Monday, July 25, 2016

Review: Kenny Star vs. Nero Angelo (UCW)

This is the perfect match to review after the last few superhero porn reviews. It's a great example of how freaking sexy wrestling can be and why I don't need standard porn as long as I've got wrestling to watch.

Kenny Star vs. Nero Angelo is sexy, fun and action-packed. Both guys look great. They sound great. And they embrace the whole private match ideal wholeheartedly. The wrestling is solid. The story is engaging and clear. There's not much more you can ask from a match. UCW has been on fire lately with both hot new talent and top notch action. This keeps their streak going.

Nero wants Kenny, Kenny wants Nero ... to suffer

I love how Nero Angelo brings his A-game to the garage. He continues with his touchy-feely UCW persona, making the most of his moments. The swarthy stud savors the idea of wrestling the tall, hairy and handsome Kenny Star and who wouldn't? Of course Nero is hot, too, especially in his black and blue briefs.

Nero looking great

Kenny is such a stud

The guys show off their assets

The object of Nero's affection, Kenny, looks awesome. When Nero drools over Kenny's chest and face, I'm right there with him. I've praised the gorgeous Kenny before, so it's great to hear wrestlers do the same. Nero voices the viewer's thoughts as he admires the tall, hairy hunk's face and chest. And when he grabs Kenny's bulge, you can't help but wish it was your hand.

I am so jealous of Nero right now

Nero: "You need a closer look."

Nero is so fun

Nero uses his head

The story is that Kenny has asked for the match. He says he wants revenge, but Nero takes the request as meaning something else, making it clear that he wants Kenny. They battle almost right away. Kenny does well, taking control multiple times, but Nero is the more dominant stud. He wants Kenny and he's going to get him.

Action-wise, there are a ton of great holds going both ways. These two move well on the mats and buy into the premise completely. The best parts for me are when Nero has control and is just manhandling the handsome, hairy hunk. This video is really more about displaying Kenny than Nero. The tall hunk sells really well and makes a nice plaything for his stocky opponent.

Back and forth is fine, but this is what I liked most

Not the face!

Nero: "I guess I killed Kenny. I'm such a bastard."

In the end, this was a huge winner for me in every aspect. I loved it from start to finish. The guys, the story and the action are fantastic and it's well worth the time.

What are other bloggers saying?

So that's my take. What's yours? Are these studs doing it for you?


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