Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Review: Scrappy v Finn McCool (Thunders Arena)

Thunders Arena finally hit the jackpot during this latest round of Vegas videos and it looks like their lucky charm is Scrappy. The feisty fireplug has at least five recent Vegas winners - Marco, Karl, Bart, Steel and this one against newcomer Finn McCool. Yes, Finn, Steel and Bart also had some other good action, but it's Scrappy who led the way. So that's why I decided to look at Scrappy vs. Finn McCool.

It's a love fest when Scrappy and Finn go at it.

Finn McCool deserves some of the credit for the success of this. He seems properly named as he comes across as chill and open to whatever comes along. Of course, the newcomer looks great in blue trunks, but his sexiness for me is largely driven by the way he interacts with Scrappy (and Steel and Bart in those videos).

I just like him. And it sure seems like his opponents do, too.

Finn is so watchable. He just has "it".

I guess Finn is pretty versatile.

Scrappy is the reigning king of my underground world. He's just the best right now, whether he's jobbing to Viking, crushing Blayne or playfully romping with Finn, the guy knows how to put on a show and make the most of even a hotel living room grope-fest. I'm seriously impressed with him in virtually every outing.

Thank you, Thunders! Scrappy is the cockiest and
cutest guy in wrestling right now.

This video starts out as many Thunders videos do, with some flexing and posturing. Right away, Scrappy and Finn display a connection that captivated me. I don't normally like groping stuff, but the intense chemistry between the two is electric. They're having fun, but it feels like they're also competing for more than winning a match. It's hard to explain the appeal, but they work great together and every moment is more engrossing than the last.

Scrappy is all over Finn McCool.

Scrappy can't stop playing with those meaty pecs.

Finn is fucking loving it.

There are hot holds here, but the reason to buy is not the wrestling. This is a more collection of sexy holds than a match, which is something I often complain about. And yet here I am gushing over this. Why?

You know how people have said that they like my stories for the personal interactions more than the wrestling and sex? That's how I feel about this video. I mean, yes, Scrappy's sleeper is what I'm re-watching, but mainly because of the rapport the two display. When Finn just lets go, allowing Scrappy to control him in a moment like the above GIF, it's an entire story unto itself. The whole video is like that. Just two musclemen enjoying each other, telling a story.

Scrappy keeps the heat turned up high.

I couldn't get enough of these two. 

In the end, this video was just a helluva lotta fun. I've already watched parts of it multiple times, entirely driven by the guys. They're simply magnetic together as they struggle and strain their chiseled muscles for top position. I specifically am not calling it a "match", because it's not one. However, I actually think the men make it more than that, not less.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. I say that you are 100% correct on every single sentence on this review. Scrappy is playing a game that is perfect in every way . Your description of Finn is also perfect. Scrappy loves the muscle hunk and Finn has no problem playing along. But omg those gifs. Hotttt. The pec claws and sleepers are like natural Viagra. Wow! This was hot. As you say it wasn't a wrestling match but it worked like a charm.