Saturday, March 4, 2017

Review: Kid Karisma vs. Ethan Axel Andrews (BGEast)

BGEast is creating some exciting new matchups with these bad boy battles. I loved Josh Goodman vs. Cole Cassidy (reviewed here). And the minute I saw Kid Karisma vs. Ethan Axel Andrews in Heel Bash 2, I knew I'd be OTA'ing it. These are two seasoned studs with strong heel credentials, full of cocky attitude and the talent to back it up.

Like Josh vs. Cole, this match delivered against my high expectations. It wasn't quite that great, but I really enjoyed this back-and-forth match. I'm avoiding spoilers by telling you upfront that none of these images come from the final 10 minutes of this 34-minute video.

One of the best bulges in the business
takes on BGE's award-winning butt.

Kid Karisma has been a spectacular heel for a long time now. I can't even remember his last jobber performance. And while he might be tested by guys like Carter Alexander, there's no one that's really given him a run for awhile.

I love how Kid's one of those guys that always shows up in shape. He amazing as always, stunning in shiny silver. Fans of his award-winning body and ass will be very happy to see him put through his paces. He flexes a lot, but also see him stretched out and manhandled.

Kid's showing off beautifully.

Axel's earned his place as a top heel.

Ethan Axel Andrews goes between heel and face, but he's usually cocky, tough and capable. Here, he shows contempt for Kid Karisma from the beginning. Ethan looks good - lean and ripped, but it's his bulge that will really draw your eye. Emphasized by the stark overhead lighting, the tight yellow trunks look like they're molded around his large manhood.

Axel's yellow squarecuts leave
nothing to the imagination.

Axel looks awesome as he's put on display
when Kid Karisma has control.

If you let your imagination run wild (as I often do), you will realize that these two pair up perfectly. Ethan has one of the best bulges, while Kid has an award-winning ass. It's a perfect fit. Nothing like that happens here, but it's fun to imagine, especially when Ethan is on top.

There's about 31 minutes of action here, once you get past almost three minutes of intro and posturing. There are a lot of great holds, especially from Axel who shows creativity and cleverness in taking down the arrogant Kid, who relies more on his power advantage and big pro moves.

That's a nasty way to apply a bow and arrow.

Kid can't resist grabbing a handful for himself.

Axel surprises Kid by being damn good.

The final image I posted here is from a minute-long segment that is actually my favorite from 2017 to date. Ethan locks on a killer leg lock that has Kid desperately bridging, punching (ineffectually) and writhing. The absolute best part is how Kid sells the hold, suffering like he was born to job. I don't remember hearing such high-pitched whining from the chiseled stud before and I loved it.

It's a big battle between two bullies.

This extended leg hold series is literally
my favorite moment of 2017 (so far).

In the end, this is a highly satisfying battle between two of the most talented studs in the business. They both perform really well and there's back-and-forth to allow both room to showcase what's made them superstars. Just a huge winner in my books.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. Kid Karisma is a HELL of a stud and when he takes a pounding he takes it damn well, I'm gonna have to get my mittens on this now...

    1. Very cool. Kid definitely knows how to sell, so it was good to see him receiving punishment in this match in addition to dishing it out.

  2. Looks like a fantastic one I have to add it to my "buy in the future" list. It does make me wish Kid would job a little more often. Not all of the time, but every once in a while, it would be nice to open a new catalog and see Kid K getting dominated from start to finish.

    1. Interesting idea. It's cool to see Kid get pushed, but this is still back and forth with only periods of Kid getting dominated. I think this Heel Bash series is a great platform to do something like you suggest.

  3. Replies
    1. Well, I guess enough time has passed ... SPOILER Kid wins END SPOILER.