Monday, April 24, 2017

Review: Carter Alexander vs. Kirk Donahue (BGEast)

There's a Seinfeld episode where Jerry dates someone that he sees as attractive, but everyone else in the show sees as a loser. I don't claim that this is exactly what's happening with Carter Alexander, but it sure seems like he's under-appreciated.

Bloggers love him, but producers and fans don't seem as enamored. No year-end nominations from the muckety-mucks at BGEast. My review of his match vs. Kid Karisma was my lowest viewed BGEast review of 2016 for a long time (that honor now belongs to the more deserving Trent Blayze vs. Mike Pitt, which was all kinds of disappointing). And as far as I know, he only has one other match at one other company (he's Wrestler4Hire's Jake Steele). Geez, what gives?

Maybe it's just me, but I'm a huge fan after just three matches. Now, those were against superstars Jake Jenkins, Kid Karisma and Brad Barnes (at W4H). Did they elevate his performance? I could see that happening. Regardless, this was the first match I decided to watch from the new Backyard Brawl compilation, choosing it over Kid Karisma vs. Chace LaChance and Jonny Firestorm vs. Christian Taylor. So you know I'm on the case.

Yes, please. This is THE best Backyard Brawl.

Carter Alexander is back in his tight and tiny purple speedo. I love his physique - broad shoulders, sculpted pecs, ripped abs, and just an overall perfect 'V'. He's handsome, but not unattainable. Carter has a hot blue collar vibe - a thick regional accent, tough guy bravado, and a fun-loving swagger. It's not meathead charm, like Vinny at Thunders, but more like, 'let's fight, fuck then grab a beer at the local bar.'

I'm crushing hard on Carter.

Yeah, like Kirk could make a dent in those abs.

Kirk Donahue is kind of similar, in that I think BGEast loves the guy, but bloggers and fans were slow to jump on board. He was also an unpopular review subject for me last year when I covered his match against Zach Reno (a dismal 53 index vs. the BGE average). However, he won (and deserved) Best Bulge in BGEast's awards, so some fans obviously appreciate him.

After an unassuming start, Kirk has come on big lately thanks to his killer bulge and ass. It's one of those things that once you notice them, you can't unsee them. And why would you want to? Sexy nerds are a thing and to me, that's his aesthetic. Dress this guy up and he's the wingman, sidekick, unassuming boy next door. But strip him down and it turns out that he's a dangerous man in some shiny squarecuts. Keep up!


Kirk's not just a jobber any more.

There are lots of gratuitous shots of Kirk's shiny assets. Carter flexes a lot. As physically appealing as both guys are, it's the action that really delivers here. Carter is confident and cocky. Kirk is fearless and aggressive. They've got a fun dynamic going on right from the start. They start with a test of strength then go at it hard for a just-right 25 minutes of wrestling.

Kirk climbs aboard the Carter bandwagon.

Beauty, brawn AND brains: Carter dominates the test of
strength then he outsmarts the ass-tacular Kirk.

I admit it. Kirk easily wins the battle of the butts.

Without needing to time it, Carter is more dominant, but Kirk holds his own. Carter evens admits Kirk is better than he thought he'd be, but it only makes the heel focus more. There are a lot of great moves, especially from Carter. Love the extended bouncy backcracker (only a small portion below), which is a seldom used move, but it's a good one. The sound is on point with trash talk and dramatic selling. The whole thing was just a blast for me to watch.

Love this creative backcracker - it displays Kirk
beautifully and looks devastatingly painful.

Big Carter takes control of Kirk.

This match was a great showing for Carter and Kirk.

In the end, I loved this match. Carter's natural swagger operates at a new level as he takes on babyface (not jobber) Kirk. If anything, I like the big lug even more than before. The chemistry is awesome, the tension is strong, and the action is crisp and creative. We get to see Carter and Kirk on top and bottom, with which they both do a great job.

What are other bloggers saying?

So that's my take. What's yours? What do you think of Carter? Is Kirk a shoe-in to repeat as Best Bulge in the Besties?



  1. Have you heard of muscle domination Carter Alexander has 3 matches over there. Chase Lachance, Biff Farrell, Mark Muscle and a few others guys have appeared there too.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I know of Muscle Domination Wrestling, but I don't really follow them very closely. I did review the Biff/Charlie match earlier this year.

      I'll check out what Carter's up to over there.