Sunday, January 8, 2017

Review: Dario Espinosa vs. Ray Mousi (Movimus)

Full disclosure: This match was provided to me by Movimus.

Movimus might be telling me something. They certainly are expanding my experience with them. So far, it's been mostly focused on a couple of great wrestlers, Mikey Hanlon and Duke Russo. When Ray Mousi vs. Dario Espinosa showed up in my inbox, I put it on my list to watch, but I didn't really rush to do so.

My mistake. I really liked it and am now quite interested in Dario, too. Big, bad and beautiful, these two put on a great show.


Dario Espinosa is a gorgeous hunk of man. He's the only Movimus guy where I've actually watched the opening posing all the way through. Even Mikey and Duke didn't earn that honor. I love his hairy, beefy muscle, shaved head and all-around look. He looks spectacular in his tight and tiny, blue and red posers and they show off his powerful physique beautifully.

I read a couple of comments at Ringside from guys saying they don't like the small posers that Movimus uses, feeling they're not "masculine" (here). I disagree with that. I think that they're perfect for mat wrestling where the bodies are the stars. They're the closest thing to classic Greek wrestling as you can get in gear.



Ray Mousi is a great opponent for Dario, because he has the weight, strength and presence to really hang with Dario. I didn't watch his posing, but he's still a great looking guy.



It's rare to see guys this powerful in a legitimate mat battle. Their real power is on display from the start as they move around the mat, looking for an opening. There's 26 minutes of wrestling here and the first fall takes 15 minutes. There are 5 more falls in the next 11 minutes, so once these guys get going, they really get going.




With guys this big and strong, the match pace is methodical and the focus is on crushing power. Even takedowns are earned and countered, because when these guys set their feet, they ain't moving. Their grimaces of pain are authentic, their grunting is arousing and their pain tolerance is impressive. You know the rest of us would be tapping every few seconds.



In the end, I loved this heavyweight showdown. It's intense, primal and powerful. It was a great showcase for both guys, but Dario really broke out for me. I need to go exploring for what else he's done.

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So that's my take. What's yours?


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