Friday, March 4, 2016

Review: Tak vs. Mogly (Thunders Arena)

Thunders Arena is pretty open about who sells and who doesn't. On the site, they were listing best sellers, including the best sellers by month. On their Tumblr they post about not bringing guys back because they don't sell.

So Tak must sell pretty well, because he's been around a long time and starred in over 40 videos. And I've bought 16 of them, so I'm obviously a fan. In the vast majority of those videos, he's the smaller guy who gets manhandled by a bigger bodybuilder type. It makes sense, given that he's listed at a lean 5'10" and 156-lbs. While there are a lot of guys shorter than him, there aren't many lighter.

Tak earns his frequent flier miles

Yes, he's a handsome and hung blond cutie, but what makes Tak the best of his kind is his attitude. No matter the challenge, he's ready to face it. The guy is cocky, charming and clever, even when he's being mauled by a massive muscle monster. He's just fun to watch.

However, they have shaken up the formula a few times and put him against more manageable opponent. During these rare matchups, fans get to see Tak back up his big talk and show off some more of his skills. Win or lose, these matches are at least competitive and an interesting break from the usual fare.

Take enjoys his dominance

Loving every minute of it

One of my favorite Tak matches like this is his match vs. Mogly. Like Tak, Mogly was a smaller guy that Thunders frequently fed to the beasts. The dark-haired stud is beautiful, with a smooth, tight muscle body. He wears fantastic gear - small animal print briefs - that look great on him.

Tak plays with the smaller stud

Mogly feels the burn

The video starts with some storyline, with a meditating Tak demanding Mogly make him a cup of coffee. Tension ensues and we get a small guy battle on the mats by the pool.

The rookie can't make coffee

So Tak decides to teach him a lesson

In terms of action, there are some nice holds and moves here. The action feels intense as Tak is all about domination of the young newbie. Mogly is no pushover, though, and he gets his shot in control, too.

There are not many guys Tak can do this to

Of course it's not a one-sided squash

Tak gets bent

If you haven't seen this match, it's pretty good. I liked it a lot, especially seeing a new side to Tak. I remember that I appreciated him even more after this match, as he shows he knows what he's doing.

What do you think about Tak, Mogly or this match? Do you prefer Tak to be competitive or a gorilla-pressed doormat for muscle monsters?



  1. TAK is 100% hot! A hot, muscled body cutie with a mouth that wont quit. I too enjoyed his match with Mogly. Another good one is his match with Archer. I wish Thunder's would match him up against other guys with similar stats. I'm not a big fan of Big vs Little matches, to me its a boring one-sided squash. Thunders even stated on their blog that the little guys chicken out at the lat minute so they are hard to keep. If they wouldn't put them up against the big guys right off the bat they might stick around longer.

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      I 100% agree with you on Tak/Archer. Loved it. I thought about reviewing it and still might one day. The end of that match is awesome, but I wasn't sure if I could review it without spoiling it.

    2. It's completely up to you, but if you're planning on reviewing matches and want to spoil certain parts of the match, I would just put the word "spoiler" in the headline.

    3. That's a great suggestion. Some matches just can't be reviewed without spoiling, because the hotness comes from key plot points. If I put it in the header then it's reader beware.