Friday, March 18, 2016

Inspiration: Hangman/Gory Special/Hangman's Choke

If the objective of these posts is to help readers who aren't familiar with the various holds that I reference then what I call a Hangman is a perfect choice. Neither Google nor Wikipedia will lead you to the answer. At least not easily. In fact, it might take you to the wrong place.

I'm not sure if I'm even right by calling it a Hangman, although Rock Hard Wrestling refers to it by the same name. Since they're on my side and they use it a lot, I'm using them almost exclusively as my reference source for screen grabs.

Kyle Carter hangs Alex Waters out to dry (here)

Alex Miller's Hangman

When I describe the Hangman, I'm referring to a move where the guys are back-to-back. The applier reaches back then grabs under the chin. He bends forward, lifting the victim's feet off the mat, effectively straining his neck and back. The applier can keep the victim suspended, enjoying the moans of pain, until he gets tired or bored or the victim gives or escapes.

Dash applies a Hangman to Alex Waters (here)

Dash adds a little bounce to amp up the pressure (here)

I like the Hangman a lot. I think it's sexy, dominant and looks painful. I've never been in one, but it works for me as a viewer.

One of the keys for cameramen is finding the right angle. Side, back, front, top ... they can all work, depending on the studs and how it's done. Look at Dash above - the front-upward shot shows his amazing muscles as he suspends Alex. A back shot shows off the victim's stretched out body. A side shot emphasizes the pain. And a top shot shows off the victim's face etched with agony. It's all good and I like it when multiple cameras catch all of it.

A side view of Ethan Andrews on Jake Jenkins (here)

And a top view of the same hold (here)

Dash Decker on Gage Cardona (here)
(Notice the feet ...)

Austin Cooper gives Lucas Payne the runaround (here)
(Notice the arms ...) 

Gory Special

So I said to notice the feet and arms in those last two images. There's a move called the Gory Special, named for legendary wrestler Gory Guerrero, the patriarch of the famous Guerrero family, father of Eddie, Hector and Chavo. It feels like a version of the same idea to me.

In the Gory Special, you hook the arms and bend (as Austin did above). You grab the feet and lock them on your hips (as Dash did above). Your victim needs to help with this part by giving his feet to you. Now, he's locked in and stretched out perfectly.

Austin Cooper locks up Chad Daniels (here)

Jake Jenkins shows Coop how it's done (here)

Both these holds are great in tag team matches, because they open up the victim to sexy ab abuse (and more, as evidenced by Lucky Stallion's creativity - support his Patreon here!). Obviously the victim is more secure in the Gory Special, so it's probably preferred for additional abuse.

Dash claws Zack's award-winning abs (here)

Ethan hammers Alex, even as he still
checks himself out in the mirror (here)

Ethan takes it to another level - literally (here)

Of course, Lucky Stallion tops them all! (here and here)

Bigger and better quality versions available here and here

The Hangman's Choke

This is an entirely different hold, but this is where you might be led when you search. In this case, the applier grabs his victim from behind and uses the ropes to pull the guy up off his feet in a suspended choke. RHW uses the idea of this, but they allow the victim to keep his feet on the mat, which is easier and safer, making it a sleeper. Still, I think you'll get the point as RHW's biggest bad boys choke out their opponents.

Alex Waters on Justin Silver (here)

Dash Decker on Chad Daniels (here)

Ethan Andrews on Rex Bedford (here)

Austin Cooper goes literal, using an
actual rope on Bruce Ballard (here)

Now, just in case you think these moves are limited to RHW, they're not. Pros and other underground folks do use these.

Guido Genatto uses a Gory Special
on Jake Jenkins (here)

CM Punk works over Rey Mysterio

So there you go, that's what I call the Hangman. Next time I have Cody, Jae and the rest lock one on or locked in one, hopefully you'll have a better visual of what I mean.



  1. Alex R:

    I love these posts. The hangman, is a very sexy and humiliating move. It shows both men in amazing positions. Those Gifs are awesome. The best part is that it helps when reading your stories. Hopefully there are other ppl that like these posts!

    1. Thanks and I'm glad they help. I think there are folks who like them as they do pretty well in terms of views. They perform like an average review from BGE or Thunders.

  2. The three moves are absolutely hot and shows a great deal of dominance on the victim who just lies there helpless.

    The first one is quite similar to Aryx Quinn's Special, no?

    1. Thanks for the comment. I can never remember the name of Aryx' moves, but I can see a little of it in the kneeling neckbreaker where they're back-to-back and he pulls his opponent's head over his shoulder.

  3. Reading this post only reminded me of something I already know all too well: Alex Waters is so beautiful it pains me that he's been MIA from RHW for over a year. It also pains me that Dash has seemingly left, too. I knew they couldn't stay around forever, but is it too much to ask that they at least hang around for a bit longer?? LOL!

    Speaking of which, RHW has become such a letdown. They have only 6 wrestlers now and after their 2 month long hiatus at the beginning of the year they still haven't added any new talent or brought back any of the vets besides Coop, Bruce, and Ethan since then went "2.0". RHW needs a miracle to save them from fading into obscurity!

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      Needless to say, I'm with you 100%.