Thursday, April 7, 2016

Review: Mikey vs. Max - World Series (Movimus)

Welcome to the third and final day of my reviews of Mikey Hanlon vs. Max Anderson matches from Movimus. After the first two, which ended in a draw and a dominant win, the guys return for a World Series video. This best 4-out-of-7 match is over an hour with most of that being action.

The boys are back for a third go

I enjoyed the first two enough that this was a must-buy for me. Both guys are brightly geared. Their muscles and skills are on full display. Mikey (22/5'9"/172-lbs) wears red briefs. Max (27/5'11"/182-lbs) opts for orange. They look great and the video looks crisp, a step up from the first two so you get an even better viewing experience.

The action is intense

Max trapped and grimacing

Muscular bodies flipping and flying

Mikey's leg, Max's torso ... gorgeous muscles in action

Of course Mikey brings the constant chatter. The guy just loves to talk while he wrestles, which brings out Max's personality, too. Sometimes it's trash talk, sometimes it's narrating the action and sometimes it's just randomness. No matter what Mikey is saying, it's all fun and light, even the trash talk. It could get goofy or cheesy, but the authenticity of the action keeps things in check.

"I think I was in this position with your girlfriend once."

"You know what I'm going for."

"I got a mean wedgie."

"You'd think our sponsor would
give us something bigger to wear."

"You're getting so slippery, dude."

I know I'm repeating myself, but there's just something about Mikey that I love. He's like a perfect wrestler dude - cute with a beautiful body and an awesome attitude. The guy just has charisma that makes him incredibly watchable.

However, I learned that there's a limit to that watchability. With four falls spread over 57 minutes of wrestling, this video is too long for me personally. It gets somewhat repetitive and monotonous. While this one technically has the best outcome for my tastes, there were definitely some moments where my mind wandered and my finger hit the advance button on my iPad.

Because of the length, the action goes in spurts. It takes them all over the room as the mat can't contain them. It turns out that Mikey wants a bigger space to go with bigger gear, stating that wood floor mats are a bad idea. The guys impress with their endurance, keeping the intensity up as they sweat and strain for the entire match. The submissions are varied and a welcome event when they come.

After two falls and 47 minutes, the guys
are sweaty and tired, but still having fun

And that's all folks ...
3 matches, 10 submissions, 2 hours of action

So that's all three matches. I'm not sure how much you need all three, but I think it's worth getting at least one. As I said, my favorite was the first match and this one was my least favorite.

What are other bloggers saying?

I already know that Joe at Ringside disagrees with me - he loved the World Series match, declaring that "by any criteria, this match is a classic." What about you? Any thoughts? Have you seen them? Do you want to? Any (respectful) comments are welcome!



  1. I have never seen Mikey at Movimus, but I have seen him at the other place. I kinda wish that he was more prevalent; I always envisioned him in TAK's role at Thunders Arena, or if they were around a few years ago, at Jonny Firestorm's website or Cameron Matthews.
    But, whenever he does wrestle, there's always some great videos, pictures and gifs for multiple viewings!

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      I feel confident that Mikey could've been a superstar anywhere. I'm sure everyone would've hired him and he's wrestled guys like Axel and Damien Rush, so the connections are there. It was obviously up to him, so I guess he just wasn't interested in wrestling elsewhere.