Saturday, May 13, 2017

Review: Nick Sparx vs. Josh Rotner (W4H)

Of all the Wrestler4Hire videos I could review, I decided on this one. Why? Well, the others feature stars like Guido Genatto, KARN, Austin Cooper, Chet Chastain and Alex Oliver. I feel like those ones can wait, but this one? It might need some love and attention now. Nick Sparx vs. Josh Rotner features two new subjects that are likely less well known and might possibly get overlooked.

Nick Sparx manhandled by Josh Rotner.

Nick Sparx is a sexy dude. I've now watched three of his matches (Josh, Marco, CJ) and been impressed with his look and attitude. The handsome hunk has a smooth, lean muscled body. Here, it looks great in tight and tiny blue trunks and I love the addition of white pro boots and knee pads. While he seems cocky, I feel like he's also kind of a regular joe. Like he'd be fun to have a beer with. Why? Who knows. Wishful thinking?

Regular guy Nick looks great.

Pained helplessness kind of works for Nick.

Josh Rotner is new to me. He's obviously a pro wrestler. He is tall and lanky, a fact that he says makes people underestimate him. I think he has a nice heel look, especially with a prettyboy opponent like Nick. It's a fun contrast and he seems to enjoy bringing the delicious dude down.

Josh knows how sell, even if
he doesn't have to do much.

Nick and Josh engage in some brief trash talk, but this video is pretty much action-packed. The lanky pro wrestler does most of the heavy lifting, manhandling the inexperienced hunk with ease for most of the video. This works for me as I enjoyed seeing the handsome Nick get overwhelmed and taught a lesson by the nasty heel. There's some nice chemistry between the two studs. Josh knows how to trashtalk and Nick performs well, too.


Josh listens for the sounds of the ocean.

Josh sure does enjoy his work.

In terms of action, this is mostly mat work with a lot of body-displaying holds on Nick. For example, when Nick gets held against the wall, the dude in distress scenario is just really hot. Josh has the right idea - when you own a new hot dude, you want to take him for a spin and show him off to your friends and neighbors.

The less experienced stud's suffering is excellent as he really buys into the premise of the video. It's great to see a rookie go all-in on his own beatdown. I'm sure he learned a ton, so I look forward to seeing Nick apply Josh's lessons on some hapless jobber of his own.

Poor Nick. So helpless and still so hot.

Suffering sexy dudes always
have a place in my heart.

Muscles and determination are no match
for pro wrestling experience.

In the end, I like this pro vs. joe beatdown. Nick takes the abuse like a stud, looking great through it all. And Josh delights in destroying the dude, showing him the value of experience. I like the pro gear and the extended submission holds are just right.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. It's weird to me. I enjoyed this match, as both guys are incredibly good looking, and as you say, Nick's selling of the moves and pain is top notch. But with the influx of new talent, I feel like if applicable, there first match should be against someone already entrenched in the underground scene, who can guide them more easily through the ebbs and flow of a match. Pro wrestling ability helps, but like you've mentioned elsewhere, especially with no audience, I feel like there is a transitional period that is not always evident initially. Obviously, with the way videos are rolled out, this might not be there first match.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I think that's a great point. Nick has been in at least a couple of other ones I've seen, but as you noted, I don't know the order of filming. I liked him against Marco who is very experienced, but the action was sub-par in his match against CJ Reznik. That match was an example of two rookies needing more experience.