Sunday, July 9, 2017

BOTWS 2: BGE v RHW v Thunders Part 3 of 6

And we're back. Day 1 resolved nothing as things ended in a three-way tie. Big stars came through for Rock Hard Wrestling, while BGEast and Thunders both got a nice win from one of their frequent jobbers. And we learned that there are Cooper brothers, explaining their incredible frequency. But wait ... are they twins? Or ...

Round 7: Doc Cooper vs. King Cooper

The arena goes crazy as BGEast sends "Doc" Cooper out for his second match in shiny red trunks and an arrogant swagger, only to be met by RHW's "King" Cooper, proudly carrying his title belt in black and white squarecuts.

Wait, who's this? Another Cooper brother?

What? Austin Cooper isn't twins. He's triplets! No wonder "Austin" is everywhere all the time. The brothers meet in the middle of the ring. King shows his doppelgänger his belt. As Doc sneers, mocking it as a cheap plastic prop, King Cooper suddenly smashes him in the face with the belt. Doc drops.

King takes full advantage. He stomps, slams and batters his brother. Outside the ring, friend and observer Jake Jenkins says, "Look, he's not Doc any more, he's Austin the Jobber!" It's true. The vicious assault has knocked Austin Cooper into BGEast jobber mode, giving King an easy time as he pummels and tortures his sibling.

Knocked back to Austin, BGEast's Cooper
is no match for the King

Jobber Austin barely puts up a fight
against his royal brother.

Doc might've easily beaten Frey, but Austin stands no chance against King. The RHW muscle stud racks his identical triplet, getting a clear and easy win for the fitness model federation.

King Cooper puts RHW ahead.

Round 8: Bolt vs. Bruce Ballard

Bruce marches to the ring. He looks focused. After losing to Thunders’ fireplug Scrappy, he wants to get back on track. When he sees Bolt, Bruce smiles and rubs his hands together. He flexes, showing off his fitness model physique. Bolt just sneers, “I've seen better. Way better. Take a look at this!” Bolt flexes, playfully showing off his biceps.

The RHW stud moves in close, admiring Bolt. He suddenly slips behind, locking on a full nelson. He crushes the cocky southern stud, quickly getting Bolt moaning and groaning. Bruce releases the nelson by throwing Bolt down. He unleashes some hard stomps then scoops Bolt up for a big body slam. WHAM! The Thunders hunk bridges his hips, his back hurting. Another stomp then a big body scissors paired with a sexy bicep flex has Bruce looking like a winner.

A scissors has Bolt in trouble.

Bruce releases the scissors. As he drags Bolt up, the Thunders cutie goes low, bringing his arm up between the legs. He grabs Bruce and rolls him into a spladle. Bolt spreads the handsome RHW hunk out wide until he's moaning loud. The smaller stud lets go then does some barefoot stomps and his own scissors. Bruce suffers, but holds on.

Another reversal puts Bruce back in control. He racks Bolt, but the cocky southern stud rakes Bruce’s eyes. As the RHW muscleman stumbles around, temporarily blinded. Bolt comes in behind. Another arm up between the legs leads to a sleeper that ends things in Bolt’s favor. The crowd is surprised as Bolt flexes over the sleeping muscle stud.

Bruce can't really go 0-2 against two of Thunders
smaller guys! Huh. Apparently he can.

Bolt celebrates a surprise win for Thunders.

Round 9: Dash Decker vs. Marco

Dash flexes for the crowd, but he's feeling the pressure. Bruce lost two matches he should've won. Or at least that he could've won. Even if him and Alex go 4-0, it won't be enough. Marco comes in, smirking. He flexes his own impressive muscles, engaging Dash in trash talk. The former King from RHW is more the strong and silent type. He struggles to keep up with the verbal barrage, opening the door for a surprise gut kick.

Dash is quickly in trouble again.

Marco manhandles Dash, mocking the big bodybuilder as a second rate big man, telling him he would be a lightweight at Thunders. Dash finally reverses things during a Marco flexing break. He punches Marco in the abs then bodyslams him. He stomps the handsome hunk then gets him in the corner for some vicious body work. A scoop leads to an over-the-knee backbreaker. Dash flexes his bicep as Marco moans in pain.

Dash is all over Marco.

Dash cranks on the backbreaker, but Marco manages to swing his legs up, toppling himself free. The RHW bodybuilder grabs his hair to hoist him up for a rack, but Marco punches Dash in the abs. He rises and scoops Dash up across his chest. Marco makes a cryptic comment about scoping Dash out beforehand and asking for this matchup. He drops Dash in his own over-the-knee backbreaker, telling the muscle hunk to give for him like he did for Ethan. Just like that match, Dash proves to be inflexible and unable to withstand the pain. He submits to Marco at the 11:26 mark.

Oh Dash, how could you submit?

Marco rubs it in, flexing over the former King.

In the back, Mr. Mike celebrates a big win. His boys are really racking up the wins. Meanwhile, Zack is reeling, knowing that RHW is in big trouble.

Commercial Break

Halfway through Day 2 and things are starting to separate. Can Thunders keep up their momentum? Can BGE and RHW get their mojo back?

Some potentially controversial results today ... make sure to let me know who you think should've won? Was I right? Wrong? Comments are the best.



  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Bruce lost again... haha! Before that Triplets! I knew it haha Funny to see that actually come true. But back to bruce loosing to Bolt *cough* Rigged! *cough* At least it was hot to imagine! And even hotter imagining Marco actually taking down big man Dash. Each wrestler can only go twice right? So Dash, BGE Austin and Bruce are out of matches? Its going to be interesting to see if Alex and RHW Cooper can win and try to carry their team but my bets are on TA winning the competition!

    1. Thanks for the comment. On the mechanics, you are correct. Two matches each, so some guys are done, while others haven't even started yet.

      Yeah, you'd think Bruce would've done better. I guess he just doesn't perform well under pressure. :D

  2. It's that Bruce suffers so goooooood!!! So yay Bruce is 0-2. Lol.
    The triplets thing was hilarious lol. And Dash vs Marco. I agree, but something tells me you shed a couple of tears and thought long and hard before you wrote that haha.

    1. Bruce does lose well. And his loss to Ethan doesn't help the case that he can't lose to a smaller stud. He can and does here, beautifully.

      And yes, Dash/Marco clearly goes against my own preference, but it made more sense to me. I think Marco is used to wrestling bigger guys and he's shown skills.

  3. Marco always beats bigger guys at TA and he's as skillful as they come. I think you had the right outcome.

    1. Thanks, that's exactly how I looked at it. Dash is RHW big, but not Thunders big. Marco holds his own against bigger musclemen all the time. Muscle alone isn't enough and Dash has never been portrayed as really skilled.