Monday, June 27, 2016

Review: Dash Decker vs. Gage Cardona (RHW 1.0)

When I did this review, I didn't know there'd be a big sale on Dash Decker matches or I would've tried to time it better. Instead, here it is in the RHW 1.0 slot I've put on my schedule  near the end of the month.

As I assembled images for this post, I started to notice that I've given the wrong impression. I just feel like if you want to see Dash dominate a smaller guy, you can do that any time, anywhere. So let me be clear that this match goes like you'd think and it isn't even close to being 50/50. Dash dominates, but as has happened before, I ended up being entranced by his few moments of helplessness.

Don't let me trick you with images like this ... sure,
they're awesome, but not reflective of most of the match

Right from the start, this match has palpable tension and fantastic energy. It's amazing how both guys really seem like they're up for this match. Dash is, of course, supremely confident and it shows. On the other side, Gage isn't scared at all. They play well together. I call this chemistry and these two have it.

Goliath is amused by David

In this match, Dash wears his muscle proudly. He's a massive muscle monster by RHW standards and he knows it. The muscleman owns the ring and his arrogance is beautiful. He's at first amused then irritated by Gage's defiance. When he chokes the skinny stud, he can't stop talking (unusual for Dash). It feels personal.

Sweaty Dash has something to say

Gage only had four matches at RHW, but three of them involved one or more of Dash, Alex Waters and Ethan Andrews. You can't beat that group to work with and it certainly felt like it set him up for more. While it didn't, he still does a great job here.

Gage is cocky and confident, but he's not just talk. I like how he delivers the same attitude in the action. Not many jobbers fight bearhugs, but Gage presses on Dash's heaving pecs, tries a choke and goes for the chin. He doesn't suffer quietly, even as he's being crushed in the vice-like grip. I try to have my characters do this, but it's sorely lacking in most matches.

Gage isn't afraid

This is a boss move - fight that bearhug!

Most of the action is standard RHW fair, with Dash dishing out the punishment. Might makes right and the muscleman brings the pain to him smaller victim. However, Dash is always good about giving up control during his matches, even if it's only for moments. He sells punches, kicks and other moves like they're the worst pain he's ever felt.

More than that, Dash is okay with his opponent being cocky. He lets himself get shown up, mocked and taunted. That's a real pro, in my opinion. Too many muscle guys in wrestling aren't self-confident enough to play along, but Dash is a real stud. Here, Gage makes the most of his moments, but he can't do it without Dash being cool with being kicked and dominated.

Gage feeling cocky

Dash gets pummeled

Dash takes those shoulder blocks like a pro

In the end, this is one of my favorite Dash matches. It's basically a squash, but it's still so entertaining and engaging. I'd buy new matches with either one of these studs any time from anywhere.

And one quick aside ... some guys love sweat. If you do, Dash is your man. He glows all the time and here is no different. At one point, Gage takes a header because of how much these two are sweating. As it goes along, the match is almost an oil match with all their perspiration on it.

Skinny guys are bendy guys

Look at that smile, Dash loves his new toy

That's one happy, shiny Dash Decker

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  1. Dash is an Adonis, no question. This match is definitely one of his best. It's a shame he's been MIA for awhile now. Hopefully, one day he will return just like Alex Waters did recently.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, the return of Dash would be an event for sure.

  2. Dash Decker is perfect from head to toe. It's a pity that he never crosses over to do softcore wrestle porn like Ethan, Jake or Austin. I could only imagine what a sight it would be when he wrestled in a jockstrap.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Dash would be spectacular in anything, but I doubt he'd do that. Modeling shots notwithstanding, he seemed uncomfortable wrestling in the red briefs.

  3. It is definitely a pity. It's also a pity Alex Waters and Bruce Ballard don't either. Can anyone imagine Bruce in a bikini, poser, or jockstrap? The idea alone is mind-boggling!!