Thursday, July 13, 2017

BOTWS 2: BGE v RHW v Thunders Part 6 of 6

This is it. Season 2 all comes down to these final three matches.

Round 16: Chad Daniels vs. Mitch Colby

Mitch looks focused as he waits for the young surfer to circle the entire ring. Chad is contemptuous of the mature muscleman as he climbs into the ring. After getting squashed by Tyrell, the blond RHW stud is more focused. He takes early control, really torturing Mitch with an impressive series of classic power moves - slams, stomps, punches and even a suplex.

After 6 minutes of domination, the young blond is working Mitch in an armbar, feeling in complete control. The man who called Dash Decker fat now mocks BGE for sending out “grandpa”. Mitch's moans suddenly switch to a smile. He rolls in the armbar, bending his arm and using his body to lift Chad’s legs, forcing the young stud into a small package. The mature muscleman gets a two-count before Chad powers free.

Both guys rise. Chad charges. Mitch is ready. He bends and scoops the charging young wrestler up across his chest, using the momentum for a devastating spinning body slam.

"Grandpa"? Chad wishes.

Mitch rises to one knee, taps Chad’s face and in a condescending tone tells him he needs to respect his elders. He also tells Chad that his armbar sucked, he just used it as a rest move. The BGEast hunk targets Chad’s back with a bow and arrow, hangman, backbreaker and some rough whips into the corner and slams. The blond surfer is moaning loudly, unable to get a reversal. Every time he tries, Mitch sees it coming and counters the counter.

The surfer gets hung out to dry

Mitch focuses on Chad's back

Mitch grabs the mop of thick blond hair every chance he gets, using it to lead the RHW stud from one punishing move to the next. The mature muscleman nearly knocks Chad out with a figure four head scissors, but after the trash talk, he wants more. The end comes when Mitch pulls the groggy surfer up by his hair then executes a perfect piledriver. Chad is unconscious, letting Mitch enjoy a long flexing ten-count.

The mature muscleman splashes his sweat down on Chad before leaving the ring, victorious. In the back, Team BGEast celebrates their momentum, while no one from a disappointed RHW locker room even comes out to help the sleepy surfer.

Mitch is the man this round.

Round 17: Alex Waters vs. Bolt

As the two cocky southern studs check each other out, Bolt can't help but bring up RHW’s dismal record. When Bolt asks, “What's left to fight for, buddy?” Alex calmly replies with a surprise standing drop kick that sends Bolt flying back into the corner. He bounces out onto the mat, allowing Alex to mount him with a choke. The RHW mega-star replies, “What am I fighting for? Me, same as always.”

Alex takes it to Bolt right away.

Bolt learns the hard way that Alex never phones it in.

Alex launches into a methodical and determined breakdown of Bolt, one worthy of any Thunder big man twice his size. The compact muscle stud is at his brutal best, using his unique combination of physical abuse mixed with distracting and belittling trash talk. Bolt tries to counter, but gets caught up verbally defending his soft body and dime-store hair instead of physically engaging.

Even when Bolt finally gets a bearhug on Alex, the RHW stud laughs it off, making the Thunders hunk feel unworthy. Alex reverses the hold then breaks Bolt with a vicious leg series that starts with a kick to the knee then he clips out Bolt’s leg. He drags Bolt to the corner then slams his knee into the ringpost. Stomps to the leg are followed by a killer leg lock. Bolt holds out, so to finish things, Alex drags Bolt to the ropes, drapes his leg over the middle rope then hops out of the ring. He pulls on the aching leg, hyperextending the knee. Bolt cries out his submission.

FLASHBACK: In the audience, Jake Jenkins
remembers the pain Bolt's feeling very well. 

Just like Jake, Bolt gives, unable to take the hold.

Alex rises and poses. He knows he was responsible for half of RHW wins, happy to have this to hold over everyone else’s head.

Alex proves once again that he's the best
(from RHW, at least).

Round 18: Kid Karisma vs. Marco

The final match of regulation time. BGEast can win. Thunders can tie and send this to an overtime tag match. Despite ending on a win, RHW is eliminated. They beat UCW, but other than Alex Waters going 2-0, they just couldn't hold up against stiffer competition.

Backstage, Marco is confidently strutting in the locker room. He loves being the anchor for his team, knowing he's the best. And this is the match he’s been waiting for. Dash Decker was just a warmup. He knows everyone wants this match. He really wanted Brad Rochelle, but he didn't show. It would've been fun to humiliate the icon, but this Kid Karisma guy will do. What kind of grown man calls himself Kid, anyway?

Marco's feeling good backstage.

As he gets ready to exit the locker room, Marco feels legs around his head. Kid Karisma lowers himself from the rafters and squeezes on the head scissors. The stunned Marco fights, but he's been caught completely off guard. The ginger hunk crushes his young foe until he's nearly out. The BGEast stud lets go of the dazed Marco then calmly drops to the floor.

FLASHBACK: In the audience, Jake Jenkins
remembers this, too ...

... knowing first-hand that Kid Karisma
should never be underestimated.

Everyone (except for audience member Jake Jenkins who's been there and done that) is shocked to see Kid Karisma leading a wobbly Marco to the ring from the locker room. Kid works on Marco, but the young hunk won't give or be pinned.

Kid has control, but Marco keeps fighting.

Marco won't give up.

Marco recovers enough to take control. He actually dominates Kid Karisma, making the older wrestler pay for his trickery. The younger muscle stud is strong and knows wrestling. The ginger hunk gets trapped in a figure-four head scissors and a flexing Marco announces he's going to put Kid out. The Thunders hunk laughs that the tournament is headed to OT as he kisses his bicep.

Marco knows how to take control.

Marco comes back, wearing down the BGE veteran.

In desperation, Kid attacks the knees, pounding them hard as he pushes his head back into Marco's bulge. The Thunders hunk loses the hold then rolls away. He rises as Kid kneels beside him. The BGEast stud says, "It was your right knee, right?" He dives in, clipping Marco's leg out. Yeah, the experienced hunk heard about Marco's old injury that kept him out of action.

Kid is like shark that smells blood ...

Marco struggles, but the assault that follows is relentless and focused. You never want Kid Karisma to know your weakness, because he'll exploit it. The brave young bodybuilder eventually gives to a perfectly applied figure-four, securing BGEast's win.

Marco can't believe he lost to a "Kid".

Kid takes a bow, clinching it all for BGEast.

Wrapping Up Battle of the Wrestling Stars 2

Well, that's all for this season of Battle of the Wrestling Stars. BGEast wins with a huge Day 3 performance, going 4-0 today to take the crown. Thunders can be proud of their showing, while Rock Hard Wrestling has some work to do if they want to compete with the big boys.

Okay, now that it's all over, what do you think?



  1. Nice ending! Mitch pulled out a win showing that even though he's a hot jobber he can win occasionally lol. Alex of course putting on a great display. Always happy to see Alex be his cocky self letting him belittle the other man but can always back it up. To bad he couldn't carry his team. Then Kid Karisma taking down Marco. That was an interesting result but with Kid doing his research and attacking Marcos weak point it makes sense and just goes to show that BGE has what it takes to win!

    Thunders had the potential to win but fell short and RHW... well maybe they can do more encore matches to try and do better next time...

    Thanks for this Alex always fun to read and see the who ends up taking BotS Trophy!

    1. You're welcome. It's intended to be fun, so I'm happy to read that.

  2. Ha ha, I love the Jake Jenkins flashbacks...! :)

    1. When I added those in, I was thinking about adding more flashbacks in throughout. Jake has certainly faced Austin in all three places. Ethan remembering Dash in his OTK move, etc. I felt that it was just getting too long with too many images.