps me to a seated position. I breathe in and out, happy it's done. He massages my massive shoulders, feeling my muscles one last time.

Angel whispers, "We're done, boy, but let me tell you that you're worth every penny. No other muscle boy I’ve hired has ever been willing to go down like you. Yeah, you’re the fucking best ever."

I smile at that. It was rough, but I made it through. Maybe I can get him to pay me for a re-match. Now that I know what he's all about, no way can he beat me twice. Suddenly, I feel his arms shift from my shoulders to a rear naked choke. Before I can do anything, everything goes black.

Wake Up Call

I wake up and everything is dark, except for the light from the hall. I'm tied up. Still naked. I don't hear anything. The asshole just left me like this. Fucker. I work to break the ropes, but they aren't budging. I'm so ripped that my muscles make notches to slide ropes into. My eight-pack abs pretty much grab the cords. My sculpted pecs are the perfect leverage. The ropes can't go up. And my arms and legs are so pumped and hard that the ropes are super-tight.

If I was a fatty, I could suck in my gut or something, but I'm built outta fucking granite. Shit, I bet I look awesome. Maybe that asshole took some pics. Suddenly, I hear a voice. He's still here. Just as I start to yell, I hear another voice. Fuck. It's not Gabriel. I better keep my mouth shut. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I try the ropes even more, but they're so fucking tight.

I roll myself to ring ropes on the far side of the ring, away from the door. I breathe in deep. This is gonna hurt. Fuck. I slide under the bottom rope then fall off the apron to the floor below. THUD! I can't brace myself, so I land hard on my shoulder. I struggle not to cry out. I work the binding ropes some more. Lucky for me, the fall shifted them. I get an arm free.

I wiggle my massive muscles. I'm so huge and pumped that it's tough to move, but I'm powerful enough to get my other arm free, too. Man, I might be the only muscleman in the world who could’ve done that. Power and flexibility. Fuck I got it all. I untie my feet, but I can't pull the ropes from my body completely, because the lights go on in the ring area.

I freeze. Shit! They're getting closer. The footsteps on the floor stop as the guys stand on the other side of the ring. I quiet my breathing. They're just 20 feet away and sound echoes like a bitch in this place. The two guys start talking again. It's The Bat. What the fuck is Cody doing here? And his boyfriend Jae. They're going to wrestle and fuck. Fuck.

Cody says, "Fuck. First, they don't set the alarm and now look at the ring. We need our own place. I'm tired of sharing with pros who never fucking clean up. I know it's their place, but we keep expensive equipment here."

Jae asks, "Is this really what you want to do? Discuss Cave real estate?"

I hear Cody laugh. "You're right. Sorry. Besides, we're about to make an even bigger mess." I hear rustling in a bag.

Jae says, "You know it. Oil me up baby."

Oh great, a fucking oil match. I carefully ease under the apron, lying under the ring. I wait. It seems like forever as these two wrestle over me. Shit, the ring keeps bouncing and echoing. I swear at them in my mind. Fuckers. They keep getting near falls and near submissions. I get hard, thinking about these two oiled up and wrestling over me. I work my cock to the sounds.

BAM! Fuck, why don't they just finish already! Whenever they slip and crash down on the mat, it's like firecrackers going off. After an eternity, I finally hear Jae cry out his submission. It sends me over the edge and I pound out a load onto my abs, trying to keep quiet. Then I wait. And wait. And wait. The two assholes keep going through multiple sex rounds. Fucking rabbits. With nothing else to do, I work my dick again.

They're finally done fucking and I'm covered in three of my own loads, plus one from fucking Gabriel. They move out then start to clean up. Fuck, are you kidding? Shit, they finally head to the locker room. I gotta 50/50 shot at them finding my shit. I don't hear anything, so they must be using the other room. Fuck, I'm so lucky. I slip out, carefully making my way to the locker room. I slip in and grab my clothes. Knowing those two, they'll be in the shower for an hour going at it again.

I quietly pack my shit up then sneak out, naked into the parking lot. I park over by one of the other businesses, just in case Cody or Ryan ever drive by, they'll figure it's someone for another business. Unfortunately, that means I've got a long way to go. Nothing I can about that now.

I move behind my car then lie a towel down on my leather seat. I pull on my underwear and shoes. None of the other businesses are open, so I get away with it unless there's a security camera. I escape down the block then pull over to park. I check that Gabriel didn't steal anything else from me. He didn't.

I find a wad of hundreds. He did pay for the Spartan gear. Shit, and a lot more. Okay, not a bad bonus. I'm still pissed, though. I look at my phone. I've got a ton of messages, but one text jumps out at me. It's from Gabriel. He's thanking me then asks if he can give my number to another buddy of his.

I text back, "friends of urs pay more". Gabe texts back, "np ur worth it". I text back, "rematch avail for dbl". Gabe answers me with an address, along with "now?". I smirk as I reply, "almost caught. still covered in sweat and cum". Gabe responds with a wide-eyed emoji and "NOW! NO SHOWER!" An address comes next. As I plug it into my car's navigation, I get an alert that Gabe's transferred a shitload of money to me.

I don't reply to any of it. Let him just sit there and wonder if I'm coming or not.

The End


  1. The 14th and the last day of each month are like Christmas Eve for me in anticipation of your stories on the 15th and the 1st, my friend. I actually have trouble sleeping those nights because I can't wait to wake up and see what gifts have been left! Last night was especially difficult because I knew from your earlier comments that it was going to be a special Xaq story -- who is my favorite of all your incredible characters. I must've woken up several times last night thinking it was time for your post, and I set my alarm extra early this morning to allow enough time to read your story before getting ready for work. As usual, it did not disappoint!

    Thank you so much for all that you do, man. Your work gives me something to look forward to every two weeks, and the fact that you offer up your amazing stories for FREE is generosity at its very best! Your talents are a true gift to the world!

    1. You're welcome! I appreciate the kind words.

  2. Ha ha ha! Oh, man, I hope this story was at least HALF as much fun to write as it was to read, because oh my god. Usually I like to quote a particularly funny line that stood out, but every freaking line of Xaq narration was classic. And when he was hiding under the ring during Jae and Cody's match, I think I laughed out loud. Thank you so much, this was PERFECT. Hope we get to hear Xaq narrate again, because...oh my god.

    1. Xaq is always fun to write, but it was especially fun to figure out his voice and have him narrate. I started using language to differentiate him, but I decided that he wouldn't use slang and his personality was enough. He is narrating at least one more story, but it likely won't appear for a while.

  3. Wow! You knocked it out of the park again, Alex.

    Okay, first of all, Xaq's viewpoint is hilarious. It was so amusing to find out that all of that stuff he's been spouting in other stories is what he really thinks; it's not just some character he's playing. He truly believes he's one of the great villains at the Cave despite his horrible record/humiliating losses, a great hero even though he's only played Bird Boy a few times, and that Cody is practically an old, decrepit man about to retire. The guy is delusional. Well, on most things. He is right on how good looking he is at least.

    Gabe/Gabriel/Angel. I love him so much. He read Xaq perfectly at the beginning, pretending to be a submissive, muscle worshiping jobber to make him drop his guard when he's really a sadistic and dominant heel. He was so delightfully vicious and devious. Also, I get the impression he's not just been "enjoying" Spartan's matches, but studying them too considering hows often he knew exactly what to do whenever Spartan started to get the upper hand. That or he's very quick on his feet.

    The entire part of Angel dominating Spartan sexually was wonderful. The way Spartan starts calling Angel his twink master the second the cuffs go on making it seem like a switch had been pressed inside his head, the humiliating dirty talk, being forced to look at himself in the mirror while it was happening, all those tools, the kissing, using the ropes to keep Spartan's legs spread when it's time to fuck. Yay!

    I assume Gabriel probably did take some pictures of Xaq while he was unconscious, especially considering how well prepared he is. Plus, you gotta have some mementos of such a memorable night, right? When Cody and Jae showed up, I really thought they were gonna catch him at first. Maybe have some fun with him. Instead, we get him hiding under the ring, embarrassed, and masturbating to the sounds above him. Fantastic!

    I loved the spite of not telling Gabriel if he was actually coming over or not and making him squirm in anticipation. It's the most control he had over the guy all night.

    Thank you so much, Alex! This was such a great story.

    1. Mike, you're welcome! This story is obviously finding some passionate fans. Appreciate it.

  4. YUM YUM YUM. Excellent, excellent, excellent story. Where do I start. I don't know. Miller...this was GOOD! No, not just good, this was TOP NOTCH.XAQ is a damn superstar. You wrote a superstar. The voice you gave him, the mindset, attitude, is just XAQ. But we actually get to hear his mind. He could have mental issues, or he could just be brilliant. Its right there on that fine line. Who knows? What I do know is that I ate every word like it was candy. And I was laughing at so many lines. I was cracking up. BTW, Angel was fun, but Xaq is just such a large presence. His narration is so on point, that I just wanted to read more. He looking at the mirror as he suffered was great. But its the fact that in the end, he collects his money and I had to wonder, "he wants to go through that again?" Jeez. His body is made of titanium. And he enjoys it so much. I don't know but this story is on a league of its own. Perhaps Xaq is right, he does own the Cave in a sense. But all credit to where it should go, to Alex Miller for such an awesome character. He is fun to read. By far the most fun. It reminds me of those movies, that its easy to remember the one liners, ex. "Hasta La Vista Baby" etc...he is a memorable character. His voice is always on point. He might be getting his abs broken up, but in his mind, his body must be looking so hot right now. How many times did he have to scream "I'm No jobber" was that to himself or part of the act? Who knows? HAHA. We do know that he enjoys the punishment . But in his mind, somehow he feels like he won!
    I could go on and on. But perhaps Ive burned the same line over and over. Perhaps this is the best story of 2016, maybe of all the stories. One thing for sure is that this story, specially Xaqs character, just pushed your stories to a whole new level.

    1. Wow, thanks for the analysis! It's definitely Xaq's story with Angel as the conduit to his greatness. LOL. The challenge for narrators is giving them a voice. I'm glad folks are finding this one successful.

  5. This story is perfect!
    I liked Xaq and the first thought "is Xaq gong to win?"
    Then the total domination and humiliation.
    Superb work. An inspiration for my own work!

    1. Thanks! I'll take perfect, but being an inspiration to someone is even better. If you're a writer, what kind of stuff and where is it posted? Feel free to promote yourself, if you'd like.

  6. What an Amazing and Perfect last story to end the year. First off Thanks to the commissioner for coming up with such a great idea and Thank you alex for another great match that is now in my top favorites if not on the very top of the list (I know i say that alot but you keep pumping out 10/10 stories!)

    I love how Gabriel was a fun and made Xaq seem like he was so submissive but maybe that was more Jeffs ego than Gabes actual intentions. Which are the best parts of the story! Gabriel dominating Xaq the twink using every dirty trick in his disposale to break down the muscled spartan and make him into the eventual muscle slave we all love! And Xaq always making excuses on how hes losing and always taking the chance to say how hot he must look in his situation. It was fun to read and just like Xaq said he must have looked hot in every situation he was in and it was just as hot too imagine it. Gotta say again this is one of my favorites and I agree probaly the best one yet with how much i go over it. With that cliffhanger I hope it gets a sequel the Cave Unleashed title has me intrested but im sure its a series for other stories not directly involing the cave yet still involves it in a way? Or mayhe something bigger thats going to be coming next year. Either way cant wait for another great year of stories! And fingers crossed for a sequel that either stops where this leaves off or Xaq meeting Angels friend.

    Will you br doing a 2016 end of the Year review with stats and stuff? I might be the odd one but I love reading those stats haha. Really though thank you for again for a whole year of high quality stories Alex! Im glad you get some comissions because you deserve it with how great your stories are.

    1. Axel, thanks very much! I agree, everyone should thank the commissioner for pushing me to use Xaq in a new way.

      I'm not sure Xaq is a reliable narrator for other people's reactions, so we'll never know how Gabriel really acted at the start, but we certainly now what he ended up doing to Spartan.

      The Cave Unleashed is being launched to house stories featuring established Cave guys wrestling outside The Cave structure. Like an Encounters for them. I originally called this The Cave: Private Matches then it was Outside the Cave, but I settled on Unleashed.

      So The Cave is Cody/Ryan and The Cave: SuperStar is Jae, as always. The change comes where The Cave Undercard is now other guys wrestling for The Cave and The Cave Unleashed is now other guys wrestling on their own. There are two more stories written (Beau, Xaq) and I have plans for two more in 2017.

      And last, I've done a 2016 Review + 2017 Preview post for 12/30. It has a few topline results with top characters and wrestlers, but no specificity. I plan a deeper results review for my two-year anniversary at the end of February.

    2. December is always gold time for readers of the Cave. Stories, the Cavey's, wrestling Reviews, and results reviews. Plus news like the one you just mentioned! A new series for 2017!! Of Cave characters outside the Cave!!!! You are awesome! Thank you!!!!!!!