Saturday, February 13, 2021

Review: Johnny Greco vs. Rex Brody (Muscleboy Wrestling)

Full disclosure: The video was sent to me by Muscleboy Wrestling.

I'm continuing to catch up on wrestling. You'd think with a pandemic and three feet of snow outside, I'd have all the time in the world, but my consumption still remains low. However, I did gleefully watch Johnny Greco vs. Rex Brody this week. I enjoyed these two rookies last year and they're both so hot. Plus, since I'd seen them both lose, I was unsure how this would play out. Being surprised is fun!

Go ahead and flex. Johnny can't stop you.

Johnny Greco is an amazing find. He must be popular, since he's listed fourth on MBW's site (in my head, the guys are listed by popularity with Jesse Zane in the "Joan Collins" end credits position). The bearded muscleman looks like he just stepped out of a Steve Reeves gladiator movie. The guy drives me wild with his sculpted physique, handsome face and willingness to be a sexy plaything for MBW's roster.

Rex Brody is immediately impressed, too. The bigger hunk can hardly contain his enthusiasm about getting to take the pint-sized powerhouse for a spin. He verbalizes what we're all thinking as he admires sexy Johnny. The language barrier prevents a lot of back-and-forth banter but the flexing bicep comparison says it all. Rex is sexy, too, with a perfect wrestling body and a smirking swagger.

Rex is loving being on his knees
for this Greek god.

A freaking no-sell? Dude's cocky as fuck.

The cameraman doesn't know where
 to aim with this sexy crab.

Even those these guys are still both MBW rookies, things flow well. Rex starts fast, wanting to own sweet Johnny. Who can blame him? It takes about ten minutes for Johnny to get his opening, which allows him to take control. All the images are from the first half of the video or so. I did leave some hot action out but there was plenty of good stuff in the first 15 minutes. You'll have to discover the thrilling conclusion for yourself.


And one quick one, just because.

A torso built to be bashed.

Action-wise, this isn't a squash but one guy is definitely _____ and in-charge for most of it. The action is mostly body blows and powerful submission holds (e.g., over-the-knee backbreaker, nelson, rack, bearhug, etc.). Both guys are cocky and fast to flex when they're on top. Johnny is surprisingly nasty, willing to go low when he needs to. It works out well because Rex gives it right back to him. 

See, what'd I say? Plaything.

The big boy takes a licking, too.

Johnny sure looks sweet up there.

In the end, I really liked this one. The guys make the video. The action is sexy as fuck but it's these two guys that I remember more than any specific move. I'm becoming a big fan of both hunks and seeing them roll around the mats was the thrill of my week.

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  1. I appreciate how much Rex Brody appears to enjoy ball busting, both giving and taking. It makes his fights quite enjoyable to watch (also those pecs. I really appreciate his pecs)

    1. Rex looks great. I focused more on Johnny in this review but I do like Rex, too. I’ve seen some pics from Rex v Nick Milani and that looks like a good one.