Thursday, February 25, 2021

Review: Cameron Matthews vs. Topher DiMaggio (W4H)

So, apparently I missed a great video last year. No, not this one. A different one featuring Topher DiMaggio. I only know this because I was looking to see who reviewed this one and found multiple blogs raving about Joey Nux vs. Topher DiMaggio from Wrestler4Hire (WR's Screencaps, Knockout, Ringside, and Bodyslam). Huh. Oh well. Can lightning strike twice for Mr. DiMaggio?

Cameron welcomes a new stud to his ring.

Cameron Matthews needs no introduction. He's decked out in beautiful blue, contrasting perfectly with his opponent in ravishing red. Topher is new to me. I don't know him from porn or any other wrestling video. However, I think he's handsome, solid and, it turns out, a feisty stud. It's not easy facing a superstar pro, but Topher gives Cameron a good go by taking the abuse and being aggressive when he has the chance. 

Cameron Matthews vs. Topher DiMaggio is a 22-minute video that starts out immediately. Within 15 seconds, they're locking up. So, no story or setup. It's a "My Nuts, Bro!" video, so there's a lot of low blows and crotch grabs. This does go deeper than just two guys going low. They actually wrestle a little, which gives the encounter its intensity. A lot of the dirty action acts as an amplification for a legit wrestling hold or as a followup to a legit move.

Action-wise, it's not a squash. Cameron drives most of the action, but that should be expected. He's the wrestler. However, I usually like some back-and-forth, so I like Topher demonstrating a few skills of his own. He tackles and rolls the ring veteran, even trying a couple of slam-like moves. The two studs get shiny as things get fiery in this battle of the bulges.

Fans of socks will like the boots coming off and they get down to socks. Not really my thing, so I'll be honest ... I sped through the one extended part where unlacing is the focus of the action.

In the end, this is a fun video and I enjoyed watching it. The studs are glistening. The action is fun. Cameron is always a win. He's a great heel to toy with a less experienced porn guy. And Topher does well for himself. He's hot and a good sport. Now, I guess I should check out that other match ...

What are other bloggers saying about THIS match?

So, that's my take. What's yours?



  1. Great match! Boots/feet/socks/etc don't really do anything for me either, but the short scene where Cam shoves his boot in Topher's face....whew. Just something about it. Maybe it's Topher being all hot, sweaty, and totally defenseless against Cam's humiliation.
    After seeing this and his match with Joey, it really makes me want to check out his matches at Can-Am

    1. Oh, I liked that moment, too. It's probably just that unlacing and removing boots takes sooooo long.

  2. Topher has been doing wrestling videos with Can Am videos for a decade. Why are all of you bloggers acting like he just started doing this now? I do not understand why none of you ever write about Can Am videos, but whether you like them or not, they still actually exist. You cannot refer to someone as new to wrestling when they have been doing it for a decade.

    1. I refer to him as "new to me", which is true. If this bugs you, it must kill you when I talk about guys from the 90's as new to me.

      As for Can-Am, my main issue with them is their website, which I find user-unfriendly, especially for discovering new (to me) talent. And last time I was there, they didn't have downloads. I'll suffer through it for videos I'm pretty sure I'll like but I'm not going to experiment there.

    2. Their website used to be unusable, but now it's ok. - and for downloads.

      They have fantastic content, Jobe Zander, Michael Vineland, Rusty Stevens, Topher Dimaggio.

      Plus, BG Enterprise! Cliff Conlin, Ren Adams. Buddy Justice, Dino Philips.

      Really worthwhile.

    3. Oh, that's good to read. Thanks for the update. Last year, I mainly watched the BG videos with Johnny Lightning that I reviewed and that was about it.

      I'll check Can-Am out again.

  3. I love your reviews!
    Your writing is so honest and helps me decide what to buy (limited budget etc).
    I have both W4H matches with Topher and think they are great... I love his style but would appreciate a hope spot or two from him.
    Gotta agree about CamAm... their site and reluctance to downloads is why I rarely visit them.

    1. Thanks! I will definitely check out the Joey Nux one at some point.

  4. No, you are not being honest.
    You did not merely say,
    "He is new to me".

    You repeatedly also made other comments that implied he was new to wrestling.
    You repeatedly said things like
    “It's not easy facing a superstar pro, but Topher gives Cameron a good go.” 
    “(Cameron’s) a great heel to toy with a less experienced porn guy”
    and, especially,
    “Cameron drives most of the action, but that should be expected. He's the wrestler.”

    Cameron is not "the" wrestler. They are both wrestlers.

    1. You're wrong. Everything I said is 100% true if you watch the match. Cameron does drive most of the action. He is clearly more talented as a wrestler. Topher is clearly a less experienced amateur.

      At no point could anyone watching this match think that Topher's skills, as demonstrated, are anywhere near the level of Cameron's. Topher's a wrestler because he's wrestling but he's clearly not a trained wrestler and gets graded on a different scale.

  5. I watched the match. I agree that Cameron is the better wrestler. But that is irrelevant -- they are both wrestlers. And Topher has been wrestling for a decade. There is NOTHING about him that is new.
    Not sure why it is so difficult for you to just admit you were wrong. It is a little embarrassing.

    1. Dude, give it up. You'll never badger me into changing my opinion. Especially when you keep changing yours. First you whined about me calling Topher new. When I showed the context, you switched gears and decided to be offended about me calling Cameron a better wrestler. Now, you admit I was right on that, too.

      You don't get to decide what's relevant or what opinions matter on my blog.

  6. I was never "offended about calling Cameron a better wrestler". For you to say that is completely disingenuous. Or else you do not know how to read. Who is the better wrestler was, and remains, completely irrelevant to my point.

    I have made only one point, over and over. My point has always been the fact that you wrote that Topher is new to wrestling, just because he is new to you. That has been the only point I have made. You can twist things around all you like, but it is right there in black and white.

    And I am not sure if your refusal to just admit a mistake is either arrogance or fragility. Either way, it is not an attractive trait at all.

  7. Alex - you are the man....ignore the trolls....btw, that Cameron Matthews ain’t so innocent..... what a be-hind!!

    1. LOL. Cameron does have a sweet ass.

      Good advice. I did write a reply but I changed my mind, deciding not continue to feed this particular troll. With everything going on, mental health is an issue for so many people. I think a lot of folks can't help being assholes lately, so it's probably better to just leave them be while they deal with their issues.