Friday, July 31, 2015

The Cast: Who's Who (July)

Here are July's base models, along with a few before and after images where the changes were most significant or the hottest.

Route 69

Ben - Adam Ayash (Model)

Jeff - Steve Kuchinsky (Model)

O: Brooks - Adam Coussins (Model)

O: Mr. Handsome - Markus Ricci (Model)

O: Diego - Jamie Diaz (Pro Wrestler)

P: Caleb - Jim Weir (Model)

Q: Champ - Jason Sokody (Model)

R: Brad - Josh Ohl (Model)

AWL: The Adventures of Danny Chase

Danny Chase - Steven Walters (Pro Wrestler)

4: Leo - Steve Austin (Pro Wrestler)
5: Hubert Howard - Tyler Reks (Pro Wrestler)

AWL: The Education of Jake Justice

4: Jake Justice - Barry Windham (Pro Wrestler)
4: Chuck Rollins - Butch Reed (Pro Wrestler)
4: Colt Hill - Scott Hall  (Pro Wrestler)
4: Dick Van Winkel - Nick Bockwinkel (Pro Wrestler)
4: Eric Kaine - Kerry von Erich (Pro Wrestler)
4: Justin Cody - Dustin Rhodes (Pro Wrestler)

Did you like these choices? Did they fit with their characters? Please let me know in the comments!



  1. Thanks for these! Its always fun to see the transformation from before and after. I was even going to ask for Bens before picture when he wrestled brad but it looks like your 2 steps ahead of me and posted the very one i wanted to see haha. Thanks again!

    1. It's always nice when things like this work out. I love that pic, too. And you posted the Mr. Handsome before pic I had chosen ahead of me, so maybe we're just in sync!

    2. Hmm if were in sync then take all of these ideas i have for wrestlers into your head... haha But really thanks again for posting these i always love seeing how people manipulate and shop photos its such a fascinating thing for me.

  2. Great choices all around. I gotta give it to Jeff in this lineup -- that oiled-up bod really does him justice.

    Mr. Handsome and Caleb, though... damn.

    1. I agree that Steve Kuchinsky is gorgeous and should always be oiled up.

      Caleb is interesting because Jim Weir looks different in all his pics. When the story was originally posted someone said 'only 1 pic of Caleb?' And I had to say that all three were him.

      Sean did an entire post on Mr. Handsome model Markus Ricci over at Inner Jobber if you haven't see. It, including some bearded and hairy pics.