Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Cave Undercard 17: Havoc vs. Ram

"Hey. Uh, I'm Trent. You're, uh, Cody, right?"

I smile and extend my hand, "Yeah, that's right. Nice to meet you, Trent. What can I do for you?" We're at the gym where I work as a personal trainer. I just finished up my last appointment. I've got a reputation for being the best, so I'm used to guys coming up to me. Trent is a compact 5'8"/165-lbs and in great shape, but maybe he wants some pointers on a specific goal.


Cody (Me)

The cute blond white stud shakes my hand then reaches back and nervously rubs the back of his head. Nice arm and lat muscle. The 22-year old stud's tank top falls towards the center of his chest, exposing part of his smooth chiseled pec. Fuck, what a hot dude, made even hotter by his shyness. Surprised a guy this hot would be shy, but whatever.

Trent asks softly, like he doesn't want anyone to hear, "Uh, so I hear you, you know, know wrestling?"

I smile at the blond beauty as I put my hands on my hips, "Yeah, I do. What do you have in mind?"

"Do you, like, uh, train people in wrestling? Like submission wrestling? Uh, I heard you might. Like, you know, on the side?"

Trent is pretty new to the gym, but I've already seen him a dozen times. I noticed him checking me out on several occasions. The guy is sweaty and glowing, coming out of the boxing room. I saw a little of his workout and he's not bad. He's a little slow on the bag, but his kicks are decent. He's no MMA superstar, but better than some of the frat boys we get here who basically do aerobics in there. Maybe he's more than a gorgeous wannabe, since he's asking about wrestling training. Interesting.

I casually respond, "Sub. Pro. I've trained a lot of guys in both. What're you looking for?"

"Cool, cool. So, you know, I'm, uh, looking for help with pro moves and submissions, like basic kinda ring and grappling stuff? You know what I mean? It's like, I, uh, wrestled in high school, right? And I've wrestled a few guys recently and, uh, I can get them down, you know, but I don't know, like, what to do next. Pro and sub's, you know, just a lot different. I was, like, hoping you might, uh, be able to help?"

"You don't have an MMA coach?"

"MMA? What? No, I'm not doing that. Oh, uh, because of the boxing? That's, you know, just for cardio, right? No, this is strictly for personal reasons, you know? I'm getting into, uh, wrestling guys for, uh, like, fun? Like a workout, you know? Uh, thing is, I, uh, like, suck"

I smirk, "And you're not used to sucking." Trent gives me a sexy smirk and shrug, so I add, "At sports."

Trent laughs, "Riiiiight. Anyway, I, uh, hear that you're, like, pretty awesome?"

I nod. The shyness goes away as Trent starts really flirting, giving me all kinds of signals. Out of the corner of my eye, I see my boyfriend Jae glancing over. He's also a trainer, but he's with a client. I see Jae sizing Trent up. We're secure in our relationship, but let's face it, when a guy like this is chatting with your man, you're going to be curious. Especially since we have an open deal when wrestling is involved. My boyfriend might be questioning that policy, if he knew what we were discussing.

Of course, my focus is more professional right now. See, in addition to being a personal trainer here, I live above my own private gym. I'm building a clientele without the middleman taking 30% of my fee. My goal is to be on my own completely within the next two years. Trent wants wrestling training, which is perfect. Since he wants a service they don't offer here, there's no chance of being accused of a conflict of interest.

Trent gives me his sexiest pout as he drops a bomb, "Thing is, Cody, I don't, like, have a ton of money. Like, none? I was, you know, hoping we could work something else out? You know?" He adjusts his bulge in his loose gym shorts in case I'm too stupid to get his drift. It does look nice.

Fuck. Maybe he's not so perfect. Financially, I mean. Physically he's great. And I'm sure he's successfully used his looks, charm and package to get out of paying for lots of things in his life. I did at his age, too. A few months ago, before Jae, it might've worked. So while I appreciate him whoring himself out for free training, I'm just not in a position to accept.

However, all is not lost. See, I have a third job. With my best friend Ryan, I co-own a gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company called The Cave. I tell Trent that I know a way that he can actually get my help and get paid for it. He needs cash, so a little reverse flirting and The Cave has a new hunk on its roster.

I figure in a few weeks, Trent could be ready for the cameras.

Two Weeks Later

It didn't take long for me to get him Cave-ready. I quickly realized that Trent's shyness was an act to charm me. And he is a much better wrestler than advertised, too. He's a quick learner and has some real skills, including showmanship. I never confronted him, but I'm fairly certain he was trying to work me so he could join The Cave. Silly boy. He didn't need to play games.

Anyway, I was excited for his tryout with Ryan today. We each need to approve guys, but Trent is a slam dunk. They've been running moves for a good 20 minutes. I'm a little worried because Ryan has been in a bad mood from the start. He's being a little rougher than usual, which at his size (6'4"/250-lbs), can scare anyone. Fortunately, the young stud is taking it all like a pro.

When Trent heads to the showers, I confirm that we're good. I'm stunned when Ryan refuses to approve him. I ask why and Ryan gives me bullshit. We've been friends since we were 10. I know when something is going on. I ask him if he's having problems, pointing out his bad mood. He assures me that his objection is entirely about Trent.

Ryan's in a sour mood

"Cody, don't take this the wrong way, but you've been hustled." I raise an eyebrow. "Trent only wants to use The Cave to find hookups. Paying hookups."

I sarcastically respond, "What? No way!"

"So you knew?"

I give Ryan a 'duh' look. "C'mon Ry, the guy tried to con me into giving him free shit the minute we met. Look, I get him. He's smoking hot and dirt poor. The first can easily take care of the last, but there's a risk-reward issue. Being a hooker is hard and dangerous work. The Cave ... simplifies things for him. A little money from us and a better clientele for his other angle. That's why he sought me out."

"He admitted it?"

"What? That he fucks for money?" I shake my head, "Trent hasn't told me any of this, but yeah, I know it's true. The manager at the gym gave him a free membership and all it took was a fucking blowjob. The guy is damn good if he can manage that. You're single. Head back to the showers and give him a try."

Ryan's eyes narrow, "And you're okay with us hiring someone like that?"

I tilt my head, "I am. Why aren't you? How many guys on our roster are out hustling right now?"

Ryan is getting worked up, "Trent isn't just looking for extra cash. He's sleazy. He's a con artist. I don't want him hurting our reputation. It'll be our unsuspecting customers he's scamming out of their money. He'll prey on the most -"

I try to calm him down, "Whoa, whoa, whoa. He's not scamming anyone. He'll be selling a service at a mutually agreed price. I'm sure he'll deliver or word will get around. If you're nervous, I'll tell Trent that if he rips anyone off using our name, we'll come after him."

"How would that work?"

"How should I know? It's just a threat. Uh, let's think. I know. We'll post on the website that he's a scumbag or something." Ryan doesn't seem convinced. "Okay, I'll beat him up if he steps out of line." Ouch, I get an unimpressed look. I ask directly, "What's really going on?"

Ryan lies to me, "Nothing."

I challenge him, "Liar. Something is going on. Aren't you the one who always tells me to separate the personal from the professional?" Ryan purses his lips, unable to counter my argument. "So what if he trades off a good Cave performance to get some cash. It'll make him try harder to be great in front of the camera."

Ryan has to give in, but I can tell he doesn't want to. I don't understand his problem and he either can't or won't articulate it. I don't want to play this game. I tell Ryan flat out that he should tell me what's wrong. He still says nothing. I say fine, but if that's the case then there's no legit reason to deny Trent. I press Ryan again to tell me whats really going on, but he says there's nothing more to say.

By the time we wrap up, I get my way, but I'm not happy about it. I wish Ryan would just say what's got him so unhappy. Whatever. Trent will be wrestling for us and Ryan will just have to get over it.

Two Weeks Later

Trent's character is Havoc. It seemed like an appropriate name, given Ryan's attitude and Trent's blond hair. He's based off a hero, but I have no idea how he'll act. Some guys don't pay much attention to the source material. However, I have. I've matched him against Polaris, a hot Asian wrestler with green hair. In the comics, Polaris was Havok's love interest, so it all works.

The blond stud looks amazing in tight black spandex tights (stretched over a black thong and knee pads) with white patent leather boots. They have a pouch that thrusts his manhood forward and really highlight his bubble butt. We add a circular chest tattoo of a white circle with two rings around it and a matching symbol on the front of his tights. The only last touches are black wrist tape and a small black eye mask. Trent wanted the mask small so guys could see how handsome he is. No shyness there.


With Trent set, I head to Polaris' locker room. To my surprise, Ryan is exiting. I ask why he's here and not with Pete getting the cameras ready. My best friend tells me that Polaris had to cancel, but he's found a last minute stand in. I'm stunned. With the match just a couple of minutes from starting, my buddy moves to the ring area, assuring me things will be great.


I stand by the curtain then call for the wrestlers. Havoc comes out of his locker room as does his mystery opponent. I'm momentarily stunned to see Ram, a powerful bodybuilder villain. He's easily one of our toughest guys. The rookie eyes flare with surprise at his rock hard, muscular foe, but he settles down. I hope he doesn't let it faze him. The hero nods then comes to the curtain.


Ram's tanned bodybuilder physique looks amazing. He's pumped up and looking focused. The villain is decked out in his usual gear - silver trunks covered by a furry loincloth, brown leather forearms gauntlets, boots and mask. The mask has grey side pieces reminiscent of horns. He's such a gorgeous beast. It's such a perfect character that we actually only call him Ram, never using his real name.

I send Havoc out first. He's a natural showman. You can tell he's proud of his looks and body as he struts and poses the whole way down. Once in the ring, he commands it like a stage, his warmups looking more like a strip show. I notice his bulge looks enormous when he turns sideways, much more prominent than when I left his locker room. Nice.

As Havoc shows off, I casually ask Ram, "When did Ryan call you?" I don't get an answer from the noble villain as he watches Havoc's moves. I take the hint, knowing he won't break a confidence. I say, "You just weren't the villain I expected for a smaller rookie hero."

Ram gives me a stare, "You might have the roles reversed today."

"What does that mean?" No response. I shrug and wish him luck. I ask him not to go too hard on the rookie. I just get a wry smile before I've got no choice but to send him out. Ram marches down the aisle confidently as I try to process all what's happening.

The Match

As Ram climbs onto the ring apron, Havoc wastes no time. He charges, slamming his entire weight into the big beast. THUD! The villain is mighty, but he's caught off guard. Ram flies back, falling off the apron to the padded floor below. He keeps his feet as the blond hero leaps over the ropes with a cross body block. The bodybuilder bad guy catches the rookie. THUD! Uh oh.

The mighty ring veteran holds the helpless hero across his chest, suspending him like he weighs nothing. Which for Ram might be true. The villain moves to the ringpost. He drives in, slamming the beautiful blond's back into the steel pole hard. WHACK! WHACK! With Havoc in big trouble already, I ring the bell, signaling the official start of the match.


Ram strips off his belt, tossing the furry loincloth aside to reveal his silver trunks. In spite of what was implied backstage, Ram is a villain, but he usually has a code of conduct. Havoc's early surprise won't play well. I hope it didn't unleash the beast inside. The bodybuilder bad guy bodyslams the helpless hero to the floor. SPLAT! The muscle beast lays boots to his victim, teaching him a lesson. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The blond beauty bounces on the floor with every big boot.

Havoc's chiseled body takes the abuse before he gets an opening. When Ram lifts his boot up for another stomp, the hero goes for a trip against the one-legged villain. He can't topple the bigger man, but he manages to force the muscle monster to balance himself. The blond beauty uses the opportunity to roll away, sliding under the ring, behind the ring apron.

Ram just stares at the apron for a second, debating what to do. He eventually shrugs and slides into the ring, waiting for his invisible opponent to reappear. The bodybuilder bad boy uses the opportunity to flex and show off his muscles. Havoc's pre-bell attack denied him his entrance, but he makes up for it now. The bodybuilder beast looks amazing as always.

I see Havoc poke his head up. Ram's back is to him as the villain flexes. The hero slides in quietly then charges. The massive monster isn't surprised. He whips around faster than a man his size should be able to. Havoc tries to stop short, but Ram grabs him around the throat. URK! The blond gags before he's lifted up then chokeslammed to the mat. KABOOM!

Ram goes for a quick pin. ONE! TWO! NO! The villain drags the young hero up by his hair, breaking his own pinfall. Oh shit. The huge beast forces the smaller stud up. Havoc goes for a punch to the abs. THUD! Ram doesn't react, while the blond rookie is shaking out his hand. The muscle monster lifts his knee in the blond hero's abs then clubs his back, sending the rookie flying to the mat.

The muscle monster stomps Havoc's back, driving his big boots into the smooth flesh. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The rookie tries to roll away, but Ram grabs the back of his tights. They slide off the smooth white ass, exposing the back of the black thong. Havoc writhes and shifts to pull free, but he's going nowhere.

With just one hand, the powerful heel literally lifts his smaller prey off the mat by his tights then drops him down onto his stomach. SLAM! Havoc's tights wedge below his cheeks, his butt exposed as he tries to crawl away again. Ram grabs his boots then lifts them up. He steps over the legs while wedging the black boots under his armpits.

Havoc moans as he's trapped in a version of the Boston crab, only with Ram facing forward. The big man squats, increasing the pressure on the smaller stud's back. He groans loudly as he tries to escape. Yeah, there's no way he's escaping. Ram reaches down then grabs Havoc's biceps. He lifts, allowing the arms to slip down in his grasp until he's got his victim's wrists.

Ram rises, pulling Havoc up into a tear drop. He swings the rookie hero, torturing his shoulders and back. The cute blond stud whimpers as he hangs helplessly. His head falls limply forward and I can tell he's trying desperately not to submit. Ram keeps swinging the young hero until he gets bored. The villain willingly releases the hold, throwing the lightweight forward with the momentum of the swing.

Havoc collapses on the mat, still moaning. He can't even try to escape before the muscle beast is on him again. Ram reaches under the young hero's armpits and drags him up, slipping on a big full nelson. He squeezes tightly, easily crushing the lean shoulders together. Ram starts shaking his prey back and forth, whipping him around like he was nothing. And he kind of is. At least compared to a bruiser like Ram.

The cruel torture keeps going until Havoc is limp and lifeless. Ram turns the nelson into a side slam then flexes for the camera over the unmoving carcass. After a lengthy posing session, the muscle monster doesn't check Havoc's arm, instead going for a pinfall. The big beast puts one hand on the young hero's chest and holds up his other one as a fist.

Ram counts, raising one finger. ONE! He strikes a bicep flex. TWO! Another finger in the air. THR - NO! Ram flies to the side, acting as though Havoc kicked out. I saw no movement from the rookie. It's just a show for another false pin. Ram dives on top of his victim, lying across his chest. He tries again. ONE! TWO! This time, the mighty heel directly lifts Havoc's shoulders up, once again breaking the false pin.

The usually noble villain clearly has it in for the young rookie. It can't just be because of the cheap shot at the start. Ryan must've gotten him good and worked up. I wish I knew the story, but I don't and it doesn't really matter. This destruction is happening. Ram spins around and sits his ass on Havoc's handsome face, looking at the lean, ripped body.

Ram pushes the waistband of the tights down, wedging them under Havoc's balls to match them in front. The thong is stuffed by the young hero's manhood, standing straight up. The muscle beast pounds on the smooth white flesh of the tight abs. THUD! POW! THUD! Havoc convulses with every shot, but he can't move big Ram.

The heel reaches down, firing punches at the top of the thong, his fist landing at the base of the rookie's cock. WHAP! POW! WHAP! Havoc's body flops, but he somehow manages to throw his knees up. He catches Ram in the face as he's leaning forward. CRACK! The muscle monster flies back, reaching for his nose as he sits and shakes out his head.

Havoc rolls to the corner then uses the ropes to pull himself up. Ram shifts to a crouch, waiting for the rookie to face him. When the ailing young stud turns, the monster heel springs forward and charges across the ring for a massive spear that might break the hero in half. If it hit. Somehow, Havoc actually dives to the side just in time. Ram flies into the corner, sailing all the way to the ringpost where his shoulder hits hard. CLANG!

The villain bounces out, rising up then backing out. Havoc is behind him on his knees. He whips his arm up between Ram's legs, slamming it into the muscle monster's oversized balls. SQUISH! The massive heel lets out a surprised gurgle before he's pulled back and rolled into a small package by the clever rookie.

ONE! Havoc puts all his weight and strength into holding Ram's shoulders down. TWO! The muscle monster might be stunned, but he's still one of the most powerful guys in The Cave. With a big explosion, he kicks up and out, sending the young hero flying backwards. Both studs rise slowly. Havoc smirks, impressed by his moves while Ram flexes in a most muscular pose to psych himself up.

The big man stomps forward, unafraid. The young hero throws his boot up for a kick to the crotch, but Ram sees it coming. He swats the leg away like it was nothing then dives forward with a killer clothesline. WHACK! WHAM! Havoc collapses back to the mat, his moment of control looking extremely short-lived.

The young rookie hero writhes on the mat, fighting to regain focus. Ram isn't going to allow another surprise. He straddles Havoc then reaches down, grabbing him by the throat with both hands. With a powerful pull, the muscle beast lifts the small stud from his back all the way up into the air with a suspended choke. URK! He holds the lightweight up easily, choking the life from the helpless hero.

As Havoc goes limp, Ram tosses him to the mat. The young hero bounces before lying on his back, once again unmoving. The monster heel puts a boot on his victim's chest. ONE! A double bicep pose. TWO! Havoc actually lifts his shoulder, breaking the count. The villain smiles as he nudges the blond stud with his boot, forcing him to roll onto his stomach.

Havoc tries to rise to hands and knees. He mutters, "I'm not going down that easy."

Ram's response is to leap up and splash down onto Havoc's back. SPLAT! The rookie is crushed under the weight. The monster heel sits on his victim's back then drags him up into a camel clutch. The blond rookie can't resist and is quickly locked into the hold. The villain pulls him back really far. I can hear the whimpering coming from the young stud.

Havoc tries to hold out, but his back is bent at 90-degrees in the wrong direction. Ram pulls one arm from the young hero's chin and flexes his bicep. When he stops, he slaps the side of the rookie's head. SMACK! SMACK! The suffering stud squirms, but he's going nowhere. When it becomes obvious that the muscle beast isn't giving up on this hold, Havoc admits defeat.

"I give, I give. Lemme go!" Ram leans in and whispers something. Havoc cries out, "Please. Please! PLEASE!"

With the use of 'please', the villain releases the crushed young hero. Havoc collapses into a messy heap on the mat while Ram rises and flexes. He puts his boot on the rookie's bare butt then steps over him, adding insult to injury. The muscle beast grabs the tights and pulls them down all the way to the top of the black leather boots.

Ram secures the tights in his big paw then uses them to drag the handsome young blond hero's carcass to his corner. The monster heel dusts his hands then stomps to his own corner. With both guys in place, the clock for break starts.

Havoc has just five minutes to rest before he gets another beatdown then fucked by Ram's massive cock.

Round Two

During the break, Pete, our second cameraman, focuses on Havoc. He gets a lot of great shots and angles. The young blond stud opts to strip his tights all the way off, rather than pulling them up. In just his stuffed black thong, Havoc stretches out and looks great doing it. The rookie hero really puts on a show, his bare ass and black pouch looking impressive.

The tights are off for round two

Havoc loses track of time while he's stretching in his corner. He's facing out of the ring, both hands on the top turnbuckle as he curves his back and thrusts his ass out. It's so hot and Pete is on it. It's not unusual for a rookie to miss the clock, although I went over it a thousand times with him. I guess he didn't listen to me when I said that five minutes goes faster than you think.


Unfortunately in this case, Ram seems hell-bent on destroying the young blond stud. As soon as the clock hits 0:00, he's charging in to splash on top of the rookie. It's exactly what I said happens, even if he was facing Polaris, this can happen. Fuck. The muscle beast furiously stomps forth, crossing the 20' impossibly fast.

When he's close, the villain leaps to crush the unsuspecting young hero. Oh. The young hero isn't unsuspecting at all. He drops fast then rolls right under the flying muscle beast. CLANG! Ram lands hard on the top turnbuckle then bounces backwards into the ring. He lands on his back, clutching his abs. I guess Havoc was listening. He just used his amazing ass to lure Ram in. Smart.

Havoc jumps up, coming down with both boots on the big man's abs. THUD! He steps off then does an impressive back flip, splashing down on Ram's stomach. SPLAT! The young hero spins then sits on the villain's head, looking down the powerful body. Havoc spreads his cheeks, burying the monster heel's face deep between his exposed butt mounds.

The blond beauty pounds away of Ram's abs, trying to add to the damage that's been done by the missed splash, stomp and splash. THUD! THUD! THUD! It's a monumental task, but it's the one opening he's had. Havoc shakes out his hands then he slides to the side, forcing his leg under Ram's head. The young hero smoothly locks on a figure-four headlock.

Havoc grips his ankle to tighten the grip. His bare ass is flexed as he tries to knock out the monster heel. Ram thrashes in the surprise sleeper hold. Even a muscle beast is susceptible to a good sleeper. In fact, the big man actually looks weaker as he writhes on the mat. The young hero grunts as he tries his hardest to turn this squash job around.

Ram goes still. Havoc grabs the muscle beast's wrist and lifts his arm. He drops it and there's no resistance. PLOP! The young hero tries again. PLOP! One more and he's tied this up. The smaller stud lifts the arm. He not only lets go, but actually throws the arm towards the mat. The powerful limb plummets halfway before Ram stops his arm. He bends it, flexing his bicep.

The villain shakes, getting a burst of energy. His muscles tighten and he lets out a growl. ROAR! Havoc pulls on his ankle, his butt tightens as he tries to regain the advantage. Ram ignores the added pressure. He forces himself to rise, pulling the young hero up with him. The monster heel gets all the way up with Havoc hanging off his neck, figure four sleeper now useless.

Ram grabs under the dangling Havoc. He lifts the lightweight up high then brings him down onto the top rope. OOF! The steel cable cuts deep into the young stud's abs and his legs open up. Havoc hangs there, gagging on the top rope. The villain shakes out his head then grabs the top rope. He pushes it out then pulls back, whipping the helpless hero off. WHOA! WHAM!

Havoc writhes on the mat, a dark red line across his beautiful torso. Ram strikes a most muscular pose. ROAR! After the battle cry, he sticks out his tongue then stalks his prey. The muscle beast moves in behind Havoc. The monster heel grabs around the young hero's waist and pulls him up into a reverse bearhug. ARGH!

The beast squeezes hard, torturing the hero's damaged core. Havoc twists, slamming his elbow into the side of Ram's head. CRACK! The villain takes the shot and actually shakes it off. He starts throwing Havoc around, whipping him back and forth with all his strength. When he stops, the blond stud hangs limp, looking like he might throw up.

Ram asks if Havoc wants to submit. In response, the young hero shows his determination. He stomps the muscle beast's foot. WHACK! The villain growls then angrily throws the lightweight hunk into the corner. CLANG! Havoc bounces off and stumbles right into a killer clothesline across his chest. WHOMP! The helpless hero collapses to the canvas.

The monster heel is taking no chances now. He quickly drags the ailing stud up then forces Havoc's head between his granite-hard thighs. Ram grabs the young hero around the waist. He lifts Havoc up and flips him before driving him down to the mat with a big power bomb. KABOOM! The blond lightweight bounces then lies unmoving on the mat.

Ram puts his boot on Havoc's chest and holds up his arm. ONE! TWO! The villain lifts his boot, breaking the count. He turns, leaps then comes down with a big leg drop across the young hero's chest. WHOMP! Havoc convulses, but before he can react any more, Ram pulls him into a head scissors. He smacks his prey's head, taunting the helpless hero. WHACK! WHACK!

The young hero struggles to break free and it's obvious the villain is just toying with him. Ram finally opens up his legs by choice. Havoc rolls away, shaking out his head. The muscle beast is up and on him fast. He drags the smaller stud up. Havoc whips out his fist, but it bounces off the rock hard abs without even getting a reaction. THUD!

Ram clubs Havoc's head. CRACK! The young hero spins on his knees, stunned. The monster heel grabs his victim from behind, forcing him up. He lifts Havoc up then brings him down fast into an atomic drop. WHACK! The buff blond stud flies forward into the corner. CLANG! He hits hard on his chest then stumbles backwards.

With Havoc backing towards him, Ram drops to his knees. He whips his thick arm up between the rookie's legs, delivering a crushing low blow. SQUISH! ARGH! With his arm up between the legs, Ram smoothly powers the young hero up across his broad shoulders. He squats up, putting the lightweight into a devastating torture rack.

Ram brutally bends Havoc then starts bouncing him. The young hero's moans fill the arena as he hang limply on the powerful villain's shoulders. The monster heel paces the ring, but he never asks for a submission. Havoc cries out, but never gives. Ram cranks hard and squats down. He bursts up, shrugging the hero off his shoulders with force.

Havoc flops to the mat. He reaches for his back then tries to crawl to the ropes. He doesn't get very far before Ram is dragging him up. The villain scoops Havoc up across his chest then bodyslams him back to the mat. BOOM! The young hero has no time to recover before he's dragged back up, scooped then bodyslammed even harder. BOOOOM! The young hero bounces this time before going limp. He moans softly, his visible face etched with pain.

Ram lies across the broken hero then slaps the mat. ONE! He pauses then does it again. TWO! The villain lifts his arm then brings it down. Not to slap the mat as a three-count, but instead to tap the young hero's face in a mocking fashion. The muscle beast grabs a handful of blond hair then drags Havoc up. He bends the obedient stud over then lifts, flipping Havoc over one shoulder in a backbreaker.

The monster heel parades around the ring as Havoc suffers. The helpless hero whimpers as his back is attacked once again. Ram moves to the middle of the ring then bends forward. He flips his victim forward, violently slamming him down, front first. WHAM! The young hero lies unmoving, his limbs spreadeagle. The villain walks over Havoc three times, putting all his weight on the smaller stud's back.

Havoc can't fight back, but I'm impressed that he isn't just giving up. Ram lifts up the helpless hero then carries him into the corner. He flips the rookie into a tree of woe. This can't be good. The muscle beast drives his boot into the ripped abs of the young stud. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! He moves in then climbs up the corner over the hanging hero.

Ram stands on the ropes with one boot pressed on the hero's thong-wrapped balls. The young stud thrashes, but he's locked up. The villain flexes for the cameras, ignoring the cries and begging from the hanging hero.the monster heel kisses his bicep then leaps back down to the mat. BAM! He grabs his victim, lifting him up and turning him right side up.

The muscle beast unleashes a series of shoulder blocks into Havoc's midsection. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! The young hero collapses onto the big man's back, so Ram flips him over with a back flip. He circles the unmoving rookie, assessing the damage. With his boot, he kicks the unmoving carcass of the moaning, whimpering blond stud over onto his stomach.

Ram plants his boots on either side of Havoc's head then bends over. He grabs the young hero around the waist then lifts him up into an upside down reverse bearhug. The rookie cries out as his aching core is crushed by the pumped and powerful muscleman. The heel cruelly increases the force as much as possible, going all out.

Havoc is squeezed against the granite-hard body, easily held aloft. Ram bounces him up and down again. The young stud has held out valiantly, but he can't take the punishment any more. The helpless hero moans, "Oh - oh - oh - okay! I - I - I give! I give!" The monster heel stops bouncing, but he doesn't release his victim.

Ram hoists Havoc up higher, adjusting his grip. He shifts the rookie then wraps his thighs around the blond stud's head. The villain drops down, piledriving the young hero down. CRASH! When the heel lets go, Havoc collapses in a heap, completely unconscious. Ram kicks him onto his back then puts his boot on the destroyed hero's bulge.

The muscle beast starts a standing ten-count. He flexes his way through the extended and unnecessary count, showing off his mighty muscles while the squashed rookie hero sleeps under his boot. I'm sure Ryan is responsible for this excessive beatdown. I wish he'd told me what he told Ram, because he obviously motivated the usually noble villain.

Ram hits ten and the match is finally over. Of course, there's still the stakes. Oh boy.


Ram has fake horns on his mask, but he could easily be called Rhino when he's naked. The guy has a beer can for a cock. It's ridiculously thick and turns as hard as the man himself. I hope Havoc is ready for this. The villain circles, his muscles pumped with a sheen of sweat. I guess demolishing a hero still takes work, even when it's a complete and utter squash.

Havoc isn't stirring, so Ram grabs one foot and drags the limp carcass to the corner. He lifts the unconscious hero up, slamming him hard into the corner. CLANG! The impact jars the handsome young hunk awake. He shakes out his head as he sags on the turnbuckle, barely able to stand. Ram positions his victim's arms over the top ropes to help keep him up.

The villain grabs a leg and forces it over the middle rope. Havoc is just conscious enough to cooperate, but he can't resist, even if if he wanted to. Ram forces the other leg out over the other middle rope, opening the helpless rookie's legs wide and trapping him in place. The muscle beast peels off his silver trunks, exposing his meaty manhood and bull balls.

As he fluffs his cock with his left hand, Ram bitchslaps Havoc with his right. SMACK! The helpless young hero opens his eyes and shakes out his head. The monster heel grabs a handful of blond hair and controls the loser's head. He forces him to look down and take in the thickening tool as he works it.

Havoc's mouth hangs open as he takes it in. He softly begs, "Oh fuck, no. Please, not that. It's too big." After the beating he's taken, I wonder if he's serious, until he adds, "I'm a virgin. Please." The blond beauty licks his lips. "Please."

Ram slaps him again. SMACK! The young moans and throws his head back, looking positively amazing. His black thong is tenting out as he hangs helpless in the corner. The muscle beast sees the straining spandex pouch, the sides pulling away from Havoc's body. Ram puts one of his powerful paws on it and squeezes, "You won't be using this today, whore."

Havoc thrashes in the corner as his manhood is molested. He pulls his hands free from the corner then pushes on Ram's thick pecs in a futile attempt to push the big man back. The young hero gropes the muscle beast's torso as he whimpers in pain. The heel leans into it, letting the hot blond stud fondle his chest and caress his abs.

Ram removes his hand and Havoc's pouch is even bigger. The villain slaps the throbbing cock, swatting it ruthlessly. As the blond stud whimpers, Ram reaches behind the young hero's head then pulls forward, toppling the helpless loser out of the corner. He awkwardly falls then rolls, landing on his stomach, bare ass way up thanks to the stuffed pouch underneath it.

The muscle beast shoves the toe of his boot between Havoc's legs. He taps up and down, bouncing the young hero's bulge. The action forces the loser up to hands and knees. Ram orders Havoc to stay where he is as he pulls an XL condom from the side of his boot. When he's ready, the villain drops to his knees behind the ailing jobber.

Ram begins by spanking the smooth ass cheeks, tanning them until they're bright red, marked by his handprints. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Havoc cries out then begs the heel to stop. Ram ignores the pleas. Only when he's done adding more humiliating abuse does the villain move on. The big beast pauses to coat his fingers with the lube Pete subtly rolled into the ring.

The monster heel slides his wet finger under the thong strap then rubs lube on the loser's hole. He finger fucks his victim, adding fingers to open up the tight hole. Ram pulls out then slides his thick finger under the crack strap of the tiny black thong. He stretches the spandex strap out from between the young hero's cheeks, pulling it to the side.

Ram moves in then forces his cock head inside. Havoc cries out, begging the villain to stop while still moaning with pleasure. The gasps and moans fill the arena, even as the villain is only in with a fraction of his massive cock. The muscle beast reaches forward and grabs a handful of blond hair. He pulls on the young hero's hair as he slowly slides in deeper and deeper. UNH! UNH! UNH!

The thick cock splits Havoc in half then Ram starts pounding. He releases the blond hair then grabs Havoc by his slim, smooth hips. The villain pumps hard. The young hero braces, his shoulders and arms tense as he struggles not to be thrown forward by the sheer force of the savage fucking he's receiving. OH GOD! UH! UH!

As he builds up steam, Ram's pelvis slams hard into the smooth red ass cheeks with every thrust. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! It's a powerful fucking that has Havoc gasping for air, trying to withstand the assault. The muscle beast pulls out, but he doesn't strip off the condom. Instead, he roughly rolls the young hero onto his back then pulls him back in for more punishment.

Havoc's legs are held up easily by the powerhouse as Ram gets into position. With the blond stud opened up, Ram shifts the thong strap then drives in fast and hard. ARGH! Havoc cries out, but switches to moans of pleasure as the rhythmic riding is resumed. The monster heel slams his cock in as hard as he can, the mega-muscleman dominating the fuck as brutally as he dominated the fight.

Ram is sweating and breathing hard. He finally slides out. He strips off the condom then slides up, sitting on the young hero's abs. The villain strokes his cock, quickly erupting. His seed sprays out, splashing down on Havoc's face, neck and chest. It's a huge load from those huge balls. With ropes of hot white seed coating his victim, the monster heel rises.

The muscle beast flexes over the hero then grabs him by his blond hair. Ram drags the weak young stud to the ropes then hops out of the ring. Like a caveman, the villain lifts his prey over his shoulder then confidently carries him to the back.

Ryan shuts down filming. When he peels off his mask, I see smug satisfaction on his face. He directs Pete to pay Ram, while I'm asked to check on Trent.

After the Match

After I check on the blond stud and pay him, I make a call and get an answer that tells me that I need to confront my best friend. Oh, Ryan. Why do you hate Trent?

Back in the arena, I say to Ryan, "If you're wondering, Trent is really, really sore, but he'll be fine."

Ryan fights to hold back a smile. "Of course. Ram's a pro. He knows what he's doing. Oh well, The Cave isn't for everyone."

"I know you set this up to drive Trent out. And you used Ram of all people as your hitman. What did you tell him to make him do that?" Ryan opens his mouth, but I cut him off. "Save it. Before you lie to my face again, Polaris told me you canceled him."


"Yeah. You lied to me. Too bad for you that your plan failed. Trent had a great time. He can't wait to come back. He knows a hot jobber performance like this will get him tons of attention. All Ram did was up Trent's asking price for his hustling."

Ryan scowls, "Huh."

I put my hands on my hips, "Huh? That's it? You get mad at me for lying and manipulating people, but look at you. You'd still be lying to me if I let you. You know Trent, even if he doesn't know you. You won't tell me what he did to you, but there's something personal there."

Ryan sighs, "Of course there is. You really won't let this go?" I shake my head. "Fine. I know Trent. From my past life."

I just nod, knowing what Ryan means. He has completely transformed himself physically in the past couple of years. Before becoming a hot 6'4"/250-lbs muscleman, he was a total slob with thick glasses, long greasy hair, bad clothes, and a soft body that was well over 300-lbs. My best friend lived a sheltered existence, drafting off my incredible popularity. He was watching life more than living it. So I get it, but I can't see how he ever crossed paths with a hot young stud like Trent.

My best friend finally says, "Trent doesn't recognize me, but I remember him." He sighs, "Four years ago, he was 18. I was 25, lonely and desperate. I hired him, but it didn't end with that one meeting. He acted innocent and played me. Big time. He kept asking for cash and I kept giving. My gullibility cost me a ton of money."

I'm surprised, "I didn't know you ... used guys like that. Why didn't you tell me this about Trent? Maybe not four years ago, but what about four days ago?"

"I was embarrassed. I actually believed that an 18-year old hooker like Trent could be interested in me. It hurt my wallet, but worse it hurt my self-esteem. And you know I didn't have much to start with. I still feel stupid and pathetic. I never wanted you to know that I paid guys for sex. Or that I let a guy like that use me like he did."

"Oh Ry. If you'd told me on Tuesday, I never would've pushed for Trent -"

My best friend shakes his head, "No, you were right, Cody. Professional over personal. Havoc is hot and will sell. And it's kind of perfect. Ram was just the start. Consider it Trent unknowingly paying me back."

I frown, "I don't like the sound of that. Ry, this doesn't sound healthy for you."

My best friend shrugs, "What? Trent is getting exactly what he wants. You said it yourself, he's happy with the results. I'm sure he'll be even happier after getting wrecked by Josh or Beau. Actually, Pete might be a good next opponent for him."

I struggle with what to say. I finally decide to focus on the bigger issue, "Ry, I'm always here for you. You should never be embarrassed to tell me anything."

Ryan grabs me in a big hug, "I know. And I love you for it. I'm sorry for not telling you right away." He holds me for a minute. When we break, he continues, "But back then, you weren't there for me. Not entirely your fault, but you and I lived very different lives. You just never noticed or cared about what was going on with me. I felt like you'd finally drop me as a friend if you knew how pathetic I was."

"I would never have dropped you." Ryan looks skeptical. "I wouldn't have! Everything I ever did was to keep you with me, not get rid of you." We pause and stare at each other. Rehashing the past isn't what either of us want. I say, "Okay. Look, I wasn't a great friend. I wasn't the friend you deserved. I am trying fix that now. I do love you, buddy, but I need you to meet me halfway. You couldn't talk to me then, but you can now. Got it?"

Ryan nods, "Got it."

We hug again. As we embrace, I tell him, "And as your best friend, I want you to leave Trent alone." I feel my buddy tense and we break the hug. I tell him, "Either we don't bring him back or you treat him like anyone else. Okay?"

"No, I don't think so."

"Ry, I'm serious. No revenge. It's not good for you. You're gorgeous. You just got a big promotion at work and have a successful side business. You have three guys who're crazy about you. Sure, two of them are complete jerks, but it's a step in the right direction. Meanwhile, Trent is still hustling just to get by. You're the winner here. Focus on that. Focus on you."

We just stare at each other. He finally sighs, "Okay, Cody. You're right. I shouldn't give into my dark side. So I'll leave it to you. Trent's future is your call. I won't get involved."

Just then, my boyfriend Jae arrives for his own match. He senses the tension and waits until Ryan moves off to download footage. Jae asks what he missed. I tell him about Trent's debut, but decide to save the drama for tonight. It's much better for him to focus on getting ready for his next match for The Cave.

The End


  1. Happy 4th Aex & what a fantastic, hot way to start the weekend with this match! Ram is my kind of muscle wrestler and I gotta admit I love the big guy vs small squash and you outdid yourself on this one complete with all of my favorite moves and holds. Thanks for starting the weekend off with a big bang! Max

    1. Max, happy to help you start the weekend with a big bang. I find big v small squashes can be tricky, so it's good to hear this worked for you.

  2. This was a very interesting approach, essentially inverting the hero and villain roles. The villain was more heroic in this match, while the "hero" ended up being the villain. Way to mix it up!

    1. Thanks. Yeah, I try to switch it up every so often. As a long-time Marvel fan, I like how they fluidly play with definitions and roles. Havoc is definitely not an entirely heroic fellow and Ram is the perfect villain for this kind of story.

  3. So good to see Ram back! He's definitely one of my favorite characters. I love the whole "honorable villain" angle, which always seems to apply to the most interesting characters in comics. And it looks like we have a new weasel in the federation to give Spartan/Bird Boy and Mimik a run for their money!

    1. First off, thanks for leaving your comment again. For some reason, the first one went into the blog's spam folder, which I seldom check.

      I'm glad everyone likes Ram's unique characterization. Not sure if Havoc will return, but Mimik and Bird Boy will for sure. In fact, both have stories completed and uploaded, including one of them slotted in exactly one month from today. :)

  4. While I enjoyed the wrestling action, my favorite part of this one was the talk between Cody and Ryan at the end. It actually tugged at my heartstrings.

    I'm taking a guess and say the story in a month from now is Mimic, not Bird Boy. I don't think we've seen him in a long time (not that I mind), outside of Jae's dream. Of course, I wouldn't mind being wrong and Bird Boy is the one out next. :)

    1. Wow, I really appreciate reading that. I'm sure some readers are only about the wrestling and sex, but I like to think what keeps the stories coming are the personal interactions between the guys.

      Not a Corey fan, eh? Well, both guys have stories, so even if it's Mimik in a month, it'll be Xaq not long after. :)

    2. I wish there was a way to 'like' this comment. I always enjoy the wrestling too but the interactions of the characters outside the ring is my favorite part of the stories. Thanks for investing so much of your time into this blog and these stories!

    3. You're welcome! Thanks for taking time to comment. I love reading that the characters matter so much to folks.

  5. I love the wrestling . I enjoy the sex stakes. But it's the relationships here that from day one have maptivated my attention. Wether it's Cody and Ryan, Cody and Jae, Cody and XAQ, Ryan and his harem, Ben and Jeff, Cody and the Owl, Cody and Ben, Ben and Mike, and I can go on and on. Men in relationships with men. Not all boyfriend and boyfriend . Some are just friends with benefits, or just friends, or mentor and apprentice , teacher and student, what are we missing...perhaps two guys... one that dreams of marriage and against all odds , it happens, with the other half becoming big in the business even though Everyone said it was impossible to be gay, married and successful in the business haha. Make relationships are at the heart of the Cave. The struggle . Because it's men being able to push each other to grow , to listen to one another. To enjoy one another. Which they do, in many many many ways. This was a great example of Cody helping his friend Ryan overcome something painful in his life, even though Ryan resisted. But also, there is Trent. The fact that Ryan wanted to block him from having success for his past dealings with him but also because of his attitude towards what he did on the side. Cody being understanding, loving and flexible towards Trent . I think we all can learn from that. I can. This was a master class hidden in a wrestling match with Ram being Ram. So erotica and human emotional massage wrapped up in one Story that only Alex a Miller can deliver.

    1. Wow, a master class? Gotta love that! I'm so glad you found so much to take away from the story. You're right in that at the end of it all, it's all about male relationships. I think I've seen them all and actually experienced many similar to the ones I depict.

  6. What a great Match! Nice to see Ram back and squashing newbie Havoc. I loved it! I love when villains wrestle like this enjoying as they dominate their opponents and I'm sure Havoc didn't mind either knowing the fan base he could get! I like how he was a 'Hero but player dirty even though he still lost big time in the end, I'm not sure how he is in the comics since I'm more of a DC guy but it was refreshing seeing a dirty 'Hero' in play. Though the talks between Cody and Ryan were another highlight. I like how each guy is always there to help the other out when they know something is up. It really shows how strong their bond is since the start of the cave series. Just too bad Cody convinced Ryan to lay off I wouldn't mind seeing Havoc in one more squash match against Bane himself haha.

    Reading through the comments and it looks like Mimik is coming up soon! Can't wait! And if the next chapter continues were this one left off then Jae's match is next. I'm excited to see two of my favorites in action and looking forward to the next two cave series chapters!(If Has is next haha)

    1. Thanks! I'm not sure if Havoc will ever return, so we'll see. I plan some characters as a slow burn, taking a while to develop them. Others are medium burn and then there are the fast burners who immediately tell you their whole life story and mainly serve a plot purpose. At least that's my intent as I think through who gets what level of development in each story. Havoc is a fast burner, so he might've done his role.

      The comic book Havok is a non-character for me. He is basically whatever the writer wants him to be. He was just kind of there in the Outback, where I saw the most of him, and lately has been terrible. He delivered a much maligned "pro-assimilation" speech that blamed mutants (Marvel's stand-in for real-life minorities) for their plight then turned evil in Axis then faded away. However, he is a hot blond stud, so someone can repair his scarred face and bring him back as a good guy. His Inferno costume as the Goblin Prince in X-Men was kind of a sexy commentary on revealing female costumes, so that was fun.

  7. Happy belated Canada Day from the US, and Happy Independence Day! Ooh, to celebrate both, why don't we do the time-honored tradition of swapping leaders? ;) (I kid. I kid because yours is kind of a dreamboat.)

    I'm happy so many other people like Ram. He's one of MY favorites, too. And I loved Havoc. He seemed such a different type of character, fit in really well with the mix. And he exposed that dark side of Ryan, that vengeful non-forgiving stuff that's hot in the ring, but toxic anywhere else--as Cody realizes. Will Cody be able to save Havoc's body and Ryan's soul from Ryan's pride-based vindictiveness? Tall order for a narcissist like Cody... ;)

    So if Havoc served his purpose, I get that, but I'd also love to see him return. For one thing, that was some hot as hell jobbing. For another, I was always so annoyed at Havok's wasted potential in the comics, and this feels like some kind of redemption.

    1. Thank you! I've never thought of my stories as a substitute for crappy character treatment elsewhere, but I guess it is like an alternate place. LOL.

      As for Cody, he's trying to be better where Ryan's concerned and the big guy's dark side is something Cody definitely knows too well. Personal growth just takes time. ;)