Thursday, January 12, 2017

Review: Kink-Avenger Breaking Point (

A year ago, I reviewed three superhero videos from That post was pretty popular, my 7th biggest review of the year, so I decided to do another. Fortunately, back in October, Kink released a new superhero video, Kink Avenger: Breaking Point. It features superhero Kink Avenger trying to stop villain Sado-Spectre from stealing the Orgazmatron.

The evil Sado-Spectre and his henchmen
try to take Kink Avenger to the breaking point

I really liked this video. Everything just works well. It's predictable, following the tropes of the genre, but that's kind of why you buy it. The point is to see a hero defeated, captured and subjugated.

I'll start with the actors and their performances. The villain is really hot. Scott Ambrose looks especially amazing in his black see-through bodysuit. More importantly, he really gets into the scene and the acting exceeds what I'd call normal porn quality. It turns out the actor is a cosplayer so maybe that's why he's so good.

The hero is Lance Hart, who does a lot of superhero stuff. I have other videos with him in them and he's fun in these roles. He also goes over and above with his acting and is convincing as the tortured hero.

The video starts with the battle, which is well-executed, including special effects that really help elevate this story. It feels like they have superpowers. I like that the hero isn't a wimp who goes down easily, but he's outnumbered and overpowered. Plus, Sado-Spectre has the Orgazmatron backing him up, which no hero can withstand, right?

The henchmen are no match for Kink Avenger

The mighty Sado-Spectre has a shock for the hero

After a dose of Orgazmatron energy,
the hero's in big trouble

From this point on, it's all about torture, humiliation and sex. It starts with the henchman and villain double-teaming the breakdown of Kink Avenger. The costumes and special effects continue for the first phase, which of course I like. It's fun abuse and subjugation. There isn't bondage here, just a henchman holding Kink Avenger, but that's an awesome fantasy, too.

Kink Avenger is trapped in the villain's lair

Sado-Spectre breaks the hero down

The henchman warms him up

After this first bit, the video gets more about torture. I have to admit that it does get a little more intense than I usually like. The red welts on Kink Avenger from the flogging creep me out and I fast forwarded through the electro-play. While I prefer my violence more cartoonish, the scenario, acting and villain's incredible hotness kept me engaged.

The acting is shockingly good as both guys get into it

Now that's a helpless hero

And eventually the Kink Avenger gets fucked

And it all wraps up with interviews done before and after the scene. I really love this feature. It's great to hear what goes into the scene, what the guys like and what they didn't like. This is where we find out about Sado-Spectre's cosplaying, which makes him even sexier.

Cosplayers Lance and Scott had fun and so did I

In the end, this is a winner for me, even with the flogging and electro-play. It's great to see the actors get so into character and I'm just in love with Sado-Spectre.

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  1. great action. love comic book super hero adventures. this appears well made and not hokey at all. the costumes are spectacular. especially like kink advenger's and sado spectre's costumes. the flogging was awesome and the hero really got into it. the mouth piece was a nice touch. the ending is primo as the hero gets nailed by the villain. like that the villain is as big and macho as the hero if not a little bigger. thank you for sharing. i also followed the link to the comic geek. fantastic.

    1. Glad you liked it. I definitely think it's not hokey.

      Gay Comic Geek has a great blog if you like comics and porn. I think his high energy geekiness is a ton of fun and it helps that he's cute.