Monday, May 29, 2017

Review: Guido Genatto vs. KARN (Wrestler4Hire)

I probably don't even need to do a review of this. You could just look at the pictures, because it's pretty much exactly what you'd expect. Wrestler4Hire has correctly labeled this as Alpha Males and that's the story. If you want to see these two mega stud pro wrestling heels battle it out to prove who's top dog, you will like this.

Two big pros battle it out for alpha male status.

Guido is simply stunning in his tiny trunks. The beefy, hairy hunk is such a daddy fantasy that it's crazy. He's strutting and showing off for us, as usual. However, while it's usually his front that gets all the attention, here he shows a little butt, too. Yeah, it's flat, but it's surprisingly shapely as his briefs ride up. So that was new.

KARN is long and lean and just a wonderful physical contrast to the stocky bald bear. He's also a good personality contrast - just as alpha, but with a more quiet confidence vs. the hairy hunk's brash arrogance. Where he's the same as Guido is that he's a skilled pro wrestler. He's not as unstoppable, but I've seen him win a lot more than lose.

Guido's all man.

So much muscle.

Guido flaunts what he's got in tiny trunks.

So the table is set pretty clearly. It's a battle for supremacy where both guys deserve to be on top. We see early that this is heel-KARN, making him a worthy opponent. The last time I think I saw Guido pushed at all was against Flash LaCash. That was hot and so is this. For all of his muscles and bravado, Guido suffering is a joy to see precisely because it's rare.

KARN is a huge alpha male.

Guido's a tease as he tortures.

Guido presents for his fans.

Action-wise, everything is pretty smooth. It's not super-intense, so there aren't a ton of power moves. I would've loved bigger moves with these two, but the holds are sexy and strong. Both guys open up and show their bodies off. I appreciate the fact that the camera is always in a good place, probably in part because these two pros know how to find it.

The camera knows where to be.

Does KARN bend Daddy to his will?

Or does Guido hang KARN out to dry?

In the end, you know if you will like this. It was exactly what I expected in a good way. These are two super-hunks that always deliver and pairing them up was a really good idea. One alpha male wins, but ultimately the viewer is the winner.

So that's my take. What's yours?



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