Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Cast: Who's Who (September 2016)


Only one story with models in it and only one new guy. Fortunately, Lucky Stallion did an awesome job providing imagery for the second story. The images are so good that I had to indulge with a few more below. I'm so glad that he let me do a sequel! Be sure to check out his Patreon and blog for more great artwork.

Encounters: Abuse of Power 2

Raven = Jason Chee (Model)

Seth = Maklon Bacaro (Model)

Sean = Arron Mount (Model)

Hercules Unbound

Hercules = Hercules (Ancient hero. Demigod. Immortal slave.)

The Slave King = The Slave King (King. Villain. Immortal dominator.)

Superboy = Superboy (Superhero. 19-year old super-powered clone.)

Superman = Superman (Superhero. Last survivor of Krypton.)

Hermes + Zeus = Hermes + Zeus (Greek Gods. Moved on long ago.)

Ares = Ares (Greek God. Half-brother of Hercules. Jerk.)

The Slaves = The Slaves (Musclemen. Prisoners of the Slave King.)

It's all "The Cave" through the end of the year with a lot of fan favorites in action in these last six stories of 2016. On Saturday, we start five stories that all take place over one weekend and have a huge impact on my direction for 2017.



  1. Some of the best stories this month! Cant wait for saturday I remember about them being connected but i didnt think itd be 5 stories and for them to be big enough to set the tone for 2017. Just makes me even more excited for them!

    1. Thanks! I'm happy you liked September's stories.

      The next five are only loosely connected by time period (a weekend) more than the action, but they set up storylines for Cody, Ryan, Jae, Xaq and more, including a couple of potential spinoffs.

  2. Love your choices as always! Have you ever thought about using Pietro Boselli as a model, especially for a jobber?

    1. Thank you. You're not the first person to suggest Pietro to me. He's certainly a gorgeous stud and makes a great superhero. I've seen great GIF's with him as Superman on Tumblr. I'll keep him on my radar!