Sunday, August 23, 2015

Casting The Cave: Multi-Promotion Edition

The first two Casting posts using guys from Rock Hard Wrestling and BGEast seemed pretty popular. A lot of views and a few comments. So I'm trying again, this time with the guys who are too big to stay in one place, too hot to be contained and so in demand that they can work anywhere and everywhere.

That's right, here's the casting for the multi-promotion guys.

For Rock Hard Wrestling, I did choose Jake Jenkins, but at the time, I didn't know that I would do another casting post. When I followed it up with my BGEast casting thoughts, I specifically left out these guy out. I wanted a more pure choice that couldn't be duplicated anywhere else.

It ended up excluding a lot of guys. I was actually quite shocked just how many guys it disqualified. There are so many sites producing videos now that it’s becoming a blur with the same guys appearing constantly. However, it also meant that there is a robust roster and that this is actually quite a difficult task.

Once again, I applied a couple of rules. First, I have bought and watched a match of my choices from more than one (but not necessarily all) federation where they wrestle. Second, I tried again to think critically on my choices, leaving out some personal favorites who didn’t quite fit. That's the hardest part, really. For example, who would Guido Genatto be? He's more Champ than any of these guys. No, I had to leave him out and several others that I rather like.

I tried to use ‘official’ pics where possible for quality purposes, but I only have access to great quality pics from BGEast. And so, there are some low quality screen grabs here, as well.

So enough pre-amble ... whom would I cast?

Cody = Z-Man/Zack Jonathan (BGEast, CameronWrestler, Can-Am, Rock Hard Wrestling, Thunder’s Arena)

Physically, Z-Man is pretty great. He is talented and able to convincingly win or lose, heel or job, but always has a confidence and swagger to him. More importantly, he has definitely proven he can be the star of a federation. In front of the camera, he has helped launch a couple of places, as well as become a star across multiple federations.

Perfection (BGEast)
Just add cowl (Rock Hard Wrestling)
Yeah, he's the star (Can-Am)
And the stud (BGEast)
A little flex lets you know who's boss (BGEast)
He can handle "big" and "sexy" beasts (Thunder's Arena)
Punishing my favorite Ben? (Rock Hard Wrestling)

Runner-up: Chace LaChance/Chase (BGEast, CameronWrestler, Jonny Firestorm, Muscle Domination Wrestling, Thunder's Arena). He is definitely handsome and ripped enough to be Cody. This was a really close call, but Chace hasn't proven to be the draw that Z-Man and Cody are.

Definite Cody potential (BGEast)

Ryan = Brian Cage/Barry Burke (BGEast, CameronWrestler, Can-Am, Thunder’s Arena)

Brian Cage is the beast of wrestling video circuit. Physically, he certainly has the presence for Ryan. I also like that he’s a big man who plays well with smaller guys. He seems willing to check his ego, as he does a lot of different type of matches, driven by his incredible size advantage over everyone else.

He's a big boy (BGEast)
Love that smile (BGEast)
Great from any angle (BGEast)
He'll play along with smaller guys (Can-Am; GIF from Fuck Yeah Gay Wrestling Tumblr)
But he's the Man when he wants to be (CameronWrestler)
Cody and Ben being manhandled? (Thunder's Arena)

Runner-up: No one.

Ben = Cameron Matthews (BGEast, CameronWrestler, Can-Am, Thunder’s Arena)

Cameron seems versatile as a wrestler, which is essential for Ben. He also has a nice guy persona that works well for my everyman character. He seems to be friends with a lot of guys, as well as entrepreneurial, much like the lead of Route 69. Cameron's arc from indie wrestler to business owner even mirrors Ben's a little.

Great look for Ben (BGEast)
A face you can trust (Thunder's Arena)
And a body you can bash (Thunder's Arena)
He can have fun with a friend (Thunder's Arena)
He can handle being dominated (Thunder's Arena) 
But can be alpha when he needs to be (BGEast)
Is that Dylan and Kyle falling to Ben? (Thunder's Arena)

Runner-up: Jake Jenkins (BGEast, Rock Hard Wrestling). Still a perfect choice in my mind, I just didn’t want to repeat myself. Don't get me wrong, Cameron is certainly a worthy choice, but I came really close to re-naming Jake as Ben once again.

Yeah, you're still an awesome Ben (BGEast)

Jeff = Austin Cooper (BGEast, CameronWrestler, Can-Am, Jonny Firestorm, Thunder’s Arena)

Austin was my second choice for my Rock Hard Wrestling casting. However, lately, he’s been catching my eye in a new way. It seems like he’s been building his body to be more muscular and showing a lot more attitude. The pics below don't reflect his latest look, but I hope they still feel Jeff enough to make my case.

Handsome and ripped (Rock Hard Wrestling)
A little cocky (Rock Hard Wrestling)
Dominant (Thunder's Arena)
And vulnerable (Jonny Firestorm)
Jeff vs. Kyle? (BGEast)
Jeff vs. Steele? (Thunder's Arena)

Runner-up: Lane Hartley (BGEast, CameronWrestler, Can-Am, Thunder’s Arena). A real pro wrestler, he’s handsome and tough, just like Jeff. However, lately he’s been bulking up and sporting a more rugged look, which I struggled to see past. I'd still cast him, but as Champ from S202: Kansas City MO and S208: Quincy MA.

Lane's moved from being a "Jeff" contender to being more like "Champ" (BGEast/Instagram)

So, what'd you think? Who did I get right and who did I miss? Anyone I need to check out that isn't listed here? Please take a moment to comment!



  1. More excellent choices! Cody and especially Ryan are awesome. That third pic of Brian, flexing... damn.

    These casting posts are pretty fun. :) Cool to see who you'd assign to real life wrestlers.

    1. Thanks! I did feel great about the Ryan choice, which is why there was no runner up.

      They seem to get a good number of views, so I'm trying to figure out who could be next. While I like doing them, they seem to take me awhile to decide who's who and I go back and forth a lot.

  2. Cameron is not as solid as Ayash, the previous one is better, so as to the character Jeff.
    I think the previous package is good enough.

    1. Thanks. I definitely can see what you're saying, so appreciate the comment.

  3. Alex R:

    Now you need to do the finals! Cage is awesome as Ryan. I wonder about the other character on the Alex Miller Universe