Thursday, April 21, 2016

Review: #426 Aron vs. Axel/Pvt. Marino (UCW)

When I asked if folks wanted to weigh in on my April reviews, I received two responses. I did the first request - the three Mikey Hanlon vs. Max Anderson matches - so now it’s time for the second one, which is from UCW.

I received the request for a review of UCW’s Aron vs. Axel/Pvt Marino via email. It’s a good thing for this reader that he asked, because I probably wouldn’t have written a review on it otherwise. It’s not a bad video, but it’s not one I’m likely to re-watch any time in the future. In spite of the talent and the intriguing premise, I think it was pretty lackluster.

Axel and Marino are powerless against Aron

This is a “Lost Video”, so it enables the guys to operate outside of any narrative currently going on. In comic book terms, I’d consider this a “What If?” (Marvel) or “Elseworlds” (DC) video, because the wrestlers adopt new personas. Aron is cocky and indestructible. Axel is more subdued and less skilled than usual. Pvt. Marino is a total 98-lb weakling.

Here, Aron is cast in the role of the strongest and best wrestler at UCW. When I say he’s indestructible, I mean it. He easily beats the guys at arm wrestling. Their punches do nothing. And he calmly dominates his opponents, moving them around the mat easily until they’re eventually forced to admit his superiority multiple times.

Aron humiliates his opponents

Aron has true abs of steel

Kneeling before Sir Aron

This is definitely a specialty taste. I wrote Denim Duel for a fan who was interested in guys who wrestle in jeans. The wifebeater/jeans look would likely appeal to him. The last half has a “clothed male/nude male” angle, as the dominated studs get stripped to their orange briefs while Aron remains fully attired throughout.

It's a battle of 50's punks in their wifebeaters and jeans

Unbreakable dual headlock

Nice and creative leg scissors

This is a 100% squash. As Aron works to dominate the two studs, there are some creative holds, but ultimately the action is fairly light and the premise actually tones down any of the usual UCW hijinks. You really need to suspend disbelief as Axel lies down for Aron. Even in a one-on-one setting, it would require some imagination, but here with another wrestler involved, these really are alternate universe wrestlers.

Axel can't hurt Aron

Aron must be part-Samoan

Personality-wise, Aron is confident and dominant, but I think that his calm and soft-spoken approach lessens the tension. There’s no drama or animus between the wrestlers. It’s all treated as a matter-of-fact beatdown from start to finish.

Marino is forced to put his partner to sleep

The guys can only lie there and take it

In the end, I wish I liked this more. However, I think the wrestlers were miscast and there wasn’t enough action to keep me entertained. I'd suggest that a meaner, more aggressive heel against unknown rookies might've worked better, especially with some power moves, low blows or even foreign objects.

So that's my review ... what do you think?



  1. I think the problem here is the cast indeed.

    Aron as a indestructable heel makes everything veru fake. I usually don't like 1vs2 squashes because they don't seem plausable enough, even with monster huge guys. With a a skinny/ripped stud it is even worse. :/

    1. Thanks for the comment. It is a tricky premise, to be sure. I think there is a way for it to work, but you'd need to really plan it out.