Thursday, May 25, 2017

Review: Alex Oliver vs. Chet Chastain vs. Austin Cooper (W4H)

As you can probably tell from my stories and reviews, I have broad tastes in wrestlers, gear and wrestling action. I don't have one favorite type in any category. Instead, I've learned the importance of matching the video to my mood. In this case, I planned it perfectly, so I enjoyed Alex Oliver vs. Austin Cooper vs. Chet Chastain from Wrestler4Hire.

A crazy three-way play session

Alex, Austin and Chet have a lot of great videos under their waistbands. All three are sexy and talented. Alex is the most ripped, with Austin and Chet looking beefier. They're all barefoot in tight and tiny speedos, perfect for a basement mat match. They have a casual chemistry and I'm impressed that Alex holds his own with the two bigger personalities.

Three sexy boys fooling around

All three are put on display throughout
this 28-minute video

Alex shows he can hang with the other boys

This is a quirky and goofy three-way battle. If this video has a point, it's that wrestling can be fun. There are no rules, no one is keeping score, and there are no lasting alliances. For example, there's a submission then another, but that guy jumps right back in. Over the length of the video, each guy takes his turn on top, bottom and in-between. It's a battle of cocky equals. Now, there is a clear winner, thanks to a double knockout that leaves one stud strutting for the camera while the other two are left in a sleepy 69.

Things start out with cocky chatter about who's hottest with the best abs. It's clearly Alex's abs, but his pair of puffier opponents are nothing if not confident. Once the wrestling starts, things get wild fast with chaotic craziness. The guys really go with it, having a good time and playing along with the premise. At least they seem to be enjoying themselves, based on the smiles, the "trash talk" banter and the over-the-top action. And they never unsell the action.

Once again, Chet's the meat in this sexy sandwich

Open you eyes, Austin, you've
got the best view!

Chet gets passed around

Yeah, you're the man, cute-stuff

Sure, the fun starts with the personalities, but it's the action that makes this video work. Importantly, the wrestling isn't treated like a joke. That's the thing that can kill a video that tries a lighter tone. Here, the long-held, body-displaying holds are well-executed, keeping me engaged. In my images, you see a few of the submission holds used and most of them are amplified and made better with the addition of the third wrestler.

Chet chills while Alex takes the lead

Austin borrows a page from Aryx

Submission or no, don't turn your back on Chet

Alex checks Chet out

In the end, there's a right way to do a video like this and wrong way. I think that's true for the producers, the wrestlers and the viewers. This was the right way for all three. The talent is outstanding, so I'm glad I didn't waste this when I was in the mood for something more intense or hard-hitting. The wrestlers' willingness to embrace the premise is key and the sexy holds make this very watchable and re-watchable. It feels like the kind of rec room battle that I, for one, wish I'd had with my friends.

So that's my take. What's yours? Can wrestling be fun and casual? Or do you need some brutality to enjoy the battle?



  1. I think you are one of the first people to mention "importance of matching the
    video to my mood" ... but I agree and I bet Joe at skull island would as well...

    I used to change videos that were not 'working' for me but now I plan my 'platlist' a bit better ... have a good weekend, RayAtL

    1. Thanks, you have a good weekend, too. I definitely recommend guys consider their mood before dismissing a video. Yes, some are not good, but I think that sometimes it's more about the viewer than the match.