Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Review: Aron vs. Dave Markus (Movimus)

This is the first Dave Markus match I've bought. Jose at La SustanciaP has reviewed many of them and I can see why. He has a killer body and it's usually barely covered by a perfect gear choice. So I've thought about it, but never took the plunge until this Movimus "World Series" match versus Aron, a guy I've reviewed a couple of times already (vs. Mikey Hanlon and vs. Ares).

I'm not sure what makes this a "World Series" match. They're not from different countries. It's not a best-of-seven. They don't use baseball bats, gloves or balls (that's Aron's other home UCW that would do that).

The website says, "World Series Wrestling Matches are matches that go on until one wrestler calls it quits. Hence they tend to be much longer than most of our standard wrestling matches." I don't think that's what happens here as the loser could have kept going (he springs to his feet immediately after giving) and it's not particularly long.

Anyway, I didn't give it a second thought until I decided to write this review, so the random branding likely won't spoil your enjoyment. It's a good 22-minute match, even though it doesn't feel any different to me than other Movimus videos.

Aron vs. Dave Markus

The guys start out stretching, which takes about 3 minutes. Admittedly, I fast forward through this. It bores me and feels redundant in Movimus where the bodies are stretching the whole time. When they finally get into the action, it's pretty much non-stop from this point on for about 22 more minutes.

Ripped and ready

Lean and loose

These two provide a great contrast in look and body type. There's a lot of well-defined muscle on display from Markus. His chiseled body is tight and straining throughout the match. Markus looks powerful and explosive, as perfectly defined as a classical Greek statue. Even his butt is muscular and on prominent display thanks to his preference for small gear. The green posers ride up early and often.

Aron's body is more like a swimmer's. Still hot, just in a different way. He has his game face on as he tries to withstand the onslaught from Markus. The lanky stud might not smile here, but it doesn't really matter. Movimus is all about bodies in action. I do think it's interesting that in UCW, there's a lot of focus on what Aron is packing in the front of his trunks, while in Movimus, it's all about the back.

We see a different side ...

... of Aron in Movimus ...

... versus our usual view ...

... of Aron in UCW.

Their styles are as interesting a contrast as their bodies. Dave Markus works fast, while Aron is more methodical.

Markus attacks a lot. He gets on top and powers his opponent around. Aron spends a lot of time in a defensive position. Sometimes it does seem like Markus doesn't know what to do when he's in control. Sometimes he's in a great position, but just can't close the deal. Aron holds out in some tough looking holds.

Uh, even the toughest guy feels it when the briefs ride up

The guys split the first four submissions. When Markus gets his two submissions, both falls take around one minute each. Aron's two take much longer. With the score 2-2, there's a fifth and decisive submission that takes roughly half the wrestling time (11 minutes). As I mentioned, neither guy looks exhausted or like he can't go on at the end. They shake hands and move on.

Video quality is mostly great, although the camera work is less than perfect. These guys use the whole mat, so near the end, there are some long distance shots and some shaky cam work as the cameraman works into position. In the final fall, there are a couple of odd cuts where the guys are down then suddenly circling. And the video quality and style changes abruptly, which I assume means they had to switch to a different camera, but it was noticeably different. I assume there was a good reason, but that kind of thing always distracts me.

This was solid value for what you get, which is an intimate view of an intense submission match between two skilled young studs. It's classic Movimus. I did go with the HD, not the 4K, which saved money and space on my iPad.

Overall, I definitely liked this match. The guys look great and the action is non-stop once they get going.

You guys have been great stepping up with comments on recent reviews. Last time, I got no comments on my Movimus post, so this time, I'd really love to hear what you think about this review, the match, these wrestlers or Movimus in general.

What do you think?


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