Sunday, March 20, 2016

Review: Bolt vs. Bucky vs. Eagle (Thunders Arena)

Let me just start with my opinion. Bolt vs. Bucky vs. Eagle is another ring winner from Thunders Arena. Great guys, strong action and just fast-paced fun. I bought this as part of their St. Patrick's Day sale, along with Cage/Talon and Brute/Peewee. I haven't watched those ones yet, but it's a good start.

It's a three-way ring adventure

The whole thing kicks off with Bolt and Eagle comparing muscles and modeling resumes. The bigger Eagle compliments Bolt's body then knocks his face (poor Bolt). The two studs show off in the ring until Bucky interrupts. The pro forces the guys to focus on wrestling not posing as he takes command.

Battle of the fitness models

Guys, the ring is for wrestling, not posing

Bucky is great. He's beefier than a typical Thunders guy, but he's a sexy southern pro rassler, the kind Joe at Ringside should like. A thick, rough and tough, blond goateed hunk, Bucky's smooth tanned bulk is poured into tight Stars and Stripes pro trunks.

It's when it comes to the action where I'm really glad they have Bucky on the roster. Similar to his match with Talon (reviewed here), he's a drill sergeant in the ring, but also a coach. He whispers instructions (mostly inaudibly this time) and the two amateur wrestlers follow direction well. They work together to dominate the big guy for long stretches, surprising me with their ability.

Bucky is the ringmaster

Showing the boys how it's done

After Bolt was the standout in a mostly disappointing recent tag team match (reviewed here), I said I wanted to see more of him and I'm glad I have. He's terrific in the ring once again. The cute and ripped stud shows a good ring acumen and a comfort with the moves. Under Bucky's guidance, the smallest stud is a big presence and he commands a lot of attention. Even when Bucky and Eagle are the focus, Bolt never stops moving, pacing and looking for his next opportunity to jump in on the action.

Gear-wise, I'd prefer Bolt in some boots, but there's no knocking his tiny floral trunks. They're similar to a pair Joey Ryan likes to wear, only about 1/4 of the size. For me, Bolt has now been great twice vs. not-so great once (vs. Dozer reviewed here). So definitely on the upswing in my books and I'm eager to see him in the ring again.

Bolt's a quick learner

Those trunks are sweet

Eagle is still a stunning man. Physically, he's looking awesome in blue briefs and lime green cross-trainers. During the action, he takes a backseat to Bolt, perhaps a little less comfortable in the ring, but he still does well. Maybe he's just a little quieter and less energetic than the other two. I wouldn't buy this just for Eagle, if that's your only interest, but he's solid in this match.

Eagle looks buff

Bolt making it easier to read the tattoo

The combinations change up during the match, including Bucky vs. Bolt/Eagle, Bolt vs. Eagle and even a brief, but hot series with Bucky/Eagle vs. Bolt. I could see this setting up Bolt vs. Eagle one-on-one, but don't know if they shot that. Look for hard-hitting slams and stomps, classic submission moves, guys worked over in the ropes and some generally good double-teaming action.

Bucky sells like a champ

Eagle shakes Bolt

Bolt taunts Bucky as Eagle crabs him

All-in-all, I really enjoyed watching this 19-minute match. Sexy guys, fun atmosphere, engaging action and charismatic personalities.

As a bonus, I'm going to encourage comments by offering you the chance to influence my April reviews. I've only done three reviews for April, so there's probably 5 more openings for the month. Below is a list of the 16 unwatched matches currently on my iPad. If there's one where you're particularly dying to know my opinion, please let me know!

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  1. Hey Alex,
    This is asking alot, but what the heck... I'd love a review of Max Anderson vs Mikey Hanlon. I love the whole series (4 matches against each other). The World Series match is great, but I think a review of the whole series would rock. Their feud evolved, as did who dominated as the matches went by.
    Anyway, looking forward to whatever you review!
    Thanks, Mikey

    1. Mikey, thanks for the suggestion. I'll see what I can do, but four videos? I only have three - the original, the rematch and the World Series. I double-checked the website and didn't see a fourth one.

    2. You're right, Alex. Bad memory on my part. I must have staged the missing fight in my head!

    3. No worries. I bet you staged a hot match! :)

  2. Alex R:

    I like the concept of putting a Pro vs two Fitness models. And Bucky looks good and fits the part. I love fitness models, but some reason, none of the guys I like get hired! WTF lol. Dont get me wring, Eagle is amazing hot, but he is not on my list. He does look amazing in the blue speedos and the shoes. The shoes made him look even hotter. Bolt also looks amazing. He looks better than in the picture you put of him as a model. He looks more muscular. What Im hoping is for more fitness guys that get out of their shell, do more wrestling, but do more homoerotic wrestling.

    1. It would be nice. Both Bolt and Eagle have a wrestling background, which obviously helps bring them in.

      I'm not sure how much of a model Bolt was. I have five pics, three of which I've posted, but I don't know where they came from before they hit Tumblr or if there are any more.

  3. Alex and Anonymous, I beg to differ a little bit. Now don't get me wrong. I love to look at a gorgeous fitness model as much as anyone. But I really do love seeing "normal" looking guys wrestle (whether in pro-style, real submission, or erotic wrestling). When I say normal I do mean good looking guys, but not model pretty or perfect bodied gym guys. I think deep down it gives a fight a more authentic look. And, perhaps I'm a little weird, but the occasional scar or body hair or blemish looks terrific to me. It gives a wrestler an unspoken backstory. One of the reasons I do really like UCW is that their competitors are attractive, but appear to have the bodies and faces of men I know, not ones I merely fantasize about. I have liked Thunder's Arena since they arrived on the scene, but I wish they'd focus a little more on the wrestling and a little less on the God-like physiques of their stable of talent. Movimus, which I love, has a nice mix of different looks taking the mat. One day it's muscle specimen Dave Markus, the next day day lanky Aron Stokes proving himself stronger than he looks, then sexy guys like Ivan Karamazoff defying all convention in both look and fighting, and making it all work. I guess in the end I really just love a mix of different types of guys. Keeps it all fresh and interesting. Throw in a model every now and then, I'm all good with that.

    1. Mikey, thanks for the comment. I don't think that's weird at all or that we really disagree. As I've said before, I am driven more by the action than appearance. I also find many different guys attractive. So I agree with Alex R and you and I'd love to see more of everyone to wrestle. LOL.