Thursday, October 29, 2015

Review: Hollywood Erotic Pro 2 (Can-Am)

This might be somewhat surprising, but I don't watch a lot of Can-Am. I say surprising because they probably have the videos that most closely mirror much of the action I write about – hot musclemen wearing skimpy gear in multiple round wrestling, often with sex stakes. Their talent is usually very attractive. And the clean black environment they often use is exactly what The Cave would look like.

Scott Summers flexes over Jamie Stroud

So you’d think I’d be all over their stuff. But I’m not.

I can identify a few reasons why I don’t watch them more often. On a basic level, they don't have downloads and I find their website to be a confusing mess. It makes it tough for me to buy from them. In terms of the product, in spite of the hotness of their talent, I often find their action subpar. And sex stakes don’t usually interest me, even though I include them in 95% of my stories.

Still, I’m trying to mix things up, so I decided to watch and review something new from Can-Am. Of all the latest action, Hollywood Erotic Pro 2 seemed like the most interesting I could find on their Can-Am TV site.

A catchweight with a cocky little man
And a powerful bigger stud

After watching it, though, I kind of regret choosing it. Not because it’s bad. It wasn’t. I’m just kind of conflicted about it. It has good points, but I can honestly say that I don’t know if I’d recommend it or not.

Hollywood Erotic Pro 2 delivers on all the reasons I bought it. The wrestlers look great in tight, small gear. It’s a catchweight, which is a storyline I often like. The submission holds are long-held – actually, they last an extraordinarily long time. They’re generally applied well. And the guys suffer well.

Summers grimaces well

Love a good dragon sleeper

Scott Summers sells me that he can't get up

Scott Summers is really handsome with a great body. He is noticeably larger and stronger than his opponent Jamie Stroud. This is brought up and drives much of the continual chatter during the match. The smaller stud is bendy and fit, perfect in a catchweight encounter.

So very bendy

The sleeper is a catchweight staple

However, on the down side, some of the action is too slow and unconvincing. There's a fine line between methodical and lackluster. In particular, Stroud’s ab punishment on Summers didn't work for me. The knee lifts are slow, the shoulder blocks poorly executed, and the ab claw didn’t exactly excite me. It's not helped by the long angle camera work, which feels very detached from the action.

For me, ab claws are really hit-or-miss. On guys with hard, chiseled midsections, they seldom look convincing. The fingers need to be able to dig into a little beef otherwise it just looks like a hand resting on a six-pack. That’s the case here.

Stroud spends a lot of time working the abs

In the end, the storyline and studs kept me engaged most of the time. If you have a good imagination, like extremely long-held submission holds, or are mainly into the appearance of the wrestlers, I think you’d like this 3-fall, 46-minute match.

If you’re all about hard-hitting action, I’d suggest looking elsewhere. And if you’re looking for nudity or sex stakes, there aren’t any here. In spite of “Erotic” being in the title, there’s nothing specifically erotic here any more than you’d find in a RHW or Thunder’s Arena video.

I have no idea if this "review-like object" was helpful or not, but comments are always encouraged!



  1. With "Erotic" on it's title, I'd expected at least a couple crotch grabs, particularly since its the second video with the same title. So, I was also disappointed when I watched too. With those hot guys, it feels a bit like a missed opportunity.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Appreciate the validation.

      Yeah, I definitely felt like I had to call out the lack of anything particularly erotic in this video. However, even if it had been properly titled, I would probably still be ambivalent. I did like aspects of it, but it's like the sum is less than the parts.

  2. Jose, I'm sorry, but I don't find anything the least "erotic" about crotch grabs. In fact, just the opposite. A very occasional one isn't too awful, but having seen some matches where they are far too frequent, especially when the guy using them is trying to compensate for size and/or skill, I find sad. There's even one wrestler at Can-Am who otherwise is fairly interesting, actually specializes in them. The couple of matches of his that I watched were big yawns. Some may consider them just variations on heeldom, but for me they just make something that could be promising a big disappointment. Forgive the rant!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Everyone has different tastes, but I think the point is that I don't think anyone could view this match as especially "Erotic".

  3. Anybody aware of other websites or wrestling where Scott Summers features in, apart from other can am wrestling videos.