Friday, March 25, 2016

Review: Ty Alexander vs. Beauxregard (BGEast)

Sometimes wishes do come true. Regular readers of the blog might remember that I've been pining away for Ty Alexander's Trophy Boy persona ever since he debuted it last year. The concept, the look and how he fills it out are all wonderfully fantasy-inducing, but with BGEast's catalogue 112, the fantasy becomes a reality as the Trophy Boy steps into the ring with BGEast newcomer Beauxregard.

The Trophy Boy checks out Beauxregard

One of my favorite elements in wrestling is a contrast between wrestlers. It might be age, size, experience, style, even race/ethnicity, but differences often increase the tension without any need for a ton of storyline. It gets my mind working and can take a match to another level. No one can do this like BGEast, with their diverse roster. Other than size, most other companies have a more uniform look and feel to their talent.

With Ty vs. Beaux, you have a great contrast between two hot wrestlers. The one thing they seem to share is a palpable attraction to each other. The two studs have steaming hot chemistry on camera, which makes the match a joy to watch. This feels like an intimate private match that we're lucky enough to witness.

I loved being a fly on this wall

Ty is definitely the underdog here. I prefer my 'jobbers' like Ty - cocky, talented fighters who don't go down easily. I am generally bored by prettyboy punching bags, so Ty's ability to bring out a bit of heel-jobber attitude and top-notch wrestling talent fits right into my preferences.

The red Trophy Boy gear is a beautiful and complete pro-inspired look. From head-to-toe, it's a perfect for the ring, giving this a real and fun pro vs. pro feeling.

The Trophy Boy is perfect as he sells and shows off

Beaux better work - Trophy Boy's not an easy win

Beauxregard is new, but he's a mature muscleman who looks hard as bricks and sexy as hell. In shiny pro gear, he looks fantastic. Once again, it's the perfect contrast to his flashy opponent. The rugged beefcake is rightly confident. It's obvious he's amused and aroused by the younger cutie, willing to play along until Ty pushes him too far.

Uh, Trophy Boy? He's the one who's supposed
to be hurt after these punches, not you.

The Trophy Boy better run after cheapshotting the big man

The 42-minute video starts with 2-3 minutes of foreplay. This is an erotic match, but I left that stuff for the Arena, focusing on the wrestling instead.

Right from the beginning, these two are fucking each other with their eyes, so it's no surprise that trunks come off at 15 and 26 minutes, revealing sexy thongs. Around 29 minutes in, Ty is stripped of his jock as the match heads into its final stages. There's an explosive finish as the loser (guess who) gives up his load before they head off for some private action.

Beaux shows how a gut punch is supposed to work

Beaux's picture perfect suplex

I focused on the action because it's still a great wrestling match, with solid holds and moves that are expertly executed. Beaux manhandles Ty, but the Cavey Award-winning 2015 Jobber of the Year gets his turn on top. As you can see, there are quite a few hard-hitting power moves, including body slams, suplex, punches and stomps.

As well, there are classic submission holds, like crabs, camel clutches, bearhugs and leg moves.

A beautiful camel clutch

Smart strategy vs. a big man - go after the legs

Only problem is if the big man gets up

I love how Ty always adds something extra

I enjoyed this match a lot. BGEast has a way of knowing what matches I want to see most and holding them back off VOD, but it was worth the wait. I hope to see more Trophy Boy in 2016, but if Ty doesn't watch it, he might be too dominant to keep his Jobber of the Year award. ;)

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  1. oh wow i love this video, it is very hot

    1. Thanks for the comment! Obviously, I agree 100%. :)

    2. Thanks tomcat clad you enjoyed

  2. I enjoyed reading this review and I concur with your assessment. There's definitely some palpable heat emanating between these two before they even touch.

    But what I appreciated most was your acknowledgment of our celebration of contrast and diversity. At least part of the impetus for my initial involvement in "professional" wrestling was to prove that there WAS a place for lightweights - and gays - in a very homophobic business where virtually no one admitted to being gay and if you did you were often abused and routed out, where Andre The Giant was the revered pinnacle ideal.

    For the most part I think we've succeeded in covering most the diverse bases in gay-oriented wrestling, often to the detriment of our bottom line, as our in-house accountant TNT frequently reminds us. But contrary to the charges of some detractors, our primary objective was never pecuniary. So we'll continue to pursue creativity and variety and we welcome input as to how we can do it even better.

    Kid Leopard

    1. Kid Leopard, I appreciate the post. Glad you liked the review. As a long time fan with diverse tastes, I appreciate BGEast's commitment to variety.

      Not sure if you're the type to check back, but I'm interested in Masked Menace vs. Lazlo Kohl ... if that can be released earlier rather than later in the VOD chain, that would be cool ...

  3. Kinda cool...all the comments from some awsm guys.