Wednesday, July 12, 2017

BOTWS 2: BGE v RHW v Thunders Part 5 of 6

And here we are for the first half of the final day of season 2. These six Day 3 matches will decide who wins bragging rights. Defending champ Rock Hard Wrestling has a big hill to climb, but nothing is impossible. Thunders is definitely in the driver's seat. And of course, you can never count BGEast out.

Round 13: Frey vs. King Cooper

For the third day in a row, we start out with two of the Cooper brothers in a face off. Frey got duped by his brother Doc, while King managed to upend the BGEast heel, bringing out his inner jobber. With no more surprises, everyone waits to see how this one pans out.

The studs circle, locking up quickly. This is the most even and honest of the three Copper Brother matches. No surprise identities. No foreign objects. It's back-and-forth, with Frey using mat-based submission moves to wear down his bro and King using ring-based power moves to try to do the same.

Frey feels the pain.

But so does King.

Both musclemen are sweating and pumped, but an aching Frey’s slow, submission-based approach works better. He gets King into a bad spot then locks on a sleeper. The more muscular and powerful Frey cinches it in and that's all she wrote. The Thunders Cooper has a win, giving each one a 1-1 record. This tourney did nothing to settle who's the better Coop, keeping their sibling rivalry going and making sure they all keep fighting hard in their respective home bases.

Frey wins the day.

And King is the one bowing this time.

Round 14: Joshua Goodman vs. Tak

Tak comes bounding out, expecting to face Kirk Donahue, but instead, it's a pissed-off Joshua Goodman. After Tak’s day one victory over RHW’s Tanner Hill, Kid Leopard made the switch. He isn't playing around, recognizing just how dangerous the lightweight Thunders veteran can be.

Josh is still pissed about his
humiliating loss to Talon

The Thunders hunk tries to charm Josh into banter and a flex-off, but gets a vicious clothesline instead. The BGEast superstar unleashes hell on the skinny blond stud, with stomps, slams and body punches. An extended tree of woe has the lightweight stud moaning as do full-power submission holds that allow Josh to bend Tak like a pretzel, like the bow and arrow, hangman, tear drop and stump puller.

Tak gets manhandled by the BGE veteran.

Tak’s jobber side is on full display as he's thoroughly out-gunned by the angry and focused muscleman. The only thing Tak won't do is call him Mr. Joshua, his resilience denying the BGEast heel that satisfaction. Still, it's wins and losses that matter and Josh ends this round with a brutal full nelson that knocks Tak unconscious. Josh takes a flexing ten-count, his boot on Tak’s chest enough to keep the unmoving loser down.

Josh redeems himself, crushing Tak.

Round 15: Kirk Donahue vs. Tanner Hill

Muscleboy Tanner is feeling pretty good when he sees that Josh is scratched as his opponent and replaced by Kirk. The rookie looks over his own tight, ripped body with a smile, knowing his muscles will easily take down some BGEast jobber. Tanner laughs as Kirk jogs eagerly to the ring, confident that he can handle the nerdy looking hard-body.

Tanner's not impressed by Kirk.

Tanner remarks on Kirk’s looks and body, arrogantly showing off his power. Kirk just smiles and nods, focusing on his set of moves. They lock up and Tanner takes over. He powers Kirk to the ring then executes a big series of ring moves that have the BGEast jobber reeling. It looks grim until Tanner pauses to pose. Kirk summons his second wind, tripping Tanner and taking over.

Kirk uses leg work to immobilize Tanner, but he can't get a submission. The ripped RHW stud gets control back. He has Kirk in a bad way after a crushing full nelson, but when he tries a head scissors sleeper, Kirk punches his knee and he cries out. Kirk takes over, becoming more cocky as Tanner can barely stand thanks to the relentless leg attack.

A vicious and effective leg attack by Kirk ...

... has muscle boy Tanner crying.

Cocky Kirk locks on a figure-four, forcing the prettyboy fitness model to cry out his submission. Kid Leopard’s switcheroo paid off with two big wins. Meanwhile Zack knows they're done after this 0-2 start. With only two more matches for RHW left, they can't catch BGEast or Thunders.

Tanner can't believe he lost to a jobber nerd.

Kirk shows some cockiness after a big win.

Commercial Break

We're headed in to the home stretch with just three more matches to go. We're down to a two-federation showdown between BGEast and Thunders Arena with Kid Karisma, Mitch Colby, Bolt and Marco still having matches. For RHW, it wasn't their year, but can mega-star Alex Waters or surfer Chad Daniels play spoiler against one of the big boys?

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  1. Dun dun dun. One more day to go! Looks like RHW is out of the running but I'm sure my boy Alex can take one last win for them. Crossing my fingers for him against Marco that would be a great match. Though the last selection of men are all great so I'm excited to see who wins this year.

    1. Thanks! Yeah I saved a few stars for the end.

  2. Alex Waters is beautiful, so I want to see lose? When you love jobbers, it's ALL good. ;)

    1. I like your optimism. A real glass half full guy. Alex has never been a great sufferer for me, although he loses in my two favorite RHW matches of all time. Hm. I still think he's better at making jobbers than being one. :)