Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Review: Bolt vs. Spike (Thunders Arena)

Full disclosure: This video was provided to me by Thunders Arena.

As I work through my backlog of videos, Spike vs Bolt is one I really looked forward to checking out. I really enjoyed Spike's debut against Marco (reviewed here), so I figured I'd really like this one, too. Bolt has found his groove and is proving to be pretty reliable as a wrestler.

Bolt takes on rookie Spike

Yes, Spike is back for his sophomore video. The hairy hunk is swarthy with big muscles and dark, rich fur. Spike looks especially stunning as he sweats up beautifully in his blue trunks. He literally shines by the end of this. He doesn't show much personality at the start, but when he loosens up, he's deservedly cocky.

Simply irresistible.

The new big man on the Thunders campus.

Today's Bolt is thick and cute in shiny purple squarecuts. Scrappy and Kid Dynamite have both appeared in these and they're very sexy. I find Bolt's playful charm to be his most attractive quality and it's on full display here as he tries to draw the rookie out of his shell and into the action.

Bolt brings energy to this battle.

Shiny gear is always a hit.

I think that there are certain guys who work well with rookies and ones who don't. Despite facing rookies a lot, I don't usually go for Frey or Marco matches with newbies. Based off the couple of matches I've seen, I think Bolt is actually pretty good with new guys. He's got a charming personality that can carry a video, plus he's smaller and skilled, so the action can keep going.

We get into the wrestling pretty fast. Bolt comes in, asking questions to the hairy hunk. Spike ignores him then becomes bemused. They wrestle and one guy dominates. It's a lot of mat action and it moves quickly. Spike flexes his biceps, showing off his impressive body. He's thick and powerful, but Bolt is no slouch. However, the rookie does dominate the smaller stud.

Spike flexes, but he's more than just big muscles.

Bolt and Spike work well together.

Spike's a natural - he knows just where
to put his leg for maximum effect.

Based on the action, this feels more like Spike's first match than his video with Marco. He seems a little tentative in both personality and wrestling, like he's feeling things out. Bolt is charming enough to carry things until the hairy hunk gets talking. In terms of wrestling, the early lockups feel awkward and if I hadn't seen his video with Marco, I might have been worried. The rookie also works a little too fast. Mat matches are better for me when holds last a little longer.

As the match progresses, things open up and Spike gets more comfortable, proving he's a wrestler, not just a flexer. The dominating muscleman oozes sex appeal and the charisma that was apparent against Marco emerges. The flexing doesn't overshadow the action and I really got into it. Bolt does a good job on the receiving end, helping get Spike over with this fan, at least.

Bolt suffers in an extended OTK backbreaker.


In the end, it took me a minute to get into this video, but I did like it. I especially like the guys in it. Spike looks like a great addition to the Thunders roster. I love his hairy he-man vibe, plus he's showing me some good stuff as a wrestler. Yes, it helps that he's working with guys like Marco and Bolt, but I think he's good in his own. Now, I would recommend viewing him in the order of release - Marco then Bolt - but I think they're both worth watching.

What are other bloggers saying?

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. My take is very, very simple this time (which is rather not usual). Spike is a home run. For me really its all about Spike. Bolt did a splendid job, so kudos to him. But there is something with Spike. First of all, look at that gif of him slamming the head. Bolt went with it, but he had to have confidence that Spike knew what he was doing. After all that's not a ring. Its just mats. The guy seems quick on his feet and has to have real life wrestling experience.
    He even has a great character going on with the fur and his voice, and his whole Daddy attitude. Now we have seen him with guys in similar height and weight. Be interesting to see him against more muscular guys and or taller, to see how he fares. The guy has skill.
    Id love to see two guys, with experience, going at it. Some preplanning is ok. But push the level of aggression, specially if they wrestled in college or high school. It would be hot.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I agree that he's great. That's a great question on him against one of the bigger guys and how that type of video would go.

      In terms of the roster, I wasnt thinking about the uber-big guys, but ones like Kid Dynamite and Eagle, plus some of the pros like Beast and Joey could be really interesting, too. They're all in Spike's comparable size.

  2. Spike is awesome and I hope to see more of him. However, I wonder why you get his videos free and not those of the newest hottie at Thunder's Ludwig. Does this mean Ludwig won't be re-appearing. Maybe Mr. Mike will provide an answer. Alex, I'd also be interested in your take of Ludwig.

    1. I actually did get at least a couple of Ludwig matches provided to me. I haven't watched it yet. Some of the comments I read and maybe Joe's reviews made it sound like he poses more than wrestles. That's not usually my taste.

    2. Ok, I understand. Ludwig did mostly pose in the first video but in the second he did more wrestling.

    3. Oh okay. Maybe I'll watch his match against Joey King then. Thanks!