Tuesday, July 4, 2017

US Independence Day: Wade Cutler

Happy Independence Day for my American readers. Happy plain old July 4th for everyone else. According to Google Analytics, Americans still represent 57% of my visitors and the timing just works out nicely for a special post. Last year, I shared a bunch of studs in USA-themed gear. This year, I've decided to focus on one particular stud in USA-themed gear.

Wade Cutler.

Happy July 4th!
Wade always sets off fireworks.

You can tell when guys started watching gay-oriented underground wrestling based on their first loves. Wade Cutler was one of mine. He was definitely a well-established BGEast star by the time I started buying, but he just had that "je ne sais quoi". If there had been blogs back then, I feel confident that we would have been talking about him a lot, waiting impatiently for his next video.

Yeah, I would've gushed over Wade.

The perfect topic for today.

Wade was a handsome powerhouse (and might still be for all I know, I'm using past tense only in reference to his wrestling videos, not him personally). The hunk was my definition of clean cut muscle with a military feel. Chiseled physique. Square jaw. Sculpted pecs and a great ass. He also had determination and confident attitude that I loved. Just the whole package.

Take it off, Mr. America!

Claudio with a wonderfully creative move on Wade

So good I needed two GIF's for it!

As much of a classic All-American military jock as Wade naturally was, it only made sense to put him in USA gear. I believe he wore the red-white-and-blue trunks three times and the USA singlet only once. Now, he only finished a match in his USA gear once that I'm aware of, but while he was in it, it was absolute perfection. Of course his ass was amazing out of it, too, but that's beside the point.

The camera loved Wade's butt.

The zoom got used a lot.

Wade's time in his trunks was often fleeting ...

Spoiler alert. Wade was a jobber. He didn't usually choose to lose the gear. It was stripped from him. Two of those were in the Hard Pros series, which BGEast didn't keep up with. It was one of the core lines back in the day where the guys would wrestle, trunks would be stripped and big dicks would be swinging, kept engorged by an elastic band. That part always creeped me out, but the guys who they featured (e.g., Wade, Jose, Cruze) and the action was usually just so good I had to go with it.

One note ... Wade's Fantasymen match against Buster actually had the exact same dynamic, but maybe because it was singlets on the mats, they didn't want to put it on a "pros" compilation. Either way, Wade and Buster both end up stripped with elastic band assisted hard ons.

Anyway, Wade was an excellent performer. He was a solid wrestler and an amazing sufferer. None of the four USA matches are my favorite Wade match - that would probably be his Hard Pros match against Jose - but they're all pretty good. I'd rank them thusly:

  • Hard Pros (Steve Sherman) USA trunks. Ring. Beautiful heel opponent and a great contrast between Steve and Wade.
Steve was a such a flashy, pretty heel.

Looks can be deceiving - the stud in the
gold lamé trunks has all the power.

  • Fantasymen (Buster Bergeron) USA singlet. Mats. Sexy fireplug opponent. Of the four, this is the only one against a comparable star.
Love the cocky and stocky Buster.

Singlets can be so sexy on muscle guys
with big butts and bulges.

  • Fantasymen (Steve Grafonis) USA trunks. Ring. Beefy hunk opponent. The only one where Wade keep his USA gear on.
Wade gets control on Big Steve.

But of course it doesn't last.

  • Hard Pros (Claudio) USA trunks. Ring. Muscle monster opponent. Great body, distractingly creepy face on the heel. However, it does work if you like brutal monster types.



Anyway, have a wonderful holiday to the 57% of you enjoying one. And for those who aren't celebrating anything, you can still make today special with more Wade in your life!



  1. Replies
    1. I know, right?

      Wade is a guy that if his matches were available for digital download, I'd actually re-buy them for the quality improvement. Absolutely one of my all-time faves.

  2. Thanks for keeping alive the legend of Wade Cutler, one of the best physicists of BG-East and in my opinion, the sexiest fighter (he is still a sensual and attractive man today). Thanks for posting and greetings to Jon Ramsey.

    1. You're welcome! Huh, your comment about him today makes me want a Comeback video like they did for Chris Bruce, Shane McCall and Joe Mazetti. Let's see mature Wade against guys like Kid Karisma, Ty Alexander, Jonny Firestorm and Chase Addams.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for the comment! In action, he was even hotter. I couldn't do him justice with screen grabs from videos that were well-watched on VHS, converted to DVD then ripped into electronic files. It's why I broke my own rule and used BGEast Arena content. I figured they wouldn't mind a few posed images.

  4. Wade was one of the hottest at BG East! His match against Buster was just a classic of handsome hunks - wow! That would be a great match to download.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I agree with you that Wade was one of the hottest ever, that his match with Buster was great and that I'd download it right away if BGE ever makes their distribution system more customer-friendly.

  5. Thanx Alex for the highlighting the B G East history of one of the hottest ever muscled jobbers, Wade Cutler. His dense muscularity made him appear to be a natural heel but the organisation concluded he should job and suffer for the fans. I too loved his bouts against big dick Jose and pretty boy Steve Sherman. We all waited for the moment when Wade would be humiliated when stripped naked. Whilst Wade had a thick tool he was never the biggest dick in the ring his opponents would flaunt their obvious bigger hangers over a prostrate Cutler to show their masculine dominance over the obvious man stud who was Wade Cutler. Boners assured everytime for us fans

    1. You are welcome, Mike. Wade definitely deserved it, but I'm really pleased to see how strong the response to him still is. Most classic posts don't do that well, but Wade is still a superstar.

  6. Wade is the best wrestler and showman around.

    1. Wow, high praise. He's definitely an icon.