The Cavey Awards

The Cavey Awards honor my favorite matches, wrestlers and producers.


Summary of All 2017 Winners





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  • Summary of All 2016 Cavey Winners

    Favorite Promotions:

  • Gold: UCW
  • Silver: BGEast
  • Bronze: Wrestler4Hire
  • Honorable Mention: Thunders Arena

  • Favorite Matches:

  • Match + Ring Match: Christian/Charlie vs. Ty/Chase (BGEast
  • Mat Match: Duke Russo vs. Case CT Thornton (Movimus
  • Outdoor Match: Kid Karisma vs. Carter Alexander (BGEast
  • Pro vs. Pro Match: Billy the Kid vs. NJustice (Thunders Arena
  • Squash: Flash LaCash vs. Van Skyler (BGEast
  • Superhero Video: Superman vs. Nightmare (Wrestler4Hire)
  • Gimmick Match: Roid Rage: Krush vs. Stan Torum (Krushco)

  • Favorite Wrestlers:

  • Wrestler: Ty Alexander (BGEastWrestler4Hire)
  • Wrestler: Duke Russo (Movimus)
  • Jobber: Biff Farrell (BGEast)
  • Jobber: TAK (Thunders Arena)
  • Heel: Kid Karisma (BGEast)
  • Heel: Flash LaCash (BGEast, Wrestler4Hire)
  • Rookie: Chase Michaels (UCW)
  • Rookie: Steel (Thunders Arena)
  • Flirt: Nero Angelo (UCW)
  • Pro Crossover: Billy the Kid (Thunders Arena)

  • 2015

  • Matches
  • Wrestlers
  • Producers

  • Summary of All 2015 Cavey Winners

  • Favorite Promotion: UCW
  • Leaders Award: Thunder's Arena
  • Favorite Roster: Thunder's Arena
  • Favorite Action: BGEast
  • Favorite Gear: Movimus

  • Favorite Wrestler: Dash Decker
  • Favorite Heel: Dirty Daddy/Guido Genatto
  • Favorite Jobber: Ty Alexander
  • Favorite New Wrestler: Jersey
  • Just Can't Get Enough: Alex Waters

  • Favorite Match: Alex Waters vs. Bruce Ballard
  • Favorite Ring Match: Alex Waters vs. Bruce Ballard
  • Favorite Mat Match: Mikey Hanlon vs. Aron Stokes
  • Favorite WTF?!? Match: Guido Genatto vs. Chet Chastain
  • Favorite Squash Match: Alex Olivier vs. Sgt. Stiff
  • Favorite Gimmick Match: Nick Diesel vs. Johnny Deep

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