Sunday, November 10, 2019

Review: Justin Pierce vs. Kid Vicious (BGEast)

So, I've had another longer than usual break between posts (six whole days). I haven't watched many videos lately and none of the few that I have seen have inspired me to make a review. I do have a few on the docket with some interesting scenarios and reliable studs like Jonny Firestorm, Scrappy, Taylor Reign and more. Fingers crossed that they're either really good or really bad!

To fill the void, I looked back at classic BGEast. As I scrolled, Ultra-Heels 4 popped out for a couple of reasons. As you will see, I may have upended expectations by focusing on Justin's toughness rather than his weakness.

Can the hero shock the world?

One of my favorite recent comments was from Cho after my Heroes: Bane of my Existence 3 story. He commented, "I like how you give the heroes a chance to be heroic, only for them to be taken down by the villains using underhanded tricks." This dovetailed with a conversation I had with the man behind the awesome Telemachus website after he listed me as his 'Link of the Week'. As we talked about what makes a good story, he said, "If a hero falls in the first minute of the confrontation then he can't really claim to have been a hero in the first place."

Yes, it's true. I like my heroes to be heroic and I'm happy others feel the same way. I apply the same principle to wrestling videos. Now, I love squashes, but most of the time, I prefer my faces and jobbers to be fighters. Even if they've got no shot, it's nice to see them at least try.

Justin is definitely facing a big challenge.

He could just lie down and take his beating.

After all, this would break most heroes.

In this video, Justin Pierce is definitely a fighter and he's brave. The stud is always gorgeous enough to be a superhero, but here, he's a little thicker than usual, perhaps bulking up to face down one of BGEast's toughest heels. The young hunk is tanned and strong, decked out in his famous tight shiny briefs - the baby blue with white trim version. Delicious and looking very jobber-ish.

But Justin isn't here to just give up.

The hero flies into battle.

And is ready to ... what? HEY! That's cheating!

Action-wise, it's a fairly short video given how much goes on. You get an 8-minute warm-up with Justin in various outfits, stretching to Duran Duran's 'Reflex' and Blondie's 'Call Me'. Things get going then are fast-paced for 20 minutes of a back-and-forth singles match then closes with an 8-minute 3-on-1 round as our hero faces the full weight of BGEast's top bad boys.

Justin fights hard and shows a ton of power moves. He repeatedly body slams Kid Vicious and his gorilla press slam is something you usually only see from much bigger guys. Of course, the heel ruthlessly punishes the handsome hunk when he has the chance, using dirty tricks, relentless body work and solid submission moves. The final round is brutal as the odds become overwhelming.

Justin's not going to go down for one interfering
heel, even if he is The Boss.

Two heels? No problem.

Three heels? Justin's still not backing down!
What a man!

In the end, I really enjoyed this video when i first saw it years ago and still enjoy it now. It's surprising and hot, but what I really like is seeing Justin take it to the heel and his buddies. If this had been a squash, I probably would have loved it. The fact that it's not, though, turns out to be so much better.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. Thanks for the callout! If you that style of video, I think the Tagteam between Justin Pierce and Nick Archer vs Shane McCall and Powergun(?) has a similar feel.

    1. Yes, I think it did. I have that one but haven’t watched in some time. Maybe it’s time to revisit it.

  2. Coincidentally I just blogged about Justin Pierce in an old Tag Team bout on Wrestling Arsenal. I forgot or never realized how skillful and polished he was in the ring. Your article and animations helped to reinforce my appreciation for this studly wrestling journeyman. I don't think I have the match you wrote about in my collection (I think I would remember a 2-on-1 attack by the Kids) but I'm now thinking I need to own every Justin Pierce video in the catalog...)

    1. I saw that. I love the match you posted about. I always think I should do a post devoted to Beau Nasty but I never get to it. Like my one-hit wonder series, Beau is a guy who didn’t last long but stuck with me.

      I can’t think of a single bad Justin match, but the only ones I revisit are the ring matches. The mat ones were fine but it’s the ring action, like the tag matches and his match vs Mikey Vee that made him a legend in my eyes.

  3. Justin Pierce was my first obsession when it came to the homoerotic wrestling world. And this video, was my absolute favorite! Such a good hero, then so much fun finally seeing him triple teamed

    1. I can see that. Brad Rochelle was mine (his image on the old cover page burned into my brain and made me nervously buy a video), but Justin was early on and remains one of my all-time favorites.

      I wonder who is doing that for newbies today?