Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Review: #505 Kenny Star vs. Billy Gunn (UCW)

Timing can be weird. I decided to give UCW the Gold Cavey, but since then, we haven't clicked. The matchups have certainly enticed (Cole/Black, Nero/Diesel), but the scenarios haven't (kiddie pool title match, 'no homo' focus). This one also has a specific scenario, but it's a "Lost Match", so I was intrigued enough by the sight of Kenny Star getting torn apart to spend the low price of $9.99 on it.

I enjoyed Kenny Star vs. Billy Gunn, but I think it's a speciality taste. It's not a match. It's all one-sided punishment. Basically, Billy Gunn crushes Kenny in a brutal 100% squash with Kenny having literally no offense at all. There's a lot of abuse, a little bondage and a lot of trash talk. So if you're in the mood to watch this kind of rough beatdown, I think you'll enjoy this.

Billy: "Who's this?"
Kenny: "That's my man. He brings me luck."

Billy: "That's not your man. He's mine!"

Kenny Star vs. Billy Gunn is a "Lost Match". I view some of these as "Elseworlds" type action. The guys we know, but in specific stories that aren't part of the overall canon. No idea if that's the intent, but it's how I view them.

Billy and Kenny are going to fight, but there's a more nefarious plot at work. It's the oldest story in the book. Billy and Kenny are dating the same guy. Instead of teaming up to take down the two-timer, Billy uses subterfuge to ambush his rival, the unaware Kenny. He works Kenny over, especially his manhood, making sure the hot, hairy hunk won't be fucking anyone for awhile.

The video starts with an inspection. Billy wants to make sure that Kenny isn't planning to use any foreign objects in their "match". He offers up his credentials as a trained mall security guard to assure Kenny that he knows what he's doing. Billy is very thorough, spending a lot of time inside Kenny's tight red trunks. He runs his hands all over the compliant Kenny, who alternates between irritated and amused.  The handsome hunk just wants the match to start, although probably not in the manner which it does during the ass inspection.

Billy: "There's something in here."
Kenny: "That's all me."

Billy owns his rival from start to finish

Kenny Star is an attractive guy with an awesome body. He wears the red speedos and the leather jacket from start to finish. I like him in competitive matches, but I won't lie, seeing him as a complete jobber was the appeal here. If the situation had been reversed, I probably wouldn't have been interested.

Billy Gunn is long and lanky, but what will get you is his thick Southern drawl. He's a country boy through and through. Gunn is decked out in blue trunks and a trucker hat, which is not being worn ironically.

Once it gets going, it's rough and ready with Kenny as the hot suffering victim to the jealous Southern bad boy.

Billy's out for destruction

Yes, that rope is tied where you think it's tied

Billy's favorite part

Is Kenny learning his lesson?

There'a a mix of wrestling moves and holds, combined with dirty action and some bondage. Kenny sells it all like a champ, while Billy moves methodically through his nefarious plan. Kenny's body looks incredible, even in the leather jacket. The trash talking, threats and mocking from the dominant Billy is non-stop.

It's relentless humiliating devastation

Billy racks the helpless Kenny

Billy gives this massacre a big thumbs up

In the end, you should know if you'll like this. In my case, it's something I need to be in the right mood for, but I was so I enjoyed it. Kenny is a great victim. He's so freaking hot here and he really makes this work. Billy keeps things moving and his eagerness to punish his rival is infectious. Even as you pity Kenny, you'll cheer a little for Billy's next move.

I don't think Kenny enjoyed his visit to Billy's Barn

So that's my take. What's yours? Is this your kind of thing or not so much?



  1. I have yet to see this lost video (damn you new year's resolution!) but with regards to UCW, I actually prefer them to the weekly fare they put out. I am not sure if it is because of the different point of view, i.e., a paying customer vs. what Axel or Bodyslam or the wrestlers themselves come up, but I find them closer to my tastes. Plus, if I miss one, I am not missing out on part of a story-line and feeling like I have to purchase every single video

    1. Thanks for the interesting point of view. These lost videos do allow for more freedom and a unique perspective without compromising the general narrative or characters.

  2. is axel the guy in the picture?

    1. Hmm that's a great question. I can't tell who it is, but he's in white trunks with the UCW title belt. I didn't think it was Axel, but I don't have another suggestion.