Friday, January 20, 2017

Review: Cole Cassidy vs. Joshua Goodman (BGEast)

This is my second "must-see" match from Ringwars 26, part of BGEast's catalogue 117.1.

I can appreciate BGEast's desire to always have matches in the can. I like having content uploaded well in advance, too. Still, they must have been holding onto the stellar combination of Cole Cassidy vs. Joshua Goodman for years. How many years? I can't be sure, but it's shot in 4:3 ratio and both guys look their best. This shows a level of restraint I don't think I possess.

It's superstar heel vs. superstar heel
when Cole faces Jungle Joshua

Let's start with Cole Cassidy. The guy is a great heel with a nasty demeanor who seems to delight in punishing prettyboys. Lean and ripped, he's not some unstoppable muscleman, but he is remarkably dominant. I view him as one of those guys who can destroy you just with the force of his will. And a few cheap shots, of course.

In this match, Cole is Cole, in look, style and attitude. I will say that he's had better gear than the blue granny panties he wears here, but he's still a brutal stud. The guys has 25 matches under his waistband, so you know he's got the chops and it shows.

Cole pinches a lot of inches

Batter that jungle boy!

Joshua Goodman is a superstar. Easily one of the biggest and best since his debut, Mr. Joshua is a bad boy who smoothly goes between dominant heel and heel-jobber. Like Cole, this is vintage Joshua. He's full of arrogance and backs it up with skill and strength.

It might be crazy to say about a guy who's appeared in some 40 matches, but this might be the best Joshua has ever looked. It is to me, anyway. He's incredibly ripped, but it's the gear. His animal print briefs are clear at the sides, but loaded in front. As a Tarzan fan, I'm partial to these types of trunks, but I think anyone would find them sexy.

Joshua is as beautiful as ever

Damn, he makes a great jungle man

Action-wise, this match delivers in every way. It's back-and-forth. Both these guys could win. Both guys shine on top or bottom. The action is non-stop, hard-hitting and everything you'd expect from bad boys like this. Both guys dominate. Both guys submit. And the final fall allows both guys to have their moments.

Joshua's a heel, too

Thanks, Cole, I appreciate the fan service

Cole hung out to dry

Joshua fixes Cole's granny panties

This isn't the first time Cole has punished a guy in a loincloth and this time even better than the first. The leg splits, crotch grabs and his trademark heart punch are especially great. I just love Cole's use of the heart punch. It's always a thrill. I love how he puts Joshua's incredible physique on display, enjoying it as much as we would if we were there.

Joshua, meanwhile is capable of taking Cole's best and dishing out some brutality of his own. He shows off his own strength, skill and nastiness throughout. Joshua bends and controls Cole like the master he is. This jungle man is no pushover.

When you've got someone as talented and
flexible as Joshua, pros like Cole know what to do

Cole's trademark Heart Punch. Is it enough
to put down Jungle Joshua?

I don't care how much punishment I had to take,
I would trade places with Cole in a heartbeat.

In the end, this met and exceeded every expectation I had. The guys show why they're stars and give the viewer a heel vs. heel battle they won't forget. And if your imagination is feeling frisky, try picturing Cole as the hunter and Joshua as the jungle man.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. Fuck! This match looks HOT!!!!!!

    1. Fuck! It is HOT!!!!!!

      Thanks for the comment. :)