Monday, February 6, 2017

Review: Marco vs. Blayne (Thunders Arena)

Full disclosure: This video was provided to me by Thunders Arena.

Deep Impact-Armageddon. The Prestige-The Illusionist. Antz-A Bug's Life.

Sometimes people end up making movies about the same topic at the same time. Well, this video was a little bit of deja vu, too. It shares a lot of similarities with one of the videos I reviewed in January, but I'm not complaining. Marco vs. Blayne works really well for me on its own merits. The guys are gorgeous, the action is focused and the story is simple.

Marco lifts Blayne by the balls and jacket

Blayne, we meet again. This is my second video starring one of Thunders Arena's newest and most prolific jobbers. I still haven't watched Vinny v Blayne, which I bought months ago, but Thunders sent me this one, along with Tank v Blayne, so I decided to give it a try.

Of course, Blayne is amazingly hot. Even in a too-large black jacket, he's still looking fantastic. In the comments for Scrappy vs. Blayne (posted here), I said that the level of Blayne's ability to connect with me would make itself apparent. I was, of course, right. It takes time to figure out who you like and who you don't. This one puts a notch on the positive side of Blayne's ledger.

After being completely overshadowed by Scrappy, the hapless hunk does a good job selling in this brutal bashing. He's helped by Marco's low key demeanor, but give the guy credit. Blayne convincingly plays surprised, confused and generally expressive throughout. You can feel his pain, so maybe he just needed some rough CBT to get his selling motor running. I really enjoyed how the handsome jobber let out his weak cries (e.g., "Why, Marco?") as he's being destroyed.

Still like that jacket, Blayne?

Marco's all over the unsuspecting jobber's balls

Sporting blue speedos with the string out, Marco looks great. He's always so ripped. The stud must have tremendous determination, because it's impressive. And I think this is a good outing for Marco. His personality and style suits this video. He's on top, so he's not forced to play along. And he seems methodical and focused, rather than plodding or disinterested. Marco knows what to do with Blayne to keep the action moving.

Grinding elbow to the pouch

Marco doesn't need ropes for a tree of woe

There's a story here. Blayne shows up wearing a jacket given to him by a woman he was with the night before. Of course Marco recognizes the description and the jacket - it's his girlfriend and his jacket. This leads to a brutal revenge beatdown by Marco on the hapless jobber, focused on low blows and power moves that enable non-stop crotch attacks.

It's not necessarily a new story. You might recall that this is the exact same plot as UCW's Billy Gunn vs. Kenny Star (reviewed here), right down to the clueless victim wearing a black jacket and red trunks while he is brutalized and his manhood is relentlessly attacked. The only difference is that while Billy and Kenny shared a boyfriend, it's a "woman" causing the drama between the studs in this video.

Crushing wedgie

Upside down reverse bearhug + ball claw

Hangman + trunk pull

After 90-seconds of set-up, you get a focused assault on Blayne for about 20 minutes. Halfway through the video, Blayne is done, swearing he can take no more. Instead of credits, we get another 10 minutes more punishment. Yay!

In terms of the action, it's a lot of classic moves combined with ball punishment. The constant abuse features punches and knee lifts. Moves include bearhugs, a rack, over-the-knee backbreaker, hangman, bow and arrow, claw, cradle and a tree of woe variant using a chair. Marco's foot, knee, shin and hand all work his victim's wandering manhood. It's also stretched, pulled and squeezed by his own gear thanks to wedgies and trunk pulls.

Upping the ante - Marco axes those tight abs

Yeah, Marco knows the perfect position for a little fun

"Why, Marco?"

In the end, this is a specialty taste, but one that I think will have a lot of fans. Marco fans will love his dominating heel turn and squash job fans will get their fill here, too. If you look at list of moves I highlighted, you'll see that my images only scratch the surface of the holds and moves in this humiliating revenge match.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. First, great review and pics/gifs, Alex. Second, Blayne is easily one of Thunders best looking wrestlers in a long time. I've liked him since I first saw him. Now, he's in a match with plenty of ballbusting and some wedgies. Delicious. Finally, I am definitely buying this match in the near future. One of the good things about Thunders, besides being able to download individual matches (looking at you BGEast), is you can always count on them to have a sale in the near future.

    1. Thanks, Mike! Yeah, I'm sure you'll be able to pick it up for a good price sometime soon.