Sunday, November 29, 2015

Review: Eagle vs. Frey (Thunder’s Arena)

Full Disclosure: This match was provided to me by Thunder's Arena.

This is a review, but it’s really a preview. A pre-review? Maybe I should have just called this “Thunder’s Big Gamble”.

Normally, I plan this blog pretty far ahead, because I feel the need to stay ahead of the game to remain on a regular schedule. Today was supposed to be an off-day for the blog, following the Quick Hit yesterday and the “Who’s Who” tomorrow leading into a new story on Tuesday.

Well, I had to change my plans. For the first-time ever, the match I'm reviewing has an expiration date.

After disrupting the distribution model all summer, Thunder’s Arena is doing it again. They’re offering a new video for sale for just ONE DAY. That’s right, they're saying that Cyber Monday (11/30) is the only day you can purchase Eagle vs. Frey. It’s pretty risky to do this, especially when the matchup features a wrestler you can see in 100 other videos whenever you want and a rookie who, regardless of how hot he looks, has no track record at all.

Okay, Eagle is hot, but is he any good?

So what did I think?

I'm a big fan. Want proof? After watching Eagle vs. Frey, I immediately went to Thunder’s Arena and bought Eagle vs. Dozer.

Yeah, Eagle was that good. He could possibly join Jersey and a certain big and sexy wrestler … wait, I don’t want to fall in love too fast. It's one match. Let’s just say I liked him a lot. He's hot and talented and I wanted to see him in action again.

Eagle is the first wrestler where I couldn’t take my eyes off his eyes. When I did, I was treated to a handsome face then a tanned body of muscular perfection. I never thought of him as a rookie during this match. He’s got great presence – confident and committed. The only drawback is his choice of gear - baggy boxer-briefs. You know me and gear. So yes, it’s a gear-fail, but I got over it.

So handsome

I could watch this all day

Frey is Frey. Perhaps a little puffier than normal, but maybe that’s just because he’s up against a taller, more ripped stud like Eagle. Luckily I haven’t watched a Frey match for three months, so I was open to seeing him again. He's in blue, patterned briefs, which Eagle calls 'panties'. They're good, but I have to admit I was focused on Eagle most of the match.

When I was making this post, I started out with about 25 great images, but culled it back to avoid showing everything. In fact, there’s so much happening that this felt like a much longer match to me. There’s 2.5 minutes of flexing then 2.5 minutes of grappling. Takedowns and mat work. Okay, that’s cool, but it’s at the five-minute mark of this 20-minute video where I really got into it.

After flexing, the guys get grappling

It's fast-paced at the start

The five-minute mark is where Frey dishes out an over-the-knee backbreaker, saying he wants to break Eagle’s back to slow him down. From there out, there are a ton of moves, three submissions (not counting the ignored ones) and a definitive winner. No randomness like one guy just running away or outside interference. Yay!

At 5:06 this happens and I'm all-in

It’s not a squash, but Frey dominates. As you can tell from the images I chose, that suited me just fine. I like watching Eagle suffering. He’s so pretty and surprisingly good at selling. Frey does a great job displaying the hunky Eagle, using moves like a full nelson, ab stretch, figure four, two bearhugs and more.

Now I could've posted moves going the other way, like Frey in a bearhug or whatever, but those got discarded fairly early in my editing process. I'll post one below to prove it, but my focus was mainly Eagle.

See? Proof that Eagle does get control, too

But I liked this more ...the pain on his face, the body ... wow!

Frey threatens to break a rib (he's very break-y with the rookie)

Gorgeous crucifix

Overall, I think this is a really good match. It starts as a standard Frey vs. the newbie, but like Jersey before him, Eagle is able to elevate it into more. I've already re-watched part of the match.

If you’re at all interested in Eagle, I’d say go for it. You likely won’t be disappointed. As i said, I've already re-watched one part and will likely watch more of this again. And if you're into Frey, which some of you must be given how much he works - the dude must sell like crazy - you'll love it. He is very Frey here. Remember, this is being touted as one-day only. If Thunder's sticks with that ... well, it's your call.

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So what are you thinking about all this? I know you haven't seen the match but do you want to? What about hunky Eagle? The comment box is so lonely down there ...



  1. Just a quick comment about this particular release model of Thunder's Arena. If I remember correctly, they have done it before, but would later put the video up on sale. I wouldn't be surprised if they decide to put this up for sale at some point in the future.

    1. Quick comments are just as good as slow comments! I appreciate the info. I don't remember them doing this before, but before I started blogging I don't think I paid attention much. I only remember that they've had stuff I wanted only on Thunders TV or only on DVD. Since that directly affected me negatively, I was more sensitive to it.

      I guess the question is how lucky do people feel? ;)

  2. Alex R:

    Good to see more fitness models jumping into the Underground Wrestling Scene. Good for them and for us! Hope they all start jumping in!

    1. Yeah, it's cool. And Adam Coussins (my Brooks) is over at Eye of the Cyclone as the new SuperSonic. That was surprising.

  3. Amazing match, if someone knows the real name of Eagle??? I understand he's a model, so i would appreciate if someone could give me his real name. Thanks

    1. Alex R:
      Quinn Biddle

    2. Great question and awesome to get the answer so fast.

      Alex R, you are always my rock star with model names!

    3. Alex R:

      HAHA your welcome. I had known for quite a while because he was a fitness model first and became quite popular. I had not mentioned it because I wasnt sure if it was ok or not lol.