Sunday, July 26, 2015

Review: Jersey vs. Frey (Thunder's Arena)

There's something fun about seeing a new wrestler, a rookie, in action, because you don't really know what to expect. It's a bit of a thrill to be surprised. Of course, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

I've learned the hard way about buying based on pictures, but I did it anyway. I bet $32 on the latest stud from Thunder's ArenaJersey. It's a hefty investment on an unknown quantity. One I've refused to make on "sure-thing" Dirty Daddy from the same company. All based on the hope that Jersey would live up to the promise of a few pics on their Tumblr.

I'll spare you the suspense. He does. It turns out that Jersey is a hot, charming stud who knows how to wrestle. Jersey vs. Frey is a winner. It's a back-and-forth match that sold me hard on the rookie and made me hungry for more.

Phew. So what was it about him that caught my eye? I mean, he's pretty standard Thunder's fair, isn't he? In fact, if you posted his pic, I would've guessed he was a Thunder's wrestler over any other company. He has the look, body and gear that screams Thunder's.

Source: Thunder's Arena

But what made him a must-try guy?

Well, his looks are one of my soft points. I use the word "adorkable" a lot to describe good looking guys who have kind of a goofy or geeky angle to their handsomeness. That's how I see Jersey.



Next, I love his type of body - strong, but he's not over-muscled or over-ripped. Jersey has the kind of smooth stomach that drives me crazy. Beefy isn't the right word, but it's like that. The red posing trunks are perfect for body watching. 

Pumped and sweaty

The back is as great as the front

Even Frey's a little impressed

Wow, loving it. Frey is a hot stud, but here he's just the conduit for me to enjoy Jersey. I wasn't sure if I'd prefer Jersey as dominant or as jobber. Turns out he works both ways. He brings some Jersey-boy cockiness to the match, which is entertaining.

For his part, Frey does a good job showing off the rookie with bearhugs and stretches. As is typical of Thunder's Arena, many of the holds are way too short. Their guys always seem to be in a hurry. This match could've been five minutes longer without adding a single hold.

Jersey suffers like a pro. He's got an expressive face and knows how to sell the holds with moans. He even begs a few times, but he's got the determination to not submit when asked.

The match isn't nearly as one-sided as my screen caps make it appear. I just preferred the ones of Jersey being put on display, since this post is really about him.

Frey suffers, too
And looks good doing it
Not uncommon for a Thunder's Arena match, the ending is a little random. A pin doesn't end it. A submission doesn't end it. The action keeps going, with the guys struggling for dominance. In the end, one guy snaps for no particular reason and we get some tough guy posturing as the other runs off with no real conclusion. We get demands for a re-match, which is already being teased as a match in their swimming pool.

Video quality: Typical Thunder's. It's standard, middle-of-the-road video. Not the best out there, but not the worst. The black curtain works well to show the bodies. There are times when the camera is too tight or not in the ideal position, for example on a couple of spladles. There are a couple of moves where I'm not sure what they're doing. But it worked out okay.

Value: I thought it was worth it because of Jersey. It's slightly expensive for what you get - I paid $31.88, but it's supposed to be going up to $33.88. The match is 24 minutes - roughly 3 minutes of intros/banter + 19 minutes of wrestling + 2 minutes of ranting.

Overall, I'm glad I bought it. I've already bought the next Jersey match vs. Dozer (for $28.88, but it's already gone up to $33.88) and my review of that will appear here on 8/4/15. Jersey's gear choice looks worse in that match, but I'm willing to give him another try.

If you think you'd like this new rookie stud, I'd say do it. He's the reason to buy the match. If you're not into him then obviously I wouldn't recommend it.

So, what do think? Do you share my opinion of Jersey or not? Let me know in the comments!



  1. I guess I must have more money to spend on wrestling matches than most because I buy just about every Thunder's Arena match/RockHardWrestling match/BGeast match that features wrestlers that I like. I hear a lot of others complaining about match prices but they're not ridiculously expensive (though some companies, like RHW, have a better idea of what reasonable means than others).

    Anyway, TA's got one hot dude on their hands in Jersey (one of their many) who has the potential to be a breakout star considering how sexy, young, and strong he is. Frey mocked Wolf in their recent match for being old, but guys like Jersey are proving that Frey's getting a little long in the tooth as well. Plus, Frey has been getting waaay too puffy as of late. He really needs to shred back to his former ripped self and lay off the carbs.

    1. Thanks for commenting. Glad to hear from another Jersey fan.

      Value is a very personal thing, which is why I try to qualify my perspective whenever I complain about it by saying that people know their own threshold. For me, it's a function of what am I getting for what I pay balanced against other options and what else I could spend the money on. It's not a primary source of entertainment for me, so it's lower in value than cable, Internet, Netflix, Hulu, season passes for NHL and MLB, movies, comic books, etc. I watch these matches once. Quality porn is cheaper at places like Wrestling is free on TV and YouTube. For me, all that equals that over $30 for 20 minutes is too high, so I prefer the pricing of UCW, RHW and BGEast Arena/VOD's.

      Ultimately, the market will decide, because these guys will either make it or they won't. In the case of Thunder's, it's been about six or seven months since they took their price increase, so things must be working for them because prices haven't gone down. They commented on Tumblr that downloaders have to pay more to pay for piracy, so I would be curious to hear if they've seen a decline in purchase or piracy this year.

  2. Agree with your Jersey comments. He is a keeper. He fits into speedo barely and talks as much smack as Frey.I'd love to see him matchup against Dirty Daddy in no holds barred. Two opposites. I think I'll be buying everything wrestling match jersey appears in.

    1. Appreciate the comment.

      Now that would be interesting matchup. I haven't seen Dirty Daddy in Thunder's, but assuming he's the same character everywhere, it'd be fun to see.

  3. I will definately Buy these types of wrestling match jersey appears in for workout
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