Friday, March 10, 2017

Review: Joey King vs. Kelly King (BGEast)

Heel Bash 2 is the video that caught my attention from BGEast catalog 117.2 when I saw it on the Arena. Admittedly, so did Custom Combat 2, as it sounds fun to program your own match with Jonny Firestorm and young Lane Hartley before he bulked up and went caveman. However, that match is DVD only, so we all know that's out for me, due to my lack of a DVD player. So this is the only compilation I'm getting.

Luckily, it's pretty darn good. I already liked Kid Karisma vs. Ethan Andrews (reviewed here). Let's look at Joey King vs. Kelly King.

Big bad boys bring it

Joey King is a gorgeous MAN. It's difficult to describe, but I love his hot, regular joe aesthetic. The guy is stunning thanks to the simplicity of his look. Here, he's resplendent in basic black and white adorning his beefy body with his too-white teeth shining through his beard like a beacon.

It's interesting BGEast released Joey King in a Heel Bash video first. He doesn't really have the resume for it, unless you've seen his brutal and humiliating beatdown of Scrappy over at Thunders Arena (reviewed here). I really liked that match, so I'm happy to see him add BGEast to his resume, assuming he has more matches to come where he'll show off his heel credentials.

Joey King just really appeals to me

Kelly offers a legitimate threat to the handsome hunk

I've reviewed several Kelly King matches and liked pretty much all of them. I've enjoyed him as a pro wrestler since he was a fresh-faced rookie, so it's fun to see him in slower, more close-up action. Kelly has a cute face, beefy body and a badass attitude. He's back in black which suits the whole Heel Bash vibe going on here.

Cute Kelly has a wonderful mean streak 

Kelly has the power to realistically dominate

The action is pretty good. Solid, but it didn't quite live up to my lofty expectations. I need to watch it again. I think my hopes for a classic might've just been too high. It's not a squash, but one guy definitely feels more dominant in the ring. Watching it, I felt like the match was really one-sided, but then when I pulled images, it was actually much more back-and-forth than I remembered. It's weird how that happens.

These two are pros, so the action has a good flow and intensity. I love when guys like this really bring their big guns to bear. Things just look and feel harder and rougher when two big studs really use their muscles and experience, which these two do. I was surprised by the multiple low blows, but it works to show these two are bad guys.

Poor Joey gets overpowered

Hard-hitting action + strong selling

Kelly gives his "cousin" a big hug

You know I love a good arm drop

Who wore the sleeper best?

In the end, I liked this video. It's worthy of a look, if these two are your thing. Both guys are hot and the moves are well-executed. Joey King was the draw for me and he delivers a good performance. I can't wait to see more from him either here or at Thunders.

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