Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Review: Jersey vs. Talon (Thunder’s Arena)

I’ve already teased my opinion of this match in my review of UCW's Max Ryder vs. Tyson Hammer, but I did want to do a full review. I prefer doing positive reviews and Jersey vs. Talon from Thunder's Arena definitely qualifies.

I liked this match quite a bit for a few reasons - the talent, the action (albeit limited) and the storyline are all on point.

The studs make this match. Jersey remains a go-to stud for me. His adorkable looks, body and personality return, wrapped up in his second best gear (red speedo). He also gets to show off some awesome power, with two long-held bearhugs and a nice full nelson. Jersey is having fun and I'm right there with him.

Jersey is still so hot

Jersey handles the big muscleman

Stretching Talon out

And Talon was great, too. This is only my second Talon match. I was very disappointed by the first one against Dozer, which seemed like nothing but flexing. I get that Talon is a handsome man, but handsome men aren’t that unique on the web. I certainly don’t have to pay $30 to see a handsome man flexing. I pay $30 to see one wrestle.

Yeah, Talon is handsome

But I want action!

While this is also a short match with minimal moves, those few are really, really hot. The chemistry between the two studs makes it very watchable, convincing me that Jersey is a superstar whose charm and personality can elevate anyone's game.

Also working hard is Talon’s gear, because of the fit. It’s the standard Thunder’s patterned squarecuts, which normally obscure the view, but Talon is bulging large and bouncing all over the place. I don’t know if my images and GIF’s quite capture it, but hopefully you get the hypnotic sense of his low-hanging pouch.

Talon jiggles in his loose trunks

Talon's trunks sag just right

Jersey understands fan service

In terms of the set-up, it's engaging, as Talon plays the tough guy (I almost say bully, but that has negative connotations I don't intend). The muscleman in blue is cocky and confident and delights in threatening and punishing easy-going Jersey. Now, my boy Jersey holds his own, but Talon is definitely channeling his inner heel throughout.

Talon loves to dominate Jersey

** SPOILER ** There are sort of two endings to this match. Both guys get knocked out during the match, but the first one only leads to a revenge knock out. I won’t spoil which knockout happens first, but you can probably guess which one. ** END SPOILER **

In the end, does Jersey overcome the tough guy?

Or does Talon make good on his threats?

I’m definitely still Team Jersey. I still haven't watched his match versus Tak, but I will buy whatever he's in next. I might give Talon a third chance, if he's up against reliable opponent. With both his matches being light on wrestling, I'd be nervous against a newbie or someone I'm not sold on.

How about you? Are you a fan of Jersey? Talon? This match? Speak out in the comments!



  1. I used to be Team Jersey over Team Talon, but Talon has shown that he is a very competent wrestler, obviously better than Jersey since he won.

    Talon's looks, and I would go well above and beyond your description of him as handsome as he is utterly gorgeous with the body of an Adonis, are another asset that Jersey just can't compete with. Jersey is doughy while Talon is ripped and Talon knows how to pose like a bodybuilder.

    Talon is also disciplined in his looks and his wrestling tactics while Jersey is brash, sloppy, and quick to anger. It's cute and sexy, but compared to Talon it just can't compete.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Appreciate the different perspective from a passionate Talon fan. TA did say on their Tumblr that he is selling very well.

      Do you (or anyone reading this) have a recommendation on the best match to see his wrestling skills in action?

  2. Definitely check out Talon's other matches versus Frey, Kai (Jersey's younger brother, supposedly), and Archer. He's really good in all of them!

    And I agree with you on Jersey -- he is a natural in front of the camera, with strength and skill to match any opponent. When I see him, only one word comes to mind: Flawless. There's not a single blemish, scar, birthmark, or tattoo on his perfectly smooth physique, and there's never a single hair out of place on his head -- not even after a match (including his rematch with Frey in the swimming pool). His physique is also that perfect combination of musculature and babyfat, which adds to his curves and makes him look even more smooth.

    What amazes me the most about Jersey, tho, is his performance in front of the camera. If he's nervous at all, he sure doesn't show it! Check out his first match against Frey in the room with the black mats -- I loved how he portrayed strength and rage but also vulnerability with his "damaged back". That match is probably the best Thunder's has ever produced. Factor in Jersey's strength, wrestling skills, and willingness to give the fans what they want to see (bearhugs, laying on top of opponents as he stretches them out, balls to the face cradles, etc), and Thunder's has another bona fide superstar on their roster!

    1. Thanks for the recommendations. I'll probably check out Talon/Archer. As I mentioned in an earlier review, I'm Austin-Coopered out at the moment and Kai is okay, but not reliable enough for me to buy.

      That's a great analysis of Jersey. I like him a lot.

    2. I don't know if you've seen Jersey's match against TAK but, for me, it is easily better than the one against Frey, easily Jersey's best one yet, and easily one of Thunder's best ever.

      P.S. Yeah, I'm Cooped out too! He needs to realize that typically less is more.

    3. Cool. I was going to watch Jersey/Tak, but Thunder's released two new Jersey matches and has a buy one, get one 50% off deal, so I bought them both. So I ended up watching half of Jersey/Luke, which is really good so far. I don't want to turn this into the Jersey blog, but I definitely have to review it soon.

    4. Hope you don't get Jersey-Ed out soon. Great review as usual, and love love love that 2nd to last gif; choke-outs of any kind are my favorite, and seems like Jersey takes it one step further, humiliating Talon by slapping him to stay conscious!!

    5. That is exactly what Jersey does. It's long-held and the whole sequence is pretty humiliating for Talon.

      I'm definitely managing my Jersey schedule, which is why I haven't watched him and Tak. I'm only watching one a month, I was just late posting this review.

    6. One Jersey match a month? Whew, you're much more disciplined than I. I will sometimes watch 2-3 new matches (not just Jersey, of course) in one day! I wish I had more impulse control but it's like I can't stand not watching them if I know they're there waiting.

    7. Well, it's a time and mood thing for me. With the blog, I'm trying to watch more, but also mix it up.

      Now, I never had to think about this stuff until guys started playing the field and Thunder's went insane with their distribution this summer. I literally have 10 unwatched/partially watched TA matches on my iPad, along with 2 RHW, 2 MDW and 2 UCW matches, plus one superhero bondage flick. Crazy.

  3. And don't forget that perfect dimpled smile!