Friday, March 17, 2017

Did the WWE Steal My Idea?

Back in December, Javier explained the premise of Rival Pro Wrestling to Buck (here) ...

"With me under his control, Javier starts explaining his idea, which is a "found footage" deal featuring guys in classic pro gear doing 80's pro action ..."

Today, promoted "Southpaw Regional Wrestling", a "found footage" deal featuring guys in classic pro gear mimicking 80's pro style. Do they read my blog or is it just coincidence? Dun, dun, dun ...

All kidding aside, I'm actually excited to see this. I hope they have actual wrestling as a part of this deal. It seems like they'd have to, right? Check out the pics below ... they've done a nice job with some of the characters, from John Cena as an announcer to Rusev as a Hillbilly Jim type. The 7-minute video and 1:30 promo are on now.

As I've been trying to write the first story, I worried it was too high-concept for me to solve, but looking at this, it gives me hope that I can make it work.



  1. OH NO THE DIDNT! (WITH ATTITUDE) Hope you begin to receive some royalties soon. Whats up with that? Is the WWE now spying on the Alex Miller Universe. Hell. They should hire you as their storyteller! Like Ive said, even the smaller guys should be giving you a holler. HA!I cant wait for RIVAL. See what good ol' NIGHT has been up to. Its probably much better than what WWE would offer. Personally, I'm over fed with John Cena. He is awesome but sometimes too much of a good thing is not good. But kudos. Like Ive always said to you, I suspect many read this blog.

    1. Thanks! I won't hold my breath to receive anything. I'll just enjoy the interesting coincidence. :)