Saturday, April 23, 2016

Review: Burke vs. Hartley/King (Wrestler4Hire)

*Note: This review was written prior to the launch of Cameron's new site, Wrestler4Hire. I normally include links to the matches, but I'm not sure how that's all working now. Check the new site to find this match.

Whenever Cameron Matthews comes out with new matches, I always give them a good look. I don't always buy, but I think I’ve enjoyed all of his videos that I’ve purchased. On his site, the comments are always revealing as there are a lot of guys with very specific interests and very definite opinions on his content. I’m not that picky. Great action is tops and I find his videos deliver.

Burke faces off against two bad boy pro wrestlers 

In this case, I’m a fan of all three wrestlers. I’m a bigger fan of Lane Hartley and Kelly King more than Barry Burke, but I certainly have a number of matches starring Burke (and his other alias) in my collection. In terms of their roles, I prefer Hartley and King as heels, so this was right up my alley.

Burke takes a break from getting
flipped by Joey Ryan's penis ...

... to lie around with Hartley and King.

The match starts with all three guys in the ring. Burke mocks the besties over their vests. They think the vests are cool, but he disagrees (Burke is right, they're horrible). In particular, Hartley doesn’t appreciate being told he looks like "the overweight dad who's going to try to waterski for the first time - unsuccessfully". It's funny because it's true.

Fortunately, the vests come off for the match

Now fans of Hartley’s pro identity know that he has been in constant bulk mode for a while, skipping the cutting phase. I prefer his trimmer, clean cut preppy look, but I still like his smooth beef here in his tiny American flag trunks. He looks very 80’s pro and he’s definitely not skipping leg day based on his ass.

Hartley turns flag gear into heel gear

When this was shot, King was also in one of his heavier looks. He wears black pro trunks and still looks sexy to me. Lately on his social media, he’s been looking remarkably ripped, probably for his NXT career.

King's a cocky bad boy

Opposite them, we have Barry Burke. Against the two thick pro wrestlers, Burke doesn’t look as big as he usually does, but he’s still the same muscular and powerful stud as always. He’s in tight gold trunks that look just awesome in back.

Burke's not so big against two beefy bad boys

King: "I hurt my hand."

The insults turn into action at the two-and-a-half minute mark then it’s non-stop action for the next 18 minutes. It’s not a 100% one-sided squash. These guys exchange control. In fact, Burke turns the tables on the bros more than once. In the end, it works out to be about 2/3 one way and 1/3 the other.

That's a lot of beef to suplex in this stunning reverse

Controlling both men


With Hartley down, King goes up ... into a big bearhug

Maybe the first time I've seen a double chinlock

The action definitely includes more holds and moments even than what I'm showing here, but I don't want to share everything. I could've stood for some of the holds being held longer, but with three pros, the action is well-executed and follows a logical flow.

If you like seeing a big muscleman take a beating, I think that there's enough that you’ll enjoy this, but again, expect to see Burke have his moments on top, too.



  1. I love Burke. BTW...Joey Ryan and his penis flip...hahaha that is hilarious...

    1. Thanks! In this case, Ryan's move (I think it's officially call the YouPorn Plex - possibly the first indie move to be officially sponsored) actually started when Burke (as Brian Cage) had him gorilla pressed overhead. Ryan managed to use his penis to overcome the gorilla press then flip Cage. Wacky.

  2. oh yeah that's true. IDK if you know this, but I think it was The Beast, the news website, that did an article on Joey Ryan and his YouPorn Plex...and mentioning that it was sponsored. Gotta tell you...Joey Ryan has a good manager to get himself in a legit news site!
    He used his penis for what???? hahahaha God...He was in Lucha Underground a few weeks back but he was kept handcuffed to a fence most of the he didn't do much

  3. I think Hartley is bulking in a awkward way. I don't see a major improvement on his muscle while the fat has increased a lot.

    Even when he was leaner, he didn't look like he was on steroids like 99% os the other guys, so why have such a dirty bulking?

    1. Yeah, I'm not sure that he's bulking any more vs just letting it happen. He used to talk about his training in social media, but I don't see him doing that. Maybe when Kelly King got a girlfriend who's gotten him in shape and moved to other feds, Lane lost his gym buddy? Still, I'm no expert and I have no idea what he's going for, so I can't say whether it's working or not.