Saturday, June 10, 2017

Review: Scrappy vs. Viking (Thunders Arena)

Viking: "I'm not the new guy. I'm THE guy. I'm the only guy."

We're just past the halfway point of my Cavey year (Dec 1 - Nov 30) and Thunders Arena has been on fire. And now, they add their latest giant, Viking. Wow, I love him already. He's my new favorite thing in the world. My NFTITW is a fleeting designation, but still an honor (in my mind, anyway).

I know, usually I do an intro to these posts before spoiling my reactions, but just wow.

It took me awhile to get to Viking, because Thunders Arena sent me so many videos in April. When I finally reached the point where I wanted to buy a few new ones, Viking was at the top of my list. I chose his matches with Scrappy and Mark Muscle, but I'll be going back for the rest soon.

Viking: "Who are you? Are you Bolt's pet? That's what
you look like. A smaller, wimpier version of Bolt."

Viking is deceptively large. On his own, he doesn't look that big, because he's so perfectly proportioned. His sleeve tattoos make his arms look thinner, hiding any definition. So as he stretches, I'm thinking, 'hot', but not truly appreciating his perfection. It's when Scrappy enters the picture that you have that 'holy shit' moment. He's physically amazing.

Thunders put Viking in the perfect gear. Small trunks that look great on him. He smiles and charms the fuck out of me for the entire time as he plays with the eager and relentless Scrappy. His abs are ripped, his body sculpted. The handsome giant's face is expressive, with a big smile, but also a nasty sneer.

Now, I can't forget Scrappy. He's his usual amazing self. I love how much fight he displays here. Awesome personality, amazing body and stunning gear. The guy is competing for Favorite Wrestler and probably winning hands down right now. Every video brings something new and exciting. He is a definite must-buy.

Viking: "You know, I could get used to this.
You're just as soft as I thought."

You will believe a Scrappy can fly.

Viking: "You're like a little chihuahua."

So I love the guys, but that's no guarantee I'll like the action. The really insane thing about Viking is that it's like he knows how to wrestle. I mean, he's really smooth as he toys with Superboy Scrappy. He's either just uber-athletic or he knows some stuff, but it's likely both. He displays numerous moves, but it's also how he handles himself.

The first thing Scrappy tries is bearhugs. Three times. And all three times, Viking expertly counters, shifting the smaller muscleboy into different positions - a front facelock, a test of strength, and an upside bearhug-backbreaker. When he flips Scrappy from the upside down bearhug to the over-the-knee backbreaker, it's so smoothly done. I'm impressed.

Viking: "Scrappy. Bolt. You can all be my pets."

Now it's Scrappy's turn to get a good look.

I love the way he flips the muscleboy around.

Not that this video needs a story overlay, but imagine Superboy taking on Thor and getting his ass kicked. This is like that. There's so much chemistry here between them that I was having as much fun as Viking.

And Scrappy's futile attempts at competing with Viking are pretty funny. There's a laugh out loud moment where Scrappy tries to lock on a full nelson, but he can't reach. He hops up and down and it's so cute. He finally just jumps on the big man's back. Viking smiles and flexes, barely noticing his new muscleboy cape.

Aw, so cute.

Scrappy tries a cross body three times ...

... and gets casually tossed across the
10' mats three times.

In the end, this is a stunner. It's been a while since a rookie became a must-buy for me off one video, but that's where Viking is. He's perfect. Scrappy's perfect. This playful, amusing squash is sexy domination from start to finish. Wow.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. I completely agree. If Thunders Arena gives out a Rookie Of The Year award then Viking wins it for 2017. I'm hoping they will put Viking in a domination match against Flaco. That would be epic!

    1. Glad to hear someone else had the same reaction. Hopefully he sticks around. I'd like to see him make it to the ring. He's pretty polished on the mats, so it'd be cool to see him in the old squared circle.