Monday, July 10, 2017

BOTWS 2: BGE v RHW v Thunders Part 4 of 6

Round 10: Joshua Goodman vs. Talon

Talon bounces in the ring, looking pumped and focused. His loss to Tyrell burns him up. He's only lost once at Thunders. The idea of going 0-2 is unfathomable. Joshua Goodman emerges from the back and saunters to the ring. He's got sunglasses on, looking ridiculously hot in an animal print poser. He looks at Talon with a smirk.

After a lengthy face off that includes flexing and trash talk, the BGEast veteran takes control fast. A headlock leads to a hip toss then to an arm bar. Josh dominates with classic skills. Talon powers out of the holds, though, driven by adrenaline. It's a back and forth battle of skill versus determination. The match turns when Josh misses a corner splash. He bounces off, falling to the mat. Talon grabs his head then forces the BGEast hunk into a standing leg scissors.

Uh oh, it's Talon's signature move.

Josh struggles in the standing leg scissors, but suddenly he goes limp. Talon opens his legs, letting the BGEast star collapse to the mat. The Thunders hunk kicks Josh onto his back then squats down to check his arm. A slow and cocky arm test confirms the facts. Mr. Joshua is unconscious, defeated by Talon.

Knocked out!

And your winner is ... Talon!

His redemption complete, Talon flexes over his opponent before strutting to the back. Meanwhile, Mitch and Tyrell come out to help their sleeping teammate. With Mitch’s help, Josh is dragged to the ring apron then lifted ass up over Tyrell’s shoulder and ignominiously carried to the back.

Round 11: Kid Karisma vs. Scrappy

Thunders has a commanding lead. Scrappy struts to the ring with his diabolical grin across his face. The adorable fireplug has orders to end this any way he can. As he flexes in the ring, Kid Karisma comes in. He's waited a long time to finally see action and he's not impressed. They're pretty evenly matched in terms of size and both have a strong resume of dominating similar-sized guys.

When the bell rings, they lock up. Scrappy powers Kid to the corner, but the BGEast veteran flips their positions. He batters the fireplug’s big chest then pounds his abs. Scrappy pushes him away and the two hunks go back and forth with scissors, body blows, armlocks and headlocks. Scrappy holds his own, both guys sweating up a storm.

As the match progresses, Scrappy tires, worn down by the ginger muscle hunk. Kid’s strategy becomes obvious as he begins to assert control. The Thunders hunk becomes sloppy, his endurance pales in comparison to Kid’s. By the ten minute mark, Kid is moving the diminutive bodybuilder around the mat at will, locking him in multiple submission holds - ab stretch, camel, crabs, scissors, but Scrappy won't give.

Scrappy suffers, but won't submit.

Kid is getting frustrated by Scrappy's resilience.

The resilient Thunders hunk manages a surprise sleeper and Kid fades. He flails his arms weakly as his power is drained. It looks over, but Kid manages a desperation move, running them back into the corner. He grabs Scrappy around the head then bulldogs him down. Kid applies a sleeper, managing to knock out his feisty, but exhausted opponent.

Scrappy can't move.

Kid Karisma puts BGEast back on track.

In the back, Kid Leopard pumps his fist. He knew Thunders would have had an insurmountable lead if Scrappy had pulled out a win. Instead, they're right back in it and the next match features another one of their best.

Round 12: Chad Daniels vs. Tyrell Tomsen

The blond, white surfer looks confident as the handsome BGEast muscle hunk climbs into the ring. Chad smirks, taunting Tyrell for being fat, but the black stud ignores the taunts. When Chas tries to goad Tyrell into flexing, he gets a kick to the abs instead. From there, Tyrell unleashes a flurry of stomps, slams and suplexes that devastates the RHW surfer.

Chad gets wrecked.

The blond hunk is more like a wrestling dummy.

This turns into the biggest squash of the day, with Tyrell relentlessly breaking down the blond surfer stud. By the time Tyrell has him in the corner, pounding his smooth, ripped body, Chad can barely stand. A rack over Tyrell’s broad shoulders with a ball grab ends Chad’s tournament in humiliating fashion. He screams his submission then gets unceremoniously dropped to the mat.

Tyrell does his job, going 2-0 for the tournament.

Wrapping Up Day Two

Thunders took a solid lead, thanks to huge wins by Bolt, Marco and Talon. Kid Karisma kept BGEast in the game, turning around their momentum. And for the second day in a row, Tyrell Tomsen closed things with a huge win. He's done for the event, but starting Wednesday, things wrap up with more big action in the final six matches featuring stars like Alex Waters, Kid Karisma and Marco.

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  1. LOVIN this, bro!!! And I LOVE seeing my BGEast men get crushed!! Any way Mitch can come back for more punishment?

    1. Thanks! From BGEast, Mitch does have his second match still to come, along with Josh, Kid and Kirk.

  2. Okay here we go. Finally a day were I agree with results Lol! Next few days are going to be interesting that's forsure let's see if TA can keep the lead.

    1. Well, I'm glad you agree. It's a tight race, for sure. Wednesday and Thursday will decide it all!