Saturday, February 18, 2017

Review: Duke Russo vs. Dave Markus Rematch (Movimus)

Full disclosure: This video was provided to me by Movimus.

The last time I watched a Duke Russo re-match, it ended up winning my 2016 Favorite Mat Match Cavey Award. It also helped Duke win my 2016 Favorite Wrestler Cavey. Yes, I really liked the second battle between Duke Russo vs. Case CT Thornton, even more than the first one. So when Movimus sent me Duke Russo vs. Dave Markus 2, I was really excited to see how it went.

Duke is back. Dave looks hard. Does this
re-match go any differently than last time?

Duke Russo is a guy who's wowed me since I first saw him as Tommy Gainz (and listed at 5'7"). I don't know why his name changed, but I think Duke suits him much better. He always bring his best, but  what I've really enjoyed is his evolution to cocky muscle hunk. Here, he brings the muscles and the attitude I can't help but love. He looks more trim, but just as tough as ever.


What a man.

For a guy who's not a favorite of mine, I sure have seen a lot of Dave Markus. He's sort of  like the Tom Brady of Movimus. I can respect his accomplishments and agree that he's really, really talented, even if I'm not a huge fan and always want him to lose.

And like Brady, he's good looking in a way I just can't seem to appreciate (Brady looks like Herman Munster to me with that giant blockhead). In this video, Markus looks harder edge than usual, with black trunks, a chest tattoo that says 'WRATH' and bleached green hair. He's still ripped, but it's a departure from his past appearances. I don't know the reason behind the dramatic change, so I won't comment further.

Dave tests Duke this time.

Dave's look has changed, but he's still ripped as fuck.

This is about as close as you can get. The two guys are listed as the same height (5'9") and only four pounds apart, so there's no size advantage. Both guys are experienced. They're among the most skilled and resilient wrestlers in Movimus history. They're so tough to submit that you expect a low-scoring affair and you get it. There are only 3 submissions during the 19-minute match and each one is hard-earned and well-deserved. The two studs struggle and strain the entire time, fighting for domination.

Duke plots.

Dave's not going down easy this time.

And now we know what Duke's 'O' face looks like.

I love that this match is all about skill and determination. Who wants it more? Duke's body only gets better during the match as he gets sweatier and more pumped. He controls much of the action, as you'd expect, but Markus is a rope-a-dope wrestler. Against big Dario, he bided his time, took the big guy's worst then reversed things fast. Here, Markus gets Duke in some really tough spots, too.

Duke trapped tight.

Bro hug.

In the end, this is another great Duke Russo match. It's competitive and rough, showcasing the best of the Movimus mega-hunk. It's always awesome to see him really have to battle. I'm really hoping for Duke vs. Dario one day soon, so fingers crossed.

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