Thursday, February 4, 2016

Review: King/Travis vs. Marco/Bolt (Thunders Arena)

February was going to be a Thunders Arena-free month. I've covered a lot of their stuff and I wanted to give some love elsewhere. However, a commenter mentioned this tag team ring match - Marco/Bolt vs. Travis/Joey King. They've sent me three matches recently, so I figured I'd take a risk and try it out. Don't worry, though. I'm doing this as a bonus post, so you'll still get the five reviews and wrestling move post I've already uploaded for the month.

Now, I might have bought this without prodding, but I definitely would've thought twice before buying it. I've enjoyed all four of the Thunders ring matches I've watch so far, so that makes me interested, but none of these four wrestlers are must-buys for me.

Three of Thunders bestsellers together should be a winner, right?

On one side, you have Bolt and Marco, both big sellers and fan favorites. However, Bolt didn't impress me in his match against Dozer (review here). And while Marco is hot, I find him hit-or-miss. I think he works at the level of his opponent, shining against stars, but not elevating lesser talents. While I did like his last ring match (review here), he was with super-pro (and Cavey Award winner) Dirty Daddy, so I give the hairy hunk more credit for my enjoyment.

Their opponents are two rookies. As documented here, Travis looks great, but struggles with the wrestling part. Yes, the teen bodybuilder is hot, but you'd expect a ring to only make his inexperience more noticeable. His partner is Joey King, a Thunders newbie, but a working pro. Now the fact that King knows his stuff did make me a little less nervous, but he's still an unknown.

The studs you love put on a show

King rules the ring

How'd it go? Well, all four guys look great here, although Marco's gear is strange at best. I think his outer white trunks are on backwards and the whole saggy look doesn't appeal to me, especially in a pro ring. King looks awesome, Travis is a flexing machine and Bolt's tiny floral briefs are extremely hot.

In terms of the action, the match is as sloppy as it can be. It's repetitive and actual moves are minimal at best. If you like seeing guys run into the corner and miss their marks, you'll like this. From this small, mediocre sample, I think King is a stud. He's thick, powerful and sexy as hell in his bright yellow trunks. However, I don't think this match tells me how good he is. I suspect I would like him, so I'll have to see if he wrestles elsewhere.

All three guys get a turn in the same hold

Joey King enjoys punishing mouthy Marco

Bolt positions himself just right

I'm surprised to say that Bolt is actually the standout for me among the three amateurs. He really gets into the action, trying his best. Bolt and King work well together and I'd love to see a singles match between them. Marco is solid, but gets stuck with Travis a fair bit. I'll give him credit for working hard to deliver a good match, but as I said above, he can't save bad talent.

I'd book King vs. Bolt immediately

Bolt impresses me in this match


Which brings me to Travis. Oh poor Travis. I don't want to be mean to an 18-year old and maybe this was filmed before the Frey training session. The young bodybuilder just continues to struggle. He's detached from the action and all he wants to do is flex. He kind of knows how to do a snap mare, a full nelson and run guys into the corner. That's it. His lack of ability, interest and effort bring down the entire match.

Marco and King seem to get irritated, while there's not much Bolt can do with him. Marco chides Bolt for applying a crab completely wrong (see GIF below), basically telling him he's better than that. Travis even distracts from the action when King is wrestling by flexing in the background. The other three wrestlers feel obliged to call him out for it continuously. He keeps doing it, so is it a plot point or is he really is like this? Either way, I'm not a fan.

Travis flexes while his partner dominates

Marco: "What are you doing? YOU know how to wrestle!"

Marco and Bolt try to stop Travis from flexing

So while there are moments of promise, especially with Bolt vs. King, I can't really recommend this one. On the positive side, it made me rethink my opinion of Bolt. He's charming, hot and seems to know how to wrestle. I think I will give him another try. And if King battles either Bolt or Marco, I'm in. In fact, I'll likely buy King against almost anyone. I bet Talon or Eagle would work great with him, too.

I'll take a second look at Bolt

So that's my take on it. What's yours? If you bought it, did you like it?



  1. Im glad you posted this! When I saw this match i was intrested i love bolt like marco and was intrested in Travis wrestling but with Thunders Arena im a bit hesitant to buy anything from them with there hit and miss videos for there price. Thanks again helped alot and definitely check out bolt! Him and eagle are my favorites from TA currently.

    1. Cool. I think I'll get Bolt/Marco, unless you (or anyone else) has another suggestion for a better match. Maybe I was in the wrong mood when I watched Bolt/Dozer or had my expectations too high.

      And I like Eagle vs. Frey and I bought Eagle/Dozer, but haven't watched it yet. I need to get around to that. I'm definitely skipping Eagle/Travis and am questioning these new Eagle matches. Eagle/Cage could be good, but I'm not excited about the sleeper stuff or subsequent revenge match.

    2. Bolt/Marco is a good one a better match of bolt though id ask for other opinions on it since i might just like the eye candy haha.

      I actually just watched Travis vs Zman and remembered this post. It looked so awkward how zman was trying to do a move and travis would just stand there then flex after a short time. I dont know if hes trying to go for the invincible you cant hurt me so il just flex role or something. Really doubt it but im trying to make sense of why Thunders Arena would let him flex for 70% of the match and bring down the quality.

    3. I assume Thunders was swayed by Travis' body and figured the wrestling would come or wouldn't matter. Based on them sending out the Frey/Travis video, maybe they realize they were wrong. He's faced a ton of guys who can wrestle, so it doesn't get any better at Thunders than Z-Man, Frey and Marco, plus newbies Bolt and Eagle are no slouches.

      I have Marco/Bolt, but not sure when I'll get to watch it.

  2. I was also underwhelmed by this match. It was, to be honest, like amateur hour.

    First off, my typical complaint, the attire. Fortunately, in this instance it was only Marco who disappointed...and what a disappointment it was. Whoever suggested to him to wear those squarecuts vs. a speedo/poser was crazy.

    The main problem with the match, though, was exactly what you pointed out: it was laughable watching Travis who wouldn't know how to wrestle to save his life. I understand that his allure lies in his body, but even that is only so/so when you realize he doesn't know how to use it/show it off properly.

    Thankfully, the match isn't a total loss as Bolt is an excited eager beaver in his sweet, sweet flower bikini. That boy sure knows how to sell it and he's pretty strong to boot.

    P.S. Where did you find those shots of him modeling? I'd definitely like to know if you please :)

    1. Thanks for the validation. Sounds like you and I are in exactly the same place.

      I got the Bolt modeling pics from Tumblr, specifically . He just posts modeling/porn images and these were among them a long while back. I actually had them before he was Bolt. When Bolt debuted at Thunders, I had to ask Alex R (my model expert) if he knew who he was, because he looked so familiar. He didn't recognize him, but lo and behold, I had these pics.