Saturday, July 15, 2017

BIGBeast: The New Guy 3

This story is based on a reader commission

At the Home for BIGBeast Wrestling

"Hey, jobber. Put these on and be in the ring in five minutes." Jimmy hands Steve a pair of silver and black shiny trunks.

Steve looks suspicious.

After a moment of skeptical hesitation, the hot new guy's eyes light up. He says, "Oh nice. These don't look very jobber-ish. What's the deal?"

Jimmy circles behind the blond muscleman then rubs his broad shoulders. He ignores the comment, responding, "You did good as a jobber against Dino. I mean real good. Camera-boy here was hard most of the match and when you squealed? He shot his wad into his shorts."

I look from behind the camera, unhappy with the exaggeration. It makes me sound like a stupid horny teenager. Yeah, I'm only 18. And I'm horny for wrestling. But I didn't almost cum. I've got control. Not that my boss cares. Jimmy shoots me a challenging look, daring me to question him. I retreat back behind the camera and get back to filming.

Me aka "Camera-boy".

Jimmy continues, "But I wanna switch things up. You're a big guy, let's see what else you can do." Steve smiles, enjoying the shoulder rub.

It's only my third day with BIGBeast, so I don't want any trouble. I'm a film student working as a videographer here. With the real boss in Florida, Jimmy Wildfire is in charge this weekend. More than that, he's a nasty little heel who will kick my ass for no reason. At 6'4"/200-lbs, I'm nearly a foot taller and 50-lbs heavier, but I'm still scared of him a little. Make that a lot.

Anyway, Steve is a handsome 40-year old blond Canadian muscle hunk who looks like he's 28. He's got a nice fake tan over his 6'1"/200-lbs body that's ripped and powerful. Yeah, he's big, but he's not exactly skilled as a wrestler. So far, he's had his ass kicked by the much smaller Jimmy in a training tryout yesterday then earlier today by Dino Donato, a big bad superstar heel.

I get what Jimmy's saying, though. I've already shot four matches today and Steve's was the best. The guy might not be the next great wrestler, but he could be the newest fan favorite jobber. I mean, he can take a ton of punishment and look gorgeous doing it. Not just look gorgeous, either. He sounds incredible with moans and whimpers that get my cock swelling. I didn't cum, but at home, in my room, with a sock over my dick? Yeah, I'd be shooting multiple loads during that squash.

So, the hot new guy has the selling part of the business down pat. He's a natural when it comes to getting beat down and there's a market for that. That's why I don't get why Jimmy is giving him these sexy heel trunks, but you couldn't pay me to question the smaller heel. Maybe it's a show of support for his potential, but I doubt it. Steve got on Jimmy's bad side yesterday and I think he's the type that holds a grudge.

Jimmy moves in front of Steve as he pulls a tiny pink poser out of his pocket, "Wear these underneath the trunks. With any luck, we'll get some hot shots of the strap poking out. Guys love that." The hot new guy is about to respond when the boss points to a pair of silver and black boots with a lightning bolt on the side. "Wear those, too."

The hot new guy scrunches his face, "They look a little big -" Jimmy balls his fists and takes a step forward. Steve takes the hint, "Uh, you got it, boss. I'll put them on right away."

The uber-heel nods. Steve quietly moves to strip down to get changed, but Jimmy drags me back to the upstairs ring before I get to look at his junk or ass again. Damn, both are nice and I really want to film the hot stud getting naked, but I follow the boss obediently. I ask who I'll be filming, trying to prepare myself, but I guess Jimmy isn't in a sharing mood.

When he doesn't respond, I just shrug and go with the flow. I'm actually looking forward to seeing what Jimmy is going to do next to the blond muscleman.

In the Ring

Steve bounces up and down in the ring, rocking his shiny silver and black heel trunks. Against his tanned skin, they're so intense. The metallic-like material is tight, but thin, so his junk just hangs there, dragging them down in front. They naturally wedge up a little in back, cupping his ass. Yep, they're a great pair of trunks on a great looking stud.

Steve looks great in black.

The warmup stretching and flexing goes well. I get great footage. I hear the door knob turning, which is my cue to turn away from Steve and turn towards his opponent. Oh shit. The door opens and there stands Cash McDash. Smooth and muscular, the thickly bearded pro wrestler is another big bad boy heel. The kind who can just wreck you.

At 5'11", Cash is shorter than Steve, but he's 235-lbs. The extra weight is pure rock solid muscle. The heel has thicker arms and legs, as well as a powerful torso. He's wrapped up in metallic dark gray squarecuts with black pro boots. His big body is tanned and pumped. The gear confuses me more now. It's a prettyboy blond heel vs. rugged, handsome heel.

Uh oh, it's uber-heel Cash McDash.

Cash stares at Steve outside the ring. He nods, "Okay, at least they gave me a fuckin' man this time. You shoulda seen the poser I just wrecked." Steve doesn't say a word. The heel comes to the ring, stepping onto the apron. He asks, "You're not a poser, are you?"

The hot new guy says, "Guess that's your job to find out."

The heel smiles, but then he frowns. "Wait. What the fuck are you wearing?" Steve looks down at himself, unclear what the question means. Cash turns red, "You fucking thief! Are those MY trunks?" The rookie looks down then back up. "ARE THOSE MY FUCKIN' BOOTS?"

Steve looks shocked then whips around. He looks over at a smirking Jimmy. The boss just nods then points at Cash, reminding Steve that this is being filmed. The handsome blond muscleman gives the uber-heel a death stare before turning back to Cash. He gets it together and shifts gears, going with the manufactured drama.

The hot new guy rolls his shoulders back and puffs out his chest. He's about to speak when Jimmy rings the bell. DING! DING! DING!

The Match

As the bell finishes, Steve smirks, "Are these boots yours? Sorry, man, they're so cheap and raggedy I figured they were just an old pair. I didn't wanna use one of my good pair. No point in scuffing up my own shit while I'm kicking some big old jobber's ass. I guess that's why they're a little small on me."

Cash scowls. He says, "I'm a nice guy. I'll let you take them off before you get hurt, boy."

Steve ignores the threat. He adjusts his bulge then snaps the waistband of his trunks, "And these trunks are yours, too? Damn, they're nice. I'm going commando and they feel awesome on my junk and ass." He cups his balls then his meaty glutes, giving them a shake. "Lots of support. After I slam you a few times, I'll sit on your face and you can see what I mean."

The big heel gives Steve a cruel smile, his white teeth shining in the nest of thick black hair. He slowly pushes down the top rope to step over it, looking like he's going to kill the rookie. When he's straddling the rope, Steve suddenly charges in. He grabs the top rope behind Cash and pulls up. I guess he learned from his match with Dino not to waste time with an angry heel.

Unfortunately for him, Cash is smarter, more experienced and stronger. He's able to use his strength to hold the top rope down, avoiding the crotch shot. The big heel kicks his leg backwards, hitting Steve in the side and sending him stumbling to the corner. WHACK! CLANG! The pro wrestler finishes entering then moves to the mirror.

Cash says, "You're all kinds of stupid, aren't you?" The pro wrestling stud flexes a double bicep pose. "You don't want that kind of match. Not against me, blondie. Now take off my fucking boots and trunks."

Steve charges out, but the big man is quicker than he looks. He sees the gear thief in the mirror. Cash donkey kicks back, slamming his boot into the rookie's abs. THUD! OOF! The big muscleheel spins, slamming his forearm into the side of Steve's head. CRACK! The hot new guy flies to the side, falling to one knee.

Cash kicks out with a bug boot to the head. CRACK! The hapless hunk collapses onto the mat, only to get ruthlessly stomped by the pro wrestler’s big boots. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! With the jobber down, the heel turns back to the mirror to finish flexing and checking himself out. Behind him, Steve climbs to his feet.

The rookie suddenly charges. Cash dodges, extending his leg to trip the hot new guy. Steve falls onto the top rope then bounces off, falling to the mat. SPLAT! The blond muscleman rolls onto his stomach to rise, but Cash is right there. The big heel leaps up for a big elbow drop to the back. WHAM! Cash smoothly slithers to sit onto Steve's rippled back, grabbing his left leg and lifting for a single leg crab. ARGH!

I get a hot shot of Steve's bulge sagging in the hold as he suffers. Cash starts unlacing the stolen boot as the hot new guy struggles under him. Steve moans in the crab. The long laces slide out as the heel works. His 235-lbs of muscle presses down, holding the struggling rookie in place. The jobber is whimpering as his back and leg are punished while he's stripped of his left boot by the dominant big man.

The inexperienced wrestler finally remembers how to counter. He uses his big muscles to push up while kicking out. It's tough to shift the 235-lbs of badass on his back, but with Cash focused on the footwear, Steve catches him off guard, toppling him off. The rookie scrambles away, his body sweaty as he looks to make sure Cash isn't moving in behind him.

Both guys rise. Steve hobbles a bit with his loose boot, the laces hanging out. At first, he's smart enough to ignore it, but then he trips a little and sneaks a peek downward. Cash is ready, kicking out. The rookie suddenly reaches out, blocking the kick and grabbing the big bad heel by his boot. He smirks at having successfully duped the veteran ring warrior.

Cash hops on one foot, while Steve has control. The hot new guy feels pretty confident. He says, "Maybe I should take these boots, too? And those trunks."

In response, the heel launches up, spinning in air. He kicks a surprised Steve in the shoulder as he twists, sending the shocked rookie flying to sideways into the rope. WHACK! Cash springs up to his feet as the rookie bounces off the ropes and runs at him. The veteran stud sees Steve hobbling at him, thanks to the loose boot. Cash springs forward with a shoulder block to the hot new guy's six-pack abs. OOF!

The jobber flies back into the ropes, which help him stay up. He bounces forward, stumbling in front of the kneeling heel. Steve tries to kick out, but he's standing on one of the long laces. He can't lift his boot and wobbles. Cash grabs Steve around the legs and pulls, tripping him onto his back. WHAM!

Cash rises, with the heel standing on Steve's right ankle while holding his left leg in the air. He goes back to work on the silver and black boot. The hot new guy writhes under him, shifting and twisting, as he rubs his stretched out groin. With the 235-lbs of muscle on his left ankle, Steve can't do anything else.

The heel pulls on the left boot, forcing it off. Underneath, Steve is only wearing short ankle socks, his leg bare. Cash growls, "Aw fuck, you got jobber sweat in this!"

The blond muscleman looks up as he squeezes his bulge and groans, "Just wait until you see what I'm leaving in your trunks!"

The bearded bad boy looks down and growls, "You cocky fuck!" The heel throws Steve's leg down then dives forward. He drives his elbow into the jobber's chiseled abs as his weight crashes between the wide open legs. Steve cries out from the impact. Cash rises up. He grabs the rookie by the wrist then pulls him up to his feet only to clothesline him back to the mat. WHAM!

Cash picks up the stripped boot to toss it aside. He sees Steve sit up, so instead Cash drives the sole of the boot right onto the top of the blond muscleman's head. CRACK! The jobber collapses, moaning and holding his head. The heel opens the boot then mounts the jobber's waist. He smothers Steve's handsome face with it, demanding he smell what he did.

Steve thrashes under the heel until Cash pulls the boot off then tosses it aside. The dominant stud grabs Steve's hair and drags him to his feet. He laughs, "And I was worried that you would be boring. I'm doing awesome." The hot new guy lashes out with a fist to Cash's gut, but it bounces off. The heel scoops the 200-lbs jobber up across his chest like he weighs nothing.

Cash spins then bodyslams Steve to the mat. WHAM! The hot new guy bounces on the canvas then tries to roll away. The big, bearded stud grabs him by his remaining stolen boot, dragging Steve to the ropes. The helpless jobber fights, but he can't do anything as he slides across the vinyl ring.

The big heel lifts Steve up by his right leg, draping it over the top rope. The cable cuts into the back of the hot new guy's knee and his weight forces the rope to sag. Cash steps over the top rope, keeping the blond muscleman dangling by his knee. When he's out of the ring, Cash grips the ankle with one hand and starts undoing the boot with the other.

Steve squirms on the mat, his head and shoulders resting on the canvas. He tries to kick through the ropes with his barefoot, but he can't work it out. Cash pauses to flex in the mirror, admiring himself as he works to take back his other boot. It doesn't take long before he's pulling on the boot until it flies off.

Without Cash keeping Steve's leg in place, the top rope ricochets up. The hot blond muscleman flies backwards, flipping over and landing on his stomach. He clutches his knee, whimpering as he massages the joint. It could easily have been torn by the move, but he looks okay. Well, relatively okay. Outside the ring, Cash tosses his stolen boot onto the sofa with the other one.

Steve struggles to rise as Cash enters the ring again. The jobber stands in his short socks, getting his bearings. The big bad heel paces. Once the hot Canadian hunk is up, Cash charges in. The blond beefcake tries to brace himself, but 235-lbs of heel fury is tough to block. The big muscleman overwhelms Steve, tackling him down. WHAM!

Cash spins around, sitting on Steve's handsome face as he pins his shoulders with his shins. He looks down the jobber's chiseled body then reaches for the trunks. He carefully lifts the waistband, peeking inside. The heel laughs, "You're stupid and a liar. You're not going commando."

Steve squirms, but Cash forces his legs up, elevating his ass as he's folded in half. The bigger muscleman peels the black and silver trunks off, exposing the jobber's ass. He works them down then releases Steve's legs. The jobber lies there, trunks pulled halfway down his legs, his big bulge wrapped in a pink poser.

Cash rises then finishes the job, leaving the helpless hunk in tiny pink under-trunks and his short white socks. The bearded big man rises then circles his victim. He nods, "See, now that's better. A poser in a poser. Perfect."

The heel tosses his stolen trunks with his boots. He looks at Steve as he rolls over and starts to get to his hands and knees. The heel leaps onto the hot new guy's back, splashing down onto him. SPLAT! Steve gets crushed by 235-lbs of muscle. The hot new guy is unable to move as Cash removes the short socks.

Cash spins around, mounting his back. He pulls Steve up into a camel clutch, shoving one of the socks into his mouth. The jobber moans into the gag as he's bent back by the big pro wrestler. The hot Canadian rookie fights, but Cash is too big and strong, even for a muscle dude like Steve.

As his gagged victim groans, Cash lifts one arm and flexes in the mirror. He admires himself, "Damn, look at that pump." The heel pulls out the sock, "You wanna give?" When Steve doesn't respond, the big bad heel pulls back harder on the camel. Steve's moans turn to whimpers then to high-pitched gasps of pain as he's forced back by the bigger muscleman.

The blond muscle jobber stares at the ceiling crying out as 235-lbs of pro wrestler power pulls on his chin. Steve's tough, but Cash wants to hear him give. The 200-lbs muscle rookie moans his submission, "I GIVE! I GIVE!"

Cash releases the hold then rises. He flexes in the mirror, appreciating his thick, muscular body as his victim writhes on the mat behind him. With his pump and sheen of sweat, the heel's tanned body is looking fantastic. He knows it, too, entranced by his hotness.

Behind Cash, Steve climbs to his feet. He checks himself out. Now that he's stripped down to the pink poser Jimmy gave him, he looks far less intimidating. He stretches out. I see the heel quietly watching in the mirror. The hot new guy looks past Cash into the mirror then lifts his bicep. He flexes his arm and nods that everything is still okay.

The heel's tanned, bearded face goes red at the move. He spins and charges. Steve's eyes go wide, but he can't avoid the killer clothesline that nearly takes his head off. WHACK! The rookie muscleman drops fast. He rolls back and forth on the mat, trying to focus.

Cash looks down, "Looks like the fans are gonna get their money's worth after all."

It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over

Cash drags the jobber up. The big bearded heel shines under the light, his sweaty beefcake pumped and powerful. Steve looks out of it, but super-hot, barefoot with his tanned muscles on display in the pink poser. I get great shots of his ass and bulge. The heel lifts his knee into the jobber’s gut. THUD! He uses the blond hair to pull him back up for another. THUD!

The heel grabs hold of the bent over muscle rookie, reaching over his shoulder and between his legs. He lifts then drops Steve over his leg with a gutbuster. WHOMP! OOF! A hard push sends the hot new guys flying off the heel’s extended thigh onto the mat. Cash casually slides around, planting his ass on the handsome face and pinning his shoulders to the mat with his shins.

Cash opens and closes his right hand as he rubs the jobber’s six-pack abs. With a cruel grin on his face, the big bad heel unleashes a series of hard gut punches. THUD! THUD! THUD! Steve convulses under the pro wrestler, but the 235-lbs of muscle holds him down. The heavier hunk caresses the abs again then fires away again, turning the tanned stomach red. THUD! THUD! THUD!

Steve tries to squirm free, his beautiful muscle body shifting, but ultimately pinned and helpless. Wearing only his tiny pink poser, the rookie looks smaller than normal. He looks like a complete jobber boy at the mercy of a massive heel monster. Cash opens and closes his hands then drives them into the battered abs for a hard claw.

Cash works his fingers in deep, attacking the six-pack with fury. Now the rookie is really thrashing. He whimpers and moans into the thick ass on his face as he kicks his legs up and down. The pro wrestler twists his hands and the cries get higher-pitched. The heel demands the jobber submits. The usually resilient muscleman complies, crying out, “I GIVE! I GIVE!”

The heel lets up then rolls over to the side. Steve rolls over into the fetal position. He breathes in deeply then tries to rise. Cash has other ideas. He grabs the blond muscleman and pulls him between his legs into a body scissors. The big bearded bad guy squeezes, crushing the aching abs inside his scissors. Steve throws his head back in pain as his core collapses.

Cash releases the scissors, pushing Steve off his leg then rising. He circles the moaning jobber. I wonder if the fact that this is the third squash in 24 hours and second one by a huge pro wrestling monster today is taking its toll. The Canadian muscleman is tough, but is he this tough?

Steve tries to rise, but he gets grabbed around the waist then pulled up into a reverse bearhug. I get great shots of his pink-spandex bulge flopping back and forth as he struggles in the hold. The blond muscleman moans and tries to escape, but it’s no use. He’s nothing compared to the big bad pro wrestler. Cash throws him back and forth like a ragdoll.

As the jobber struggles to hold on, Cash suddenly lets go. He pushes Steve in the back hard, sending him flying into the corner front first. CLANG! The muscle rookie bounces backwards right into another reverse bearhug, this time even tighter. The blond muscleman moans as he grips Cash’s thick forearms tightly.

Cash throws the jobber to mat. WHAM! As soon as Steve rolls onto his back, the pro wrestler is in the air, splashing down on the helpless hunk. SPLAT! The heel spins around. He wraps on a figure-four headlock then flexes his big bicep as he looks in the mirror. Cash mocks the trapped rookie, "Wow. You should see this. I'm looking great!"

Steve thrashes in the hold, but the pro wrestler knows how to keep a man trapped. Cash stops flexing then he fires his fist out, right into the jobber's softened up gut. THUD! THUD! THUD! The hot new guy grunts and tries harder to pry the heel's hold off him, but his sculpted arms are no match for the power of the thick legs. Especially when every punch takes more out of him.

I zoom in on the red abs. Steve has them flexed as a defense. Just awesome. Cash voluntarily releases the figure four headlock then rises. He plants his boot on the chiseled abs then flexes in the mirror. The nearly naked jobber grips the heel by his ankle as he presses down, putting his 235-lbs of muscle on the ravaged midsection.

Steve's pink bulge pops as he rolls his legs and hips. His head is up as he looks at the boot that is casually crushing him, his biceps and forearms pumped, veins popping as he tries to alleviate some of the force. Cash continues to flex, ignoring the struggle below. Suddenly, the jobber shifts hard. He actually trips the big bearded muscleman to the mat. WHOA! SPLAT!

The heel topples down like a giant redwood. Steve ignores the pain in his gut as he rolls on top of the surprised big man. The blond muscleman sits on top of Cash's hips. He leans forward, using his hands to pin the pro wrestler's wrists to the mat. Steve drips sweat down onto the bearded bad boy under him.

Cash smirks, "Now you got me. What're you going to do with me?"

Steve is breathing hard. It's not the first time he's been clueless in a big moment as his inexperience and the abuse he's suffered combine to confuse him. The heel doesn't wait any longer for an answer. He powers to the left, throwing the hot new guy over. Cash kneels between his legs.

The jobber whips his legs up for a body scissors as he lies on his back. The kneeling heel just smiles. There's no power to the hold. Certainly not enough to break down his thick core. In fact, the hold just positions Steve perfectly for another round of gut punching. POW!! POW! POW! Cash uses short, rapid-fire shots to punish the stud, aiming just above his prominent bulge cupped in the pink poser.

Steve's legs fall to the side as his stomach is battered once again. When he's satisfied, Cash just pushes the jobber over onto his stomach, the weak scissors easily broken. The heel plants his hand on the beautiful left butt cheek, the pink spandex poser riding up perfectly. He pushes down as he pushes up to rise.

Cash looks down at his prey. Steve valiantly tries to rise, his resiliency kicking in. The heel helps him up to his feet, lifting him by his blond hair and the back of his pink poser. The force turns the spandex gear into a thong as the thin spandex slides into the deep crack of the meaty ass that was built by thousands of squats.

The heel manhandles the jobber into an ab stretch. He steps over and bends the smaller muscleman to the side. Steve can only moan as Cash flexes his right bicep. The pro wrestler savors his complete control, admiring himself as his victim whimpers in the perfectly applied hold. The Canadian muscleman tries to power out. He tries to topple them, but Cash blocks it.

As the ripped 200-lbs rookie fights, they start to wobble. Cash even has to stop flexing to steady them. He clearly looks annoyed by the defiance. "Don't interrupt a man when he's flexing!" The pro wrestling heel brings his arm down, smashing forearms into the stretched and softened midsection. THUD! THUD! THUD! Steve grunts with every shot, but all he can do is take them.

Cash cranks back hard. Steve's voice cracks as he moans louder. The heel laughs, "Yeah, that's it. You got a serious tell there, buddy. I just have to listen for this." He wrenches on the ab stretch again and the hot blond muscleman obliges with his high-pitched cry. The pro wrestler laughs again, "C'mon. Give it up." A third hard thrust and the jobber is submitting.

"Okay, okay! I SUBMIT! I SUBMIT!"

The heel eases up on the hold then pushes the sweaty blond muscleman to his hands and knees on the mat. Another round of flexing from the dominant pro wrestler as the bare-assed jobber tries to gather himself. Steve commences with a cat-dog tilt to stretch out his body. As he slides his stomach down and his head and ass up for the dog position, the bigger stud stops posing.

"What the fuck is that?"

Steve stops, but it's too late. Somehow, his yoga move has upset the heel. Cash grabs him by the blond hair, forcing the jobber up. The Canadian muscleman is helpless as he turned, his back facing the heel. The pro wrestler quickly powers his victim up into a torture rack. The hot new guy groans as he's draped across the broad shoulders.

Cash cranks hard. "You want a stretch? THIS is a man's stretch!"

The jobber cries out in pain as he is bent hard, his barefoot forced towards his blond head. Cash really pushes, folding the 200-lbs of muscle on his shoulders into a circle. Steve flails his arms, but he has no counter. The hot new guy is whimpering a submission fast. "GIVE! GIVE! LET ME DOWN! ARGH!"

Cash eases up on the jobber's ankle and head then shrugs his shoulders, casually dropping the wrecked rookie to the mat. SPLAT! Steve writhes on the canvas as Cash poses over him. Steve fights to rise. It takes a minute, but the jobber rises to hands and knees again. The pro wrestler moves in front of him. "You're one stubborn dude, aren't you?"

Steve doesn't respond, just breathes deeply to summon more from his impressive reserves. Cash doesn't wait. He shoves the handsome hunk's head between his legs and applies a standing head scissors. The bare-assed jobber moans as his head is crushed. His knees slide out as he fights to stay up.

Cash looks down at the sweaty muscleman, "You know, I bet a lot of guys admire your attitude. Too bad for you, I'm not one of them."

The heel flexes his legs and grunts. Steve's legs slide back as he loses focus from the force of the scissors. He struggles, his legs sliding back and forth as he branches with his arms. It's no use as he gets weaker and weaker. The 200-lbs of muscle slowly goes limp as the cries turn to soft whimpers then silence.

When Cash opens his legs, the blond muscle jobber collapses to the mat, unmoving. The pro wrestler flexes, showing off his sweaty, pumped physique. When he's done, the heel kicks the loser over onto his back. He plants his boot on the heaving chest and counts slowly to ten. Steve doesn't resist, his legs shifting slightly, but otherwise no reaction.

The heel looks for something. He sees it, one of the jobber's short socks. Cash shoves it in Steve's mouth then gives a satisfied nod. He exits the ring, taking his stolen gear with him as he saunters out the door. I get a long loving shot of his tanned, sweaty body from the back then another of his smirking bearded face as he peeks back at the wrecked rookie before closing the door.

With the heel gone, I turn back to the fallen rookie, panning up and down his ripped body in the tiny pink poser. The hot blond muscleman lies unmoving in the puddle of sweat and humiliation. The sock hangs out of his mouth. His cut cock head and shaved balls are clearly outlined in the wet pink spandex pouch. Beautiful.

Jimmy calls for a wrap then heads out, strutting with arrogant self-satisfaction.

The Aftermath

Steve pulls the sock from his mouth then moans as he stretches out. He takes his time and I add some great b-roll. He's so hot. The jobber rolls out of the ring then rises. He looks around, asking, "Where's Jimmy?"

I shrug, "Not sure. I've got to download this match, but my next filming isn't for 20 minutes. Want me to find him for you?"

Steve laughs, "That's the absolute last thing I want you to do. The longer I don't see him, the longer I've got before the next beatdown. He's really got it in for me, eh?"

I shrug, "I don't know about that. He thinks you're doing great. I think he just wants to get the best out of you. And I think he likes that you're not a whiner. You're getting your ass kicked, but you're doing it like a man, if you know what I mean." Steve thinks about that. I add, "And it's really looking awesome. Jimmy has a boss that he needs to impress, too."

Steve smiles as he collapses onto the big sofa outside the ring, "Oh yeah, I forgot about The Boss. Very good point."

I move in to show him some footage. He leans against me to watch himself getting abused. I see his cock grow in the soaked pink posers, even as I feel mine swell from his body pressing against mine. I whisper, "See, even you're into it."

Steve looks up at me with a grin as he adjusts his meat. He says, "You're very observant. I guess that's why you're good at this. You've got good instincts."

I smile and my cock grows from the praise, but Steve doesn't acknowledge it. I ask, "You're a jobber, aren't you? Like for real. You like this shit. You like being dominated."

The hot new guy smirks, "Please keep that observation to yourself." I nod with a smile. Steve says, "Look, I'm a versatile guy, but it's not like I want to get my ass kicked. I just don't mind it. I'm not an idiot. I didn't expect to come here with no experience and dominate everyone. So I knew this might happen. Just not this bad. I mean, Dino and Cash? Not exactly heels for beginners."

"Well, I think you're gonna be a star, Steve."

Steve smiles, "Thanks. I guess that's two down. Still have three to go. Shit, I'm so fucked."

The End


  1. Aw, Steve and Cameraboy talking was so sweet. That leg-sleeper-finisher was pretty sweet, too. Love Steve, and this series!

    1. Thanks, Sean! Glad you called out the character moment. Steve is kind of right up your alley. He definitely has an inner (and outer) jobber side.

  2. Love the twist. Poor Steve, nothing is going right for him. I like it that way though!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Steve is having a weekend he won't ever forget. To paraphrase an old X-Men expression, "Welcome to BIGBeast. Hope you survive the experience."

  3. Steve, what a rough beginning for him. He can sure take it though!

    1. Oh yeah, so far he's keeping his spirits up. And he is being manhandled by the best. Thanks for the comment.