Sunday, May 7, 2017

Review: Tristan Baldwin vs. Ty Alexander (W4H)

Tristan: "Usually I leave 'em sweating, crying and cumming. You're doing neither for me right now, which tells me it's gonna have to get a little fucking rougher."

Let's celebrate the heel-jobber today with two of the best ... Tristan Baldwin and Ty Alexander. As we look at their match from Wrestler4Hire, in theory it's great when two of my favorite wrestlers get it on. However, this is a "My Nuts, Bro" video, which doesn't really excite me. And yet, the matchup is a particularly interesting combination and was simply too much to pass up streaming. These aren't two guys who I think of together, so it just intrigued me to see where it'd go.

Tristan: "You wanna play that game?
I'll make a man outta you."

Tristan and Ty are popular subjects on my blog and it's easy to see why. They both have big personalities and know their way around a ring or a mat. Both guys have a ton of attitude in this match - confident and cocky. Here, Tristan is tanned and ripped. Ty is bigger and stronger, a fact which Tristan even notes. I don't remember them wrestling before, but it sounds like they have.

Ty: "I have gotten a lot stronger. Wanna see
how much? How much stronger is this?"

Tristan explores his prey

Tristan: "I like this new Ty. He cries
even louder than the old one."

Now, you might not agree with my premise that these two are heel-jobbers. See, I think they both qualify based on who they are and what they've done. They both exude the right personalities to be heels, but their win-loss records skew towards the losing side. Tristan can usually beat total jobbers, but usually folds against any kind of serious competition. Ty also has a handful of impressive wins, but far more losses. Things are often unpredictable at W4H, so I had no idea which way this would go.

Ty doesn't just roll over

Tristan learns Ty's gotten tougher

Tristan: "Even he's (the dummy) fucking smiling.
Everyone likes seeing you take a beating."

Tristan vs. Ty is not a squash, but one guy is more dominant. Tristan uses his power and experience to control the action, but Ty has a couple of stretches of real control. I already said that the premise of low blows isn't really my favorite, but this isn't just endless crotch work. There is plenty of it, but often it's used as an add-on or to humiliate and show dominance. With a different name, you might not even really notice it as being more than many other matches.

There are some good holds in this match and the action is consistently solid. Other than one botched bulldog, I can't think of another missed spot. Plus, the sound is awesome. There's a perfect combination of non-stop trash talk and jobber whimpering. Tristan and Ty both suffer brilliantly when they're on the receiving end, showing their star quality. It's really tough to decide which way I want to see them - dominant or suffering.

Ty enjoys the view

Tristan underestimates Ty and pays the price

Tristan's had enough of the upstart

Tristan: "I knew you'd give up so early."

In the end, two favorites star in a fun match that is very watchable and engaging. They both ooze charisma and there's an impressive chemistry between them. Honestly, it was surprising, since I never have envisioned these two as crossing paths. The action and sound should keep viewers happy the whole time. So I think it's a winner.

So that's my take. What's yours?


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