Thursday, January 14, 2021

Review: Cameron Matthews vs Mighty Vinny (W4H)

Cameron Matthews' persona has certainly evolved over time. From the freshest young babyface in wrestling and frequent victim, he is now all grown up as the boss of Wrestler4Hire. While that still involves jobbing, it also involves using his tight muscles and abusing his lofty position in classic pro wrestling fashion. In tight red trunks, Cameron is looking fit and fiery.

Welcome to W4H, Vinny.
Hope you survive the experience!

Mighty Vinny is the aspiring young babyface rookie here, filling the role Cameron used to. He's smooth and thick in pale trunks. And he's got youthful eagerness with skills of his own. Perfect for the role of naive jobber. Cameron is ready to unleash on a W4H newbie, taking advantage of Vinny's relative inexperience.

Baby boy doesn't know what to do.

Such a bully.

Poor, Vinny. Paying the price for all
the beatings that Cameron endured.

Cameron Matthews vs Mighty Vinny is a classic squash and storyline. I feel like the pre-match discussion must have been something along the lines of Cameron telling young Vinny, "I'm going to do whatever I want to you and you're going to be okay with that." Basically, Cameron has a ton of moves in his arsenal and he runs Vinny through a brutal sequence of devastating pro moves.

Now here's a move we don't often see.

Beautiful neck breaker.


Action-wise, there are way too many pro wrestling moves and holds to list. I pulled 16 GIFs and could've pulled a dozen stills. Things get squashy quickly as Cameron dupes the beefy buck. It's all about breaking the young stallion. The result is a brutal beatdown and humiliation.

There's no doubting Cameron's pedigree.

That's right, let the blood rush down
before you bring him down. BOOM!

The Slingshot. Another unusual move
that I love to see.

In the end, if you like seeing a guy like Vinny get destroyed by an expert heel, you'll like this. It's a ruthless and relentless match experience. Cameron shows just how much he's learned about pro wrestling, proving that he's as talented as anyone we've ever seen.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. I haven't seen this one but Cameron had always been one of my favorite. I have loved how he has mature . But still like him as a babyface. Have a custom with him getting squashed.

    1. That's cool. He's definitely a great babyface but I like that he can stretch into other roles and do them so well. Especially against a guy like Vinny, it's like it's coming full circle.

    2. Tell Cameron that he owes you a commission. I purchased this bout and LOVED it. Cameron can do heel and face.

    3. Glad to hear you loved it.

      I’ve never done a custom video from anyone. I don’t even know what I’d ask for. I’d probably try to find a pair of guys who’d never wrestled but should.