Thursday, March 10, 2016

Review: Aryx Quinn vs. Jonny Firestorm (BGEast)

Continuing the theme of BGEast heel vs. heel matches, I’m covering this BGEast Arena exclusive featuring two true mega-stars of the underground wrestling scene … Aryx Quinn vs. Jonny Firestorm. (Please note: It looks like this match is not available on the main BGEast website)

Two hot heels

This is a unique kind of heel vs. heel matchup. While both are mostly identified as heels, they're not the undefeated, unstoppable kind of villain. I've been an Aryx Quinn fan since his debut, but I feel like I have more matches where Aryx loses in the end than I do where he wins. Even when he wins, he might get knocked out or have the tables turned on him post-match.

Jonny Firestorm hasn't always been a heel, much less some unstoppable monster. Of course while he has had his moments as more of a face character, I think he's evolved into one of the best heels in the business. Whether as a fresh-faced, clean-cut bad boy or a beefy, hairy badass, Jonny always brings the moves and attitude of a true star.

So the talent is top-notch here. Both guys have a history of being Kid Leopard's protege and that angle is featured here. The story is the boss' favorites fighting to see who's the true alpha boy around BGE. The tension is high and action is intense.

Uh, that's not a mat move

Aryx hung out to dry

Jonny trapped and battered

Aryx gets bent

The match starts off in the mat room then moves to the ring. Both guys get their turn on top, but there's a definite winner in the end. *** SPOILER *** At the risk of spoiling the match, there's an explosive ending for one of them as the loser is stripped and forced to jerk off while the other flexes over him with his boot on the loser's chest. *** END SPOILER ***

I appreciate that both guys get their turn in the spotlight, both getting to feature their favorite moves.

Jonny spreads Aryx wide

Aryx loves this move

Jonny's leg nelson is beautiful

And Aryx loves this move, too

Being a battle of the bad boys, low blows and foreign objects play a role. When you have two guys like this, nothing is off limits.

If you're gonna flex on Aryx, wear a cup

Jonny learns his lesson - this time, he grabs first then flexes

Aryx uses his hose to tame Jonny

The ropes and ring make this a big time camel

This is a long video, over an hour, with all the story, two settings and various combinations. I really enjoyed it throughout and would recommend it.

So there you have it, another winning heel vs. heel match.



  1. This match looks very good indeed! And the first gif... that must have hurted because of the mat, lol.

    Love both of them. Because they know what they are doing and, although you can find much better bodies in BGEast, it is hard to find better bad ass attitude.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I agree on the badass attitudes, but maybe not on the bodies. This is my favorite Aryx look.

    2. Only one problem here: I cannot find this match on the BG East webpage. I've looked under Jonny Firestorm and I've looked under Aryx Quinn, and it's not listed. Has it been pulled, or has it not yet been released?

    3. Good question, Dr. L. I believe that it's an Arena exclusive. I did say that in the first paragraph, but maybe I should bold it or make a bigger point about it.

      Sorry if I've tempted you with a match you can't buy. I didn't think that part through, but I will moving forward when choosing matches to review.

  2. Nice gifs and review, Alex!

    However, I really wish this one was available to buy on DVD so I could watch it. Looks like a great match with some hot moments of Aryx, one of BGEast's best heel-jobbers, getting his ass kicked. Not a fan of this rent or buy to stream option.

    1. Let BGE know. I'm surprised they haven't distributed it more widely. It's been out a while.

    2. Good point. Um, sorry, do you know if BGE has an email address where you can submit comments like that?

    3. On the "Contact Us" page of their website they list three emails, but I think ...

      ... is the most relevant for this. Good luck!