Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Cave 19: The Bat vs. The Owl


Jackson gives me a slight head nod, "Hey."

Me (Cody)

We just stare at each other for a moment. I notice he's bigger than he was before. He looks good. I finally say, "Good to see you, Jax. I was surprised when Ryan said you wanted to come back and that you wanted to finish our storyline."

The handsome black musclestud shrugs, "I was surprised your ego let me."

I hear the accusation, so I defend myself, "Why wouldn't I? It was your choice to leave and cut off all ties, not mine. Whether we were together or not, you were always welcome here."

Jackson stares at me. He finally says, "You really wanna get into this, Cody?"

I calm down and shake my head, "Not really. I'm just trying to figure out if this is a reunion or a grudge match or what."

The muscular hunk walks up close to me. We stare into each other's eyes as our chests bump. He pauses then moves to pass on the right. As he gets does, he lifts his arm. I tense, but he just pats me on the chest. Jackson smirks, "Now, would I really be holding a grudge after all this time? See you in the ring, Bat."

With that, he slips into the other locker room, leaving me alone in the hall. I nod to myself then go into my room to get ready. Grudge match it is.

Jackson and I have a past, obviously. We met at the gym where I'm a personal trainer. He was a cop who was into natural bodybuilding and from the looks of him, he still is. I was interested in him immediately, so I casually offered some thoughts on his training. It didn't take much for us to fuck in the gym shower. When we found out we both wrestle, we got more serious fast. A handsome muscular cop who's great on the mats and in bed. Jax was perfect for me.

We were pretty intense for awhile, but it ended badly. Let's just say that he and I had very different understanding about the details of our relationship. In many ways, it was our failure that taught me to be a better boyfriend to my current partner, Jae. I've been more honest with and faithful to Jae than anyone else, even my best friend Ryan. I'm working on being better to Ryan, but it's a recent development. I've been as open as possible from the day I met Jae.

While I don't accept all the blame with Jax, I handled things badly. I went into asshole mode and never even apologized. Jackson was hurt. Very hurt. He cut me out of his life and this is the first time I've had any contact in three years, except for a few quick glances at clubs and parties when we've ended up in the same place. Now he's back and looking good. Damn good. I'm excited to see him in gear again, even if it's as my opponent.

Ryan and I co-own The Cave, a gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company. We have a small niche carved out, but it's growing. We had a couple of matches that blew up the internet and our roster is awesome right now. As a result, business is booming. Good for us and good for the guys who helped us get here.

When we started, we weren't able to pay the guys much. I used all my charm to get guys on board, but it definitely limited our pool and a lot of guys weren't interested in coming back. With our recent success, our back catalog has started to move. Ryan and I decided to share some of our windfall by sending out bonuses to the guys based on their sales. We did it out of respect, but it's attracted some of them back.

Ryan connected with Jackson then sent him a pretty big check. His matches are among our top sellers for older ones, mainly thanks to his character's rivalry with mine. Jax always liked Ryan, so they got to talking. With the lines of communication re-opened, he's back in The Cave and his first match is against me in my alter ego, The Bat.

It's not what I want, but Ryan reminded me that it's what the fans want that matters. We had a storyline going before he left. As the villainous Owl, Jax interrupted a couple of my matches and we had some back-and-forth, but no match. We were both undefeated at the time (I told you he was good). It was all planned out for a big match, but things blew up between us before we ever filmed it. A recurring story seemed like a good idea when I thought he'd be around. Instead, he vanished and our long-time diehards never got closure. Now they finally will.


I get introduced first. With The Owl making a big return after three years, Ryan wants to make the fans wait. I come out fast, running through my usual routine. As The Bat, I wear tight black gear - trunks with a red bat on the front, forearm gauntlets, pro boots and a cowl. I add a cape for my entrance, adding to the superhero theme.

In the ring, I bounce, stretch and flex my 6'/200-lbs body. I'm always wired before a match, but this time it's different. There's definitely more going through my head. I'm glad Jae is working and not here. I don't need the added pressure. I adjust my oversized bulge, shifting my porn-sized cock and big balls into position then stare at the curtain. Fuck, I'm actually nervous.

The Owl emerges and it's like nothing has changed. He looks amazing. My cock stirs as we stare from across the arena. He flexes and runs through a posing routine, his dark, chiseled muscles popping. We were basically the same size, but while I'm an inch taller, he's more ripped, 15-20-lbs heavier and he looks even stronger than ever.

The villain has on black tights with fishnet over top. There are slashes in the legs, like talons, that expose parts of his massive legs. His big bulge is covered by an orange owl logo. He's also got black wrist gauntlets and black pro boots on. He's wearing a hard-shell white mask that covers his entire face. Underneath, he wears a black mask as we wrestle.

After posing in front of the curtain, The Owl walks confidently to the ring. He climbs the steps then strips off his white outer mask. After hanging it on the top turnbuckle, he enters. We meet in the middle of the ring, our chests and bulges pressing together as we lock eyes. I can feel his hot breath on my chin as we just stare.

My cock twitches. He feels it then he slightly shifts his hips, rubbing his shaft against mine. I see his eyes dance as we both power up in our trunks. The Owl leans back then runs his finger down my pec and abs. He smirks, "Looks like somebody's gotten soft."

"Somebody is wrong."

The Owl stares into my eyes and we feel electricity, "I've waited too long for this."

I reply, "Bring it on."

Round 1

We circle the ring slowly, checking each other out. The Owl tenses his muscles, his power advantage is obvious. He was always stronger, but he lacked skill and patience. I wonder if he's been training and that's why he wanted to come back. He never beat me in our private matches, but maybe he feels ready to try.

In addition to his physical power, The Owl has another advantage. I'm a mega-star in underground wrestling, the biggest phenomenon in The Cave. My wrestling style and tendencies are available to the world on best-selling videos, but it's been three years since I've seen him in action. He's essentially a mystery to me.

We move to lock up. He always used to go low for a leg takedown. As we move in, he feints low, but switches it up, going high. I'm a step ahead as he shows his hand, revealing that he has been training. In the split second that our lock up takes, he bobs down then up, moving in fast. Since I'm ready, I grab his swinging arm then flip him over with a hip toss. WHAM!

The big black muscleman hits hard, but he rolls through, springing to his feet. He turns fast with a surprised look on his face. He's even more surprised when my boot slams into his abs. THUD! OOF! I lock on a front facelock then grab the side of his trunks. I snap him over fast with a suplex. WHAM! I roll to my feet then stomp his back before he can escape. THUD!

The Owl rolls to the corner and rises. His look warns me off and I let him rise. We lockup again, this time for real with a collar and elbow. The bodybuilder forces me into the corner, overpowering me. When we get close, I push right. When he counters, I use his momentum to switch our positions, flipping him around then driving him into the turnbuckles. CLANG!

I give him a big chop across the pecs. THUD! He grimaces, but I know those meaty pecs probably didn't even feel it. I connect with another two then give him a knee lift to his abs. WHACK! WHACK! THUD! The Owl tries to push out of the corner, but I stun him with a forearm to the side of his head. CRACK! To keep him off-balance, I grab his wrist, whipping him across the ring.

The Owl flies across the ring and slams into the opposite corner, back first. CLANG! I can see how big he is, so by the time the muscular powerhouse bounces out from the impact, I'm already off my feet, diving at him with a flying shoulder block. We hit hard and he goes down hard onto his broad shoulders. WHACK! OOF! WHAM!

I'm up quickly, driving my boots into his abs and pecs. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Even my boots bounce off, but after a few, it looks like the villain is finally feeling it. I reach down and grab his head. I drag him up by his head. As he rises to his knees, he plants a foot and gets an arm up between my legs, gripping my ass. With a sudden burst, The Owl rises and scoops me across his chest.

As I hang in his arms across his chest, I fight to counter. I kick and twist, swinging my legs as I push against his rock hard body. The Owl tries to hold me, but I'm 200-lbs of muscle. My wild thrashing twists his torso and I hear a pained grunt before I fall to the mat. The villain staggers backwards, hunched over with his hand on his lower back.

I move in and pull him into a light bearhug. I whisper, "You okay? Did you pull something?"

The Owl keeps the match going by selling the no-pressure hold. He puts his mouth close to my ear under my cowl, "You wish. I'm fine. Don't do me any favors with weak ass holds like this one."

As if to prove his point, the big muscleman dramatically breaks the fake hold. He teaches me a lesson and lifts his knee into my abs for real. WHOMP! I lean forward into a front facelock. With the action back on, I grab him around the waist while he cranks hard on my neck. Before he can try a suplex or any other move, I squat and lift, flipping his 220-lbs of muscle over with a back body drop. WHAM!

The Owl sits up, holding his back. He's either practiced selling or his back really is hurting. I consider dropping down for a chinlock. However, given his reaction last time I got concerned, I drive my boot into his back instead. WHACK! The villain lets out a cry and scrambles to his feet. He turns, holding his back, but also exposing his ripped abs. I lift my boot, kicking him hard in the stomach. THUD! OOF!

I grab him in a front facelock then grab his trunks. I whisper, "Glad your back is okay, because I won't feel bad doing this." Knowing what's coming, The Owl fights, but I get him up and over in a suplex before he can stop me. WHAM! I don't let go of him, instead rolling us over and forcing him up. I execute a second perfect suplex. WHAM! And a third. WHAM!

The Owl lies moaning on the mat, so I roll on top of him. I hook a leg, lifting his bubble butt off the mat then start my count. SLAP! ONE! The villain struggles under me, but I hold tight. SLAP! TWO! As I go for three, he grunts and lifts his shoulder, breaking the count. I drag him to his feet, but as we rise, he swats my hand away and backs off.

We circle silently then lock up. The Owl forces me into a side headlock. It's a powerful hold as I feel the increased strength of his bigger body. I search for an opening, caressing his body. I feel him lighten up as my hands slide over his smooth dark flesh. We're both momentarily lost in the first intimate contact we've had in three years.

I snap out of it first. I slam my forearm into his lower back. THUD! THUD! THUD! The black muscleman loses his weak grip and I rise behind him. I grab him by the shoulders, jump to bring my knees up as I pull him backwards. I fall onto my back, but I force him onto my knees in a backcracker. WHACK! The villain flies to the side, groaning loudly.

I roll up, smoothly leaping up then splashing down across the bodybuilder's back. SPLAT! I bounce off, springing to my feet. I deliver three hard boots to his back. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The Owl just writhes on the mat, leaving him wide open as I measure him up then come down with a double axehandle. WHACK!

The Owl tries to push up, but I grab the back of his mask and trunks. I drag him to his feet. The villain surprises me with his resilience, pushing me back into the ropes. When I bounce off, he goes for a big clothesline, but I duck it. He stumbles past me as I stop short and turn. He's just recovering from the miss, opening him up for a swift kick to his muscular ass. POW!

The powerful villain flies front first into the corner. CLANG! He staggers backwards, perfectly positioned as I turn and bend. The Owl runs into my shoulders. I squat and lift, raising him up into a torture rack. I struggle to get his 220-lbs up in the right position, but once there, I balance and bounce. The big bodybuilder moans as I punish him in the submission hold.

I keep him up there, but he won't give. I'd be impressed if he wasn't my opponent. I bounce him again, but as I do, he kicks his legs. The combination of the two unbalances him and he falls off my shoulders without getting the submission I expected. I turn to press my advantage. As he lies on his back, the villain kicks out, ready for me, but I grab his boot.

I twist fast, wrenching his knee. The big bodybuilder grimaces as he's flipped onto his stomach. He reaches for his knee, but I leap up, driving my ass onto his back. SPLAT! I power him into a camel clutch. I lock his thick arms over my thighs. He groans as his aching back. I reach over his shoulders and pull up on his chin. The Owl's cries fill the arena.

I stare at his sweaty back and big shoulders. I ease up on the hold, knowing he's trapped. I can't resist rubbing his shoulders then sliding my hands over onto his heaving pecs. I knead them then squeeze with a pec claw. The huge muscles feel good in my hands. He still won't give. I slide my hands up for a sleeper, but he gets a sudden burst of energy and powers his big arms forward.

The Owl lies under me, writhing. I rise and he flips over between my legs. The villain tries to rise with a low blow, but I'm ready. As he rises, I block his fist then catch his head with my knee. CRACK! I step back and grab his ankles while he shakes out his head. With both legs under control, I step between his legs, fold his ankles together and turn him over into a sharpshooter. The move only takes a second to apply. When I sit down, I hear him moaning under me.

The Owl tries to counter, planting his hands and trying to power out, but I've worked his back too well. Yes, his shoulders and arms are powerful, but they're not enough to move me. I fold him more and more until I hear his moaning turn to whimpering. With no other choice, the villain slaps the mat, admitting defeat.


I release him immediately then turn and watch as he crawls towards his corner. He looks great and his ass is bigger and more round than ever. My cock stirs at the sight as I remember fucking him while we dated. The guy is actually even hotter now. Damn, I really want that ass.

Between Rounds

My lust turns to concern as I see The Owl straining to rise. I look over at Ryan behind the camera. With a simple head nod in The Owl's direction, he gets my meaning. So does the villain. He saw my signal and doesn't look pleased as Ryan circles around to check on him. The sound I heard wasn't normal, so I just want to make sure Jax is okay.

As I stretch out, the two of them talk. The black muscleman glares at me with a suspicious scowl. When they're done, Ryan shrugs and gives me a thumbs up. The Owl moves from his corner towards me. I let him. We're still three minutes from the next round, so I don't think he'll try anything.

The heel leans against me, our bodies pressed together. He whispers against my cowl, "Why're you tryin' to get me to quit?"

I put my lips against his ear, "I'm not. It's been awhile since you were in the ring. Just want to make sure everything is cool."

The Owl reaches behind me and grabs my ass. He pulls me in tighter, "I said don't do me any favors. The only thing you need to worry about is this ass. You never let me have it, so today, I'm taking it."

I laugh in his ear, "We'll see. You've never beat me and I'm up 1-0. You're bigger, but are you better?"

The muscleman backs off, "You're 'bout to find out." He stares me down as he returns to his corner.

Round 2

The rest of the time flies by quickly. We move to the middle of the ring then circle. It's a quick lockup, both of us intense and ready to go. I try to shift him into a headlock, but he blocks and counters by dragging me into one of his own. I moan as his arm crushes my head into his side. Damn, he's so strong and solid.

I grab around his trim waist, quickly lifting for a side suplex, but he anticipates my move. The Owl kicks and pulls, forcing me to drop him back to his feet. He pulls hard on the headlock, flipping us to the mat with him on top of my pecs, my head still trapped in the killer vice. His extra muscle is really paying off now as he crushes my head and chest.

The Owl continues to crank hard, turning a simple headlock into a legitimate submission move. I put my forearm on the side of his face and push, whipping my right leg up. I replace my forearm with my leg and pull. I slip free of the headlock and power the muscleman into a head scissors. I shake out my head as I squeeze.

I stretch out, but The Owl manages to open my legs and slip out. Before I can move, he dives back at me for another headlock. This time, he punches my head, stunning me and keeping me from focusing on escape. WHACK. The villain rolls us over then drags me to my feet. He leads me around the ring by the crushing vice, keeping me off-balance.

I pound the villain in the back. WHOMP! The headlock loosens, but he flips me back to the mat with another hip toss before I can slip free. The Owl releases the headlock and spins around on my chest. Suddenly, his bulge is pressed on my face and I'm roughly rolled over into a head scissors. His thick thighs expand, crushing my head as my face is buried in his bulge.

The Owl mocks me by telling me that my scissors hold was weak then squeezing harder. I can only moan as his thick thighs collapse around my cowl. I fire my fists into his legs, but they're as hard as granite. As my hands rest on his legs, I focus. I slide one knee under me, getting ready to lift, but the villain anticipates my move. He releases the scissors and rolls to the side.

I don't move right away, recovering from the powerful scissors. The Owl, of course, isn't waiting for me. He grabs my cowl and drags me to one knee as he gets to his feet. I swing my fist into his abs, but it bounces off and he ignores it. The villain clubs me across the back of my head then throws me to the mat by my cowl. I roll onto my back, barely able to see.

I adjust my mask just in time to see the heel's boot coming down into my stomach. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! With his powerful leg and big boot tearing into me, I flex my abs, but I still feel every shot. The Owl pauses to leap up, coming down with a surprise elbow to my pecs. THUD! I grunt as he grabs my cowl again, quickly dragging me up with him.

With me bent over, The Owl reaches between my legs and over my shoulder. He lifts then drops me on his outstretched leg in a gutbuster. OOF! The villain pushes me off. I roll onto my back only to see him in the air. Before I can lift my knees to counter, the big bodybuilder splashes down on top of me. SPLAT! I cough, the air driven from my body by the impact.

The fast-paced attack has been relentless. I realize I need to step up my game, but The Owl won't let me. He slides around, planting his beautiful ass on my face. I can't enjoy the position, though, because he immediately lays into me with a series of ab punches. POW! POW! POW! I feel my muscle wall breaking down as he holds nothing back.

I try to throw the bodybuilder off, but he's too heavy and the fists are non-stop. POW! POW! POW! On the last punch, The Owl digs his knuckles into my abs then switches to a rough claw. His fingers sink deep into my battered stomach and I can only moan into his ass. I kick the mat as he twists his fingers in. Fuck! I slam my feet down, planting them then bridge with all my strength. He topples off and I roll to the side.

As I get to hands and knees, a big black boot flies into my side. I topple over, grimacing in pain. The Owl dives at me, clubbing me in the head. I see stars, once again unable to gather myself before he's on me. The villain drags me up to my feet then lifts his knee into my abs. WHOMP! OOF! I double over, allowing him to step over my leg and slap on a tight abs stretch. ARGH!

The Owl says, "Give, Bat!" I refuse, straining to flip him over. He lifts his hand, signaling a claw. The heel laughs, "Nah, this ain't gonna be one of your famous comebacks. Your - WHOA!" Before he can finish, I thrust back, knocking him off-balance then throw myself forward, flipping him over with a hip toss. He lands hard on his ass. PLOP! I stumble back into the ropes.

I see the villain spinning to rise, so I move in fast. He surprises me with a spear from his knees that sends me back. I know I need to get the advantage, so I feign being completely winded (it's not much of a stretch). He leaps up and moves in. I launch out with a surprise clothesline. The Owl just manages to duck and I sail past.

As soon as I spin, I charge, watching for a boot or knee aimed at my tender abs. While I'm doing that, I leave myself wide open for The Owl to grab my wrist and forearm. The big bodybuilder falls back, pulling me down with him. I fight to get free, but before I know it, he wraps his legs around my neck and arm. He cinches in the hold and I'm suddenly in a triangle choke.

The Owl squeezes and I feel the force of the submission hold. It's either tap or go out, unless I can work a miracle. The villain keeps me locked up as I flail my free arm, trying to punch him, but he's too solid. He squeezes and stretches tighter, leaving me no choice but to quickly tap. The heel eases up then releases me, throwing me off him with contempt.

I lie on my back, re-grouping as he moves over me. That was a new move. I was so focused on the ab abuse, I didn't even see it coming. The Owl flexes his magnificent muscles and I have to admire them, even though I just got my ass kicked this fall. He looks down, "Told you. No comeback for you, Bat." He gives me a kick then moves to his corner.

Round 3

I recover pretty well during the break, but I definitely need to be careful. The Owl has been training, even if he hasn't been in The Cave. We circle the ring. He looks more comfortable and confident. Any worries about his back are gone. I need to go all out.

We lock up quickly in a standard collar and elbow. We shift and push. I counter his weight and strength advantage, but I can't get the upper hand. Suddenly, he does a triple shift and I counter the wrong way. I get pulled into a side headlock, my temples crushed between side and bicep. ARGH! The hold is tight and he cranks it hard.

Some things change, but not everything. I can't power out, so I tickle my fingers lightly on the back of the bodybuilder's knee. He shifts and stumbles, distracted by the erotic attack. It's enough for me to grab behind his knee and around his waist. I lift and before he can do anything, The Owl is sailing over and I slam him hard on his back in a side suplex. WHAM!

I roll onto my knees beside the ripped muscleman then pound my fist into his abs. THUD! THUD! THUD! I drag him up by his arm. The Owl suddenly reverses the grip and grabs my wrist. He whips me into the corner hard. CLANG! As soon as I hit, he's following in with a huge knee to my abs. WHOMP! OOF!

The Owl whips me across again, sending me back first into the opposite corner. CLANG! He follows in again, but I turn and throw my elbow out. He runs into it face first. CRACK! As the bodybuilder stumbles back, I grab his wrist and turn him against the turnbuckles. I give him a series of hard pec chops, my hand and forearm slamming into the .meaty chest. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! I whip him across again. CLANG!

I follow in fast with a spear, but the big man actually manages to leap up using the top turnbuckles and his amazing legs and glutes. I sail under him, right through until my shoulder connects with the metal post. CLANG! FUCK! Wow, he's faster, too. The Owl drops behind me then reaches over the top rope and grabs my cowl.

The Owl pulls me up to standing with my feet in the ring and my torso outside of it. He locks on a sleeper. I feel his bulge grind against my ass as I squirm and struggle to keep him from applying it fully. I use my hands and body to protect myself, but it's hard. As a cop and a trained fighter, he knows how to choke someone out and it takes all my experience just to defend myself.

I feel lightheaded, but I'm still conscious. A frustrated Owl releases the hold and I fall forward over the middle rope. The Owl uses the back of my trunks to keep me from falling out of the ring, stretching them up and back. He laughs, "Damn, I'm gonna get some Bat ass today." The villain pulls me into the ring then slams my face into the top turnbuckle. CRACK!

I'm stunned as he wedges the back of my trunks under my ass cheeks. The Owl spanks my bare ass hard. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I can only imagine how red it is as he humiliates me. The heel pauses to fondle my cheeks as he reaches around to shove his thumb into my mouth. I suck on it as he toys with my ass. Now this isn't so bad.

The Owl pulls his thumb out of my mouth. He grabs the back of my cowl and forces my head up. He taunts, "Consider this foreplay, Bat." Suddenly, I feel him drive his thumb into my ass. hard and fast. I moan as he plunges it deep inside me. Impaled on his thumb, he fucks me. I moan and ride his finger. He laughs at how maybe I like being a bottom.

While he has learned new things, so have I. Yeah, I was only a top with Jax, but no this is no big deal. Jae and I have a versatile relationship. I actually enjoy the moment, but it also gives me a chance to throw my elbow back. I connect with the villain's temple. CRACK! The bodybuilder staggers backwards, stumbling to the middle of the ring.

I pull the back of my trunks up then move in, locking on a front facelock. I waste no time before I grab his trunks and suplex him over onto his back. WHAM! I drag him up then scoop him up across my chest. It's a lot of beef, but I manage to keep him up then turn and bodyslam him down. WHAM! The Owl rolls over and I drive my boot into his back. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

As the muscleman writhes on the mat, I leap up, coming down with a knee into the small of his back. THUD! I grab his wrist and ankle, pull him onto his side with my boot planted in his back. I force him into a bow and arrow and hear him moan. Even as thick as he is, I still manage to bend him. My cock gets harder as I hear him moaning and stare at his ass. What a man.

The Owl won't give, but that's okay. I didn't really expect him to. That's a weakening hold, not a submission hold. I roll up then drag him up by his head. As we rise, the villain surprises me by grabbing me around the waist. He lifts me into a bearhug, but immediately drops me onto his leg with an atomic drop. WHACK! My tailbone jams on his muscular thigh and I'm momentarily paralyzed, knees bent and ass out.

The bodybuilder forces me around then grabs me around the waist. He pulls me into a reverse bearhug. I gasp as he crushes my midsection. He squeezes harder and grinds his bulge on my ass. I can feel that The Owl is hard as he savors his control. He avoids my elbows as I flail, wildly throwing them back, just hoping to connect. I moan and groan, helpless in his clutches.

The Owl lifts and the pain increases exponentially. ARGH! This is one of the toughest bearhugs I've ever been in, right up there with Xaq and Ram. I grunt and steel my will, focusing on breathing and trying to break free. As soon as my feet touch the ground, I throw myself forward, but the villain holds firm. I strain to grab one of his legs, but I get nowhere close. He leans away from my elbows again.

I'm sweating and going limp in his arms, but not giving. Suddenly, The Owl lifts again, only this time, he throws me up and back with a huge belly to back suplex. WHAM! I stunned as I writhe on the mat rubbing my midsection. The heel mounts me, putting his shins on my shoulders and bulge on my chin. He slaps the mat. ONE! I throw my body to the left, toppling him off me.

The Owl is on me fast. The big bodybuilder grabs my cowl and drags me into a standing head scissors. I feel his legs tighten around my head. Before he can crush me, I plant my boots. He's not the only one with strong legs and a great ass. I use my own strength and lift, throwing him over me with a back body drop. WHAM!

I move quickly, turning and coming down with an elbow drop to his chest. THUD! I drag the villain up with me. He fires a fist into my abs. THUD! OOF! I step back, but as he gets to his feet, I charge forward, lifting my knee right into his six-pack. WHOMP! OOF! The Owl bends forward. I scoop him up across my chest then drop him with quick bodyslam. WHAM!

The Owl immediately rolls over onto his hands and knees, grabbing his back. I circle in front then grab the villain by the head. I pull him up for another slam, but the bodybuilder moves faster than I expect. He grabs me behind the head and rolls me down into a small package. My shoulders are down and my ass is in the air as he counts.

ONE! I kick my feet, trying to escape.

TWO! Fuck, he's so strong. I thrust my arm up and roll to the side.


As he counts it, I'm already free. The Owl realizes it doesn't count and Ryan confirms with a thumbs down. We both scramble to our feet. The bodybuilder swings his arm out, trying for a clothesline. I duck then grab his arm from behind. I drive us forward, slamming him down onto his stomach then lock his arm between my legs. I grab under his chin, pull up and the crossface is applied.

I pull back hard on his head. The Owl pounds the mat and he moans loudly in the killer hold. The villain curses, but he won't give. I try to keep it on, but my grip is slipping and he won't submit. Instead of letting him break free, I release him by slamming his head into the mat. CRACK! He lies under me unmoving as I focus on how to finish him. I roll the muscleman onto his back then hook a leg. I slap the mat for the count.

ONE! No movement.

TWO! Suddenly, The Owl kicks his leg down and breaks my hook. With a roll, he easily gets a shoulder up and the count is broken.

I rise and drag the villain to his knees. The bodybuilder lashes out with a fist up into my armpit. POW! I feel the shot right through to my shoulder. I grab for my arm as he sweeps my legs out. WHAM! I land hard on the back of my head, stunning me. The Owl smoothly grabs my arm and locks it between his legs as he drapes them over my chest.

The Owl pulls on the armbar hard. I let out a loud moan when the pressure starts. Fuck, it's a rough submission hold, another new thing he's learned like the triangle choke. I hold on, but my arm is going numb from the pain. I try to push on his boots, but that's useless. I struggle to shift, but I can't break the hold. I'm going to have to tap, but suddenly, he lets go. Yes! I held out long enough.

I roll onto my knees and I grab my shoulder. Fuck, it hurts. I try to re-focus, just as I see a boot coming at me. I shift, but The Owl kicks me in the head. CRACK! It's a glancing blow, but I still see stars and everything is blurry. As I shake out my head, the ringing actually helps me ignore the stabbing pain in my arm and shoulder.

The Owl grabs me by the cowl. He forces me up then roughly pulls my head down. The villain forces my head between his huge thighs. When he clamps on the standing head scissors, I go weak in the legs. I'm stunned and now trapped. I grip his big thighs as I feel him grab me around the waist. Oh fuck, this can't be good.

I feel him lift and my boots leave the mat. I kick and fight furiously, my instincts overriding my disorientation. The Owl is forced to lower me. With my ears being crushed between legs, I can't hear much, but I think he's trashtalking. It might be my imagination, but I think I hear the word piledriver. Fuck. I have enough focus to know that if he hits one, I'm done.

The Owl smacks my ass then grabs my trunks. He wedges them up my crack, exposing my smooth butt. A hand comes down on the bare flesh. SMACK! The stinging blow is repeated as I'm humiliated by the dominant villain spanking me. He works me hard and I know my butt must be bright red. When he's had his fun, he grabs me around the waist again. Uh oh, it's time.

This time, however, I lower my bare ass, forcing him to bend over further. I make like I'm trying to back body drop him. The villain lifts again, using all his strength to overpower me. Too bad for him, Im not resisting. In fact, instead of fighting, I use all my leg strength to push up, actually increasing his momentum. My commitment to squats pays off as I surprise him with the added force on top of his own strength.

The bodybuilder can't compensate. My legs and body whip up and we topple backwards. The Owl lands on his ass and we roll onto his back. I end up sitting on his chest, my bulge on his face. I reach back and find his legs, which are standing straight up. I grab behind his knees and lean forward. My 200-lbs of muscle pins him down.

I start to count. ONE! The Owl kicks in the small package, but I lock my fingers in front of my chest.

TWO! Damn, he's overpowering me. Each second is like an hour and all the abuse I've taken is tearing at my body.

I blurt out THREE! I try to hold on for another moment, but he breaks free. I'm thrown to the side, where I lie face down on the mat. I'm gasping for breath as I fight to look at him. Is it over? Did I get the pin?

We both glance to Ryan behind his camera. He points at me, which means I got a legitimate pin. I relax, rolling over onto my back. Fuck, I did it. I see The Owl on his knees. He pounds the mat with both arms, furious at the loss. I can't imagine how he feels. I'm sure he came back to exact revenge on me, but instead, I've won again.


I gather my senses. I'd like to just shake hands and be done, but I don't. Regardless of how I feel, this is being filmed for an audience. Fans who watched The Bat win a hard-fought battle over an arch-nemesis. They've waited three years for the end of this feud we set up. They deserve to see me dish out final justice to a previously undefeated villain.

The Owl is still kneeling. I walk over to him and stand right in front of him. I flex over him, my sweaty body pumped from the intense action. As I look down on him, I order him to flex. He looks confused, but then obeys. He looks gorgeous, kneeling with a double bicep pose. I circle the villain, checking him out. Damn, he's hot.

When I reach the front again, I'm hard in my trunks, focused on fucking this beautiful bodybuilder. I tell him to lower my trunks. He glares at me, but obeys. My porn-sized cock springs free, stretching out and hovering in front of his handsome masked face. I order him to service my Bat-pole. The Owl leans in and goes to work.

In addition to working his body and wrestling skills, the villain has obviously learned some new tricks here, too. He works me hard, gagging on my huge manhood like a pro. I convulse a little as he expertly plays with my balls while devouring my cock. Damn, he was always good, but this is insane. It's familiar, but so much better than I remember.

I throw my head back and moan. I grab his head for support as I lean back then forward. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. I gasp and look down at his mouth sliding up and down and his massive shoulders, pumped and sweaty. Through my ecstasy, I see him working his own sizable shaft inside his black trunks.

I groan with pleasure as I warn him, "Let it go, Owl."

The defeated villain obeys, removing his hand from his shaft. I peel him off my cock, stumbling backwards and gathering myself. I order him to rise then grab his meaty pecs in my hands. I force him to the corner then turn him to face out of the ring. I bend his torso onto the top turnbuckle then guide his feet backwards as I lift up on his hips to get him in position.

With his big beautiful butt thrust up and high, I peel down his trunks, exposing his smooth dark flesh under the see-through leggings. He steps out of his trunks then I pull down his tights halfway down his thighs. I kick his feet apart. I reach under him and jack him. He's already hard and his thick cock feels great in my hand. It's already slick and primed. I tell him to grab it and work it slowly, warning him not to cum.

The Owl rhythmically starts jerking his big cock while I finger his tight hole. He moans and gyrates on my index finger, amplifying his pleasure. I slide out then remind him of his earlier abuse of my ass. He mutters, "No, no, no." I smirk at his pleading, knowing he really loves being spanked. I slap hard, his meaty ass more than able to take it. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

I see that his hand has stopped working, so I make him get back to it. He's fighting hard not to cum, but I'm not going to make it easy on him. I sheathe my cock then position myself right behind him. I seize hold of his hips and work my huge cock inside. The defeated villain groans, but I know he can take it. Once I'm in, I ride him slowly, letting him adjust.

I take my time, making it last. I don't even think about our past, focusing on the present and the gorgeous muscleman who is now impaled on my manhood. Just another defeated villain for The Bat. I look up and down his back as he undulates and tries to ride my cock faster than I'm allowing. I slap the side of his ass as I pound him hard and faster.

The Owl whimpers on the turnbuckle. Sweat coats his back as he struggles not to cum. After his amazing oral, I'm so close, I can't hold out either. I slide out then pull on him. As I peel off my protection, he rolls backwards onto his ass then back, lying at my feet. I explode over him, coating the defeated loser with my ropes of my seed.

The bodybuilder can't hold out. He unleashes his seed on top of mine, exploding high into the air then splashing down onto his smooth dark chest and abs. I drain myself dry, but he keeps going, squeezing out a massive load from his big balls, probably more than twice the size of mine. When we're both drained, I put my boot on his cum-soaked chest and flex for the camera.

Ryan wraps filming and I step back. I move to help The Owl up, but he rolls away. He pulls up his leggings, grabs his trunks then slides under the ring ropes to the floor. I watch as he moves to the back, shoulders slumped and head bowed.

In the Owl's Nest (Well, His Locker Room)

I stand outside Jax's locker room. I'm completely naked, leaving my cowl and boots behind. Maybe I should shower and get dressed, first. No, I need to do this now. And with me like this, it'll be Cody and Jax. Maybe I'll seem more honest and vulnerable. Plus, if he can stare at my body, maybe he'll be less likely to throw me out. I breathe in deeply as I steel myself to do this. I really want to clear the air.

The big bodybuilder is stripped down, heading to the shower. The loser of the match looks surprised to see me. He quickly shifts to an emotionless expression. Even though Jax lost, he's not going to back down. Certainly not to me. He proudly puffs up his naked, sweaty muscles as he grabs his balls and cock, fluffing them before putting his hands on his trim hips.

I nod, "Hey."

The black muscleman looks me up and down. He sneers, "What the fuck do you want? You here to rub it in? You wanna fuck me again? Typical Cody. Yeah, you can - "

I interrupt, shaking my head, "No, no. I just wanted to check on you. Congratulate you on a good match. Make sure you're okay."

"What? Oh, I get it. Fuck off with your gloating."

I sigh, "That isn't it at all. I've got nothing to gloat about. You pushed me hard and my win was probably due to ring rust as much as anything else. If you'd faced me in your second or third match back, it might've been a different story." Jax raises an eyebrow. I tease, "You sure wouldn't have wasted time spanking me instead of piledriving me."

The muscleman rolls his eyes, "Fuck that was dumb."

I try a small smile, "Well, my ass is pretty tempting." Jax snorts at that. I continue, "You were always a great wrestler, but I think you're even better now. It's just being in The Cave isn't like anywhere else. It's so sexually charged that we all lose focus sometimes and it's tough to simulate in practice. Like I said, it's just ring rust. I'm just happy you're okay."

Jax relaxes a little. He finally nods, "Shit, you're not even lyin', are you? Okay, if you wanna fuck again, I'm in. Let's hit the shower."

I smile, "Thanks, but no. It was fun, but I'm in a relationship with a great guy named Jae. I only fuck around with other guys when wrestling and that's with permission."

The black bodybuilder tilts his head, "The kid with the big pecs and killer ass that I saw you with at Poison?" I smirk and nod. Jax says, "Huh. C'mon, I promise I won't tell. He's cute, but he ain't this." My ex turns his big, beautiful ass to me as he grabs it. I don't move or respond. Jax shrugs, "Okay then why are you here if it's not to fuck?"

"Like I said, I came in to say great match and -"

"No. Why're you really here?"

I breathe in then reply, "Okay. I'm really here to say I'm sorry. I hope we can move past the, well, past. I really mean it. I am very sorry that I hurt you. I didn't appreciate you or your feelings like I should have. I wasn't honest and I wasn't fair. I know that now. You're a great guy. I don't want another three years of bitterness. Please."

Jackson stares at me, using his training to assess my words and body language. I wait. He finally says, "Fuck. It's like you really care what someone else thinks and feels." I nod. "Huh. Where was this Cody when we were together? You're actually different. Ryan said so, but I figured he was trippin'. But yeah, I can tell you've changed. What happened to you?"

I shrug, "What hasn't happened? Shit. Time happened. You happened. A huge blowup with Ryan happened. You wouldn't even believe it. Jae happened."

The naked black muscleman nods, "I heard about Ryan. You know I've seen him around, but I didn't even realize it was him. Probably bad for a cop to admit, right? He's like a completely new man. I can't believe he was Bane, but gotta say good for him. You never did treat him right. And I guess it's all worked out for you. Figures that even the worst shit that happens to you turns out right. You always were a lucky bastard."

I let out a laugh, "Ha! It didn't feel lucky when it was happening. Not when we split, not when Ryan beat my ass and not just now while we were battling. I am very lucky to have Jae, but I work at that. Hard. Look, I can't change the past, but I'm trying to learn from it. Is that really luck?" Jax tilts his head, actually thinking about it. I ask, "So was this it or are you back?"

Jax thinks then replies, "Not gonna lie. This was gonna be it, but I'm not so sure now. Was fun, being in the ring again. And there is some awesome talent in The Cave. You guys are on fire right now. So I guess I gotta ask you the same thing. Was this it or am I back? You offering me a roster spot, Big Boss Bat?"

I smile at his old nickname for me. I extend my hand, "Welcome back to The Cave." He nods as he reaches out and accepts my offer. He pulls me into a hug and it feels nice to have this weight off my shoulders. One less enemy in the world can't be a bad thing.

The muscleman suddenly kisses me on the neck. Oh. He puts his lips on mine. It's soft and passionate, just like I remember. I break it off when I feel his cock rise under my balls. "I think this is going a little too far, Jax. I love Jae."

The handsome bodybuilder smiles, "There's the old Cody ego, assuming everyone's in love with him." I have to smirk as he reassures me, "Just two old friends re-connecting. Nothin' more. So, you sure about that shower?"

I pull out from the hug with a smile, "Yeah, I'm sure. You want more, we'll need a re-match. And Jae will probably want to watch. He was mad he couldn't be here. He'll be really mad when he sees how hot the match was."

Jax puts his hand on my cheek, palming my face. We lock eyes. After a moment, he slowly runs his hand down onto my pecs, over my abs, to the base of my cock. His eyes follow his hand, inspecting me thoroughly. He shakes his head and smiles as he fondles my semi-hard cock, "The new and improved Cody. At least this monster hasn't changed. Rematch it is. After I've wrestled a couple of other guys, of course. I'm gonna beat you next time."

I smirk, "I look forward to it. Seeing you against some of our new guys, that is. Not you beating me."

The muscleman cop lets go of my junk, lifts his head and meets my eyes. He puts a hand on my shoulder, "Let's hang out, Cody. Me, you, Ryan. The boyfriend. The guys. I suddenly realize how much I missed this place."

I nod, "That'd be nice." With that, I congratulate him on a great match one last time then head out to my locker room. I was so worried, but even though it was a hard and bitter battle, it's all turned out great in the end. Maybe I am a lucky bastard.

The End


  1. Wow way to open up the year hot long and great back and forth right up there with Bat vs Mr Riddle (I would say bane to but that was kind of a squash this one had great back and forth) I really Like Jax AKA the Owl hope that rematch happens on screen he almost had Cody for a second but somehow the Bat always manages to sneak a comeback win. I love that there Exes to It just made me think of all the people Cody Pre Bane probably pissed off by cheating during his slutty days. Will Jax have any more matches I really like him plus IDK if I read that wrong but I think him and Cody still have some feelings for each other which is understandable but I sense drama Jae won't like that maybe Darkstar will come out to play. Anyways how many Cave matches do you think you'll have this year? more specifically Cody matches even with all the new series coming out he's my favorite any hints on the next match?

    1. Thanks so much for the comment! There certainly seemed to be some sexual tension from Jax, but Cody? We'll see. Jax will return, but he's not a focus for 2017. As of now, 2017 will be a drama-free year on the Cody-Jae relationship front.

      You're right that there's a lot going on this year. My plan is for 14 Cave-branded matches ... 3 Cave, 3 SuperStar, 5 Undercard, 3 Unleashed. The new series will get 9 with 3 BIGBeast and 2 for Camp Grapple, CLAW and Rival Pro Wrestling. That leaves one spot for an Encounters or Superhero if I think of something. If not, it'll be a Cave or BIGBeast.

      As for the plan for Cody's next match? It will likely be dealing with a dangling plot point from 2016.

    2. Well maybe not sexual on Cody's part only concern and worry for and ex then again he wasn't exactly objecting to any touches or fondles until the end which is good shows growth and loyalty on his part.

      Oooohh dangling plot point I think I know which one but care to tell me which story I should reread to pick up to get hints oh so brilliant writer.

      Also as far as that last match goes If your having trouble with Ideas I got one as far as superhero goes, so we've seen superman matches in Jae's fantasy world why not a Batman match he's there, he's hot, if I'm not mistaken he's champ maybe against Deathstroke, or Joker, Riddler, IDK Batman has a crap load of villains but your world your decision just throwing that out there.

      Anyways great job look forward to the next.

    3. Thanks for the suggestions. I don't think I have any more hints at this time. ;)

  2. That 3rd fall was great!!! had no idea which way the story was going to end. Love seeing the Bat win... but love seeing him in peril too. And The Owl is HOT!!! Another great story. looking forward to all 2017 has to bring.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Truth be told, I didn't know how it would go, either. :)

  3. An excellent start to the new year! Lots of off ring tension between them and a hell of a hot match. I thought the bat was in a lot of trouble. He's a great champ but he's great to see in peril too!

    1. Sharlin, appreciate the praise. I view The Bat as one of those classic faces who struggles during the match, but usually wins in the end.

  4. Agreed with Sharlin; nice way to start the new year, Alex. Jackson is very sexy and you can tell he will be a major threat for any wrestler he faces in the future.

    Yeah, Jax is definitely not over Cody now that he realizes how much he's grown and matured, while still looking as hot as ever. Good to hear there won't be any problems between Jae and Cody, at least this year.

    Cody's next match has to deal with a dangling plot thread from 2016? Another tag team match with Jae? Xaq/Bird Boy's disobedience? One of Ryan's three men? Really, I have no idea; I'm just typing what comes to the top of my head.

    1. Thanks! Glad to hear you like Jackson.

  5. Cody to start off the year Perfect! Jackson was one of the guys I was looking forward the most to in the Cave preview and I'm glad he lived up to the self made hype haha! The match was great to it was so back n forth and the end there and the fake out with Owlman getting a 3 count had me slightly dissapointed he didnt get his win over the bat. Im not sure why I want to see lose. Maybe it was to see Jackson get his revenge, Maybe it was because I'm not a huge fan of Batman and his plot armor so I wanted to see Cody lose or maybe it was because the scene with Owlman spanking the Bat was so hot I wanted to see more of that haha.

    Im excited to see who Owlman will fight next. Top two I would like to see him face would be Birdman or Superstar just for interactions alone.

    Thanks for a Great story to start off the year Alex!

    1. Axel, you're welcome. This is one of those stories where it could've gone either way. Jax will have another chance to win in The Cave.

  6. HMM HMM HMM. JAX is on hot hunky stud! He has a juicy body with some meaty pecs indeed. Cody is absolutely on the money. Some respect for Cody for not giving in to temptation HAHA. Let me tell you that there was some serious chemistry between these two, plus JAX is probably the lustiest guy in the whole roster. JAX=SEX LOL. Now I have to say that third round had me like a YO-YO. Didn't know who was going to win. Great writing. I actually wanted JAX to win but after three years out and leaving without the final match, I kinda think it would have been too much for Cody to lose. It was a fun match. But I really look forward to more Owl action. I think he was a great addition to the roster. I like the fact that he is a cop. I wonder how that plays out! That's hot. I also found him so hot when, they have settle their differences, he was like, ...Hey now that we are cool...fuck me again. HAHA That was Awesome. Total Playa. Love it. I wonder whats in store for that lusty muscle cop. LOVE IT!

    1. Thanks for the love. Nice to see Jax making an impression. I wasn't sure who would win for a long time, but the reasons you stated influenced my choice.

  7. Hi Alex. After 3 weeks of almost constant work, I finally completed my fan fiction story involving two members of The Cave universe and just emailed it to you for some Sunday afternoon reading. I hope you enjoy it! It was one of the most challenging tasks I've ever taken on, and I now have an even greater appreciation for all the work you put into your stories!

    As this was my first attempt at writing such a story, I was wondering if you'd be willing to help me polish it up a little. I mentioned the areas I had a little difficulty with in my e-mail message to you. Your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated!